What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

Publisert 5. mars. 2019
Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


  • 13:00 The song Joy To The World has a whole new meaning all of a sudden

  • everyone who plays cs:go got the russian guy.

  • 5:26 He's like: 'You're very close' Is that what you were saying? No. Yes? No. Can you say no? No. That was hilarious

  • me being russian it was amusing to see another russian person saying those things 😂😂

  • Makes video about listening to different languages....plays background music for that video.... wtf?

  • what's up with the guy in purple? too extreme -_-

  • That Urdu was atrocious

  • I'm from Congo too me and my family

  • Where's latin

  • That guy in the brown shirt is so awesome. Knowing a bunch of them and wanting to learn words so bad and just! Love that dude. Wanna be his friend.

  • Everyone else always expecting to listen their language? 🙋‍♀️

  • The video is ok but the cuts are atrocious. And why is the video so long, i got bored in minutes.

  • 6:50 why so dirty 😂

  • I'm sorry but as soon as the guy in the purple sweater started speaking and I saw the captions, I was dying 😂😂😂

  • My first words in chinese were ........ are u gay? xD

  • The black guy speaks broken russian. its almost like he google translate all his words.

  • I can tell the guy at the beginning is Russian, I'm playing along with them lol.

  • third person ltrly sounds like sims

  • The sentences from the dutch girl were not completely correct....

  • Get someone to speak Albanian. It's a very unique european language. I am curious what they would guess

  • Vlaanderen wohoo :D

  • The Urdu dude lowkey brings us to shame. Sorry Shehbaz... :(

  • The man who gave a degree in russian to that guy in purple should get rid of his opportunity of giving degrees 🙄 the russian of that purple guy is awful ( I am a native speaker )

  • the tall white guy is adorably awkward

  • wow didn't have Scandinavian in there

  • 11:12 am i the only one who thinks she sounds like a sim in sims 4 😂

  • purple sweater guy scared tf out of me.

  • It's a little ridiculous to expect people to know the sound of every language. There are just too many. I'm sure people should be able to recognize the more commonly spoken languages, but its pretty unreasonable to expect people to know everything. (especially if some of these people don't even speak the language that well)

  • The urdu surprised me! I wasn’t expecting that! I speak a little urdu

  • Kto zgadnie w jakim języku napisałem ten komentarz?

  • Russian is easy to recognize.

  • - I’ll hit you with my leg

  • Says he speaks Urdu... And then proceeds to sing a Hindi song!!?? Duh! *facepalm*

  • Does no one will ever talk about the heart attack the tall guy had in 6:50?😄

  • “Im from kansas” 😂😂😂

  • the Urdu was so bad lollll

  • Get some Norwegians in there ! 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • I love how that dude really confidently goes “oh yeah I’m fluent in Chinese” like what all 200+ dialects?

  • This purple sweater guy who spoke Russian... Why did you bring HIM? His accent sounded terrible and he left the wrong first impression about the language:c

  • Uhm... The Hebrew was a bit off... ("Ani ohevet Otcha". Not "Ani ohev at")

  • The woman in blue dress not look asian

  • Well, judging by her hands, at least we know witch Congo that girl was really from.

  • The black guy supposedly speaking Russian should stop embarrassing himself and throw his degree in the garbage. He told the girl: "Hello beautiful, you want to sleep me right now or not?"

  • We need GErman next time!!!

  • LMAO @ The pakistani guy getting offended when someone guessed he was speaking an Indian language....... Urdu was formalized in UP, in India lol

  • i would really like to learn from a real american the real american language

  • “Cyka is bitch” Lmao

  • the hebrew was very wrong im sorry,for man going to say something to his father in female pronounce

  • How do you guys manage to find such a diverse collection of beautiful millennials?

  • Geen een reactie voor die Nederlandse?

  • lmao the russian dude was having fun

  • get a welsh speaker on her Americans wouldn't have a clue what language it is

  • 3:47 not to be racist but WAKANDAAAA

  • cyka blyat

  • native american word for no "oki" sound very similar to the greek word for no "οχι" (ohi)

    • NAtIve AmeRicaNS aRe SpArtAns ConfIRmed

  • Lol i guessed the Mongolian one

  • That guy does NOT speak hindi.

  • That russian was rly shitty lmao

  • Ever seen someone so beautiful you are left speechless and in awe? Yea well thats the gal in the denim dress for me.

  • That Russian speakers accent was terrible 😭

  • Кровь из ушей пошла когда нигрила начал базарить на русском, ссссука русский язык не произносится с такой уебанской интонацией, я сам не русский человек, но блять как русскоязычный человек, я испытал мега-испанский стыд

  • they wouldn't guess my language. they wouldn't even know what it is XD

  • why didn’t you take Pewdiepie to speak swedish?

  • This is Irish erasure

  • 8:27 I think that's Malta

  • Supa in polish means good. Better not say that in russia

  • Seriously? No Korean?? Dang invite me to there

  • 6:55 that is some weird russian

  • Fluent Russian speaker here. The black guy speaking Russian is a horrible representation of the Russian language. He has a tremendous accent and frankly his grammar was a bit off. Props to him for trying and learning such a difficult language.

  • Does anybody have the instagram or snapchat of Yanna?

  • "Where are you from?" "Kansas"

  • 2:56 Savaaq. Garudo!?

  • i cant believe i got most right.. am i high or what

  • Hebrew and Arabic are always hard for me.. unless a paragraph is said I always always mix it up.. the rest I caught oh except I thought the girl from the congo was from Ghana.

  • Can you try and Albanian leang... Greece leang.. etc

  • it's funny that the woman that came to speak hebrew can't even speak hebrew that good

  • Mongolian 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Girl; Say something nice to me Me; 사랑해 I AM KOREAN lots of people mistake me for japanese people

  • Too bad they didnt mention arabic , its really good

  • Why didnt the bring in russian people? These people dont even try to imitate the russian accent. Edit: he has a degree in Russian language? That's impossible his grammar is horrible. Dont even get started on the accent the guy isnt even trying.

  • אני אוהבת את ..

  • Im half Russian and I can speak and under stand quite fluently

  • waiting for german to come up, I don't even know how that sounds like to american people

  • 10:36 casual racism

  • “Where are you from?” “Kansas” loooool

  • The last guesser is super nice & cute! May I watch people try guessing more Asian languages? That'd be interesting I bet.

  • Should do sicilian!

  • Next time I would like to see Turkish please :)

  • the hebrew one has a hardcore american accent and very poor grammer

  • this woman is making a lot of mistakes when she speaks hebrew jsyk

  • this is well made, i have to say!

  • I speak fluent Urdu but that dudes accent was whack even I couldn’t understand it

  • As a Russian I was pretty upset because of your representation of my language. We don't talk like this guy! Don't think that we're like him.

  • Этот черный так мило говорит на русском, ахахах

  • I speak English, Romanian, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Latin, German and I think that's it.

  • When the Urdu came on I was like "oh it's hindi... but is it?" and when he cringed at the indian part I was like yep that's Urdu. I never realised it was that similar. I must say his pronouciation was awful though ;-;

  • so how many other people though this started out like a porno? just me? okay. ill exit now.

  • in the next episode of this series do lithuanian pls

  • The guy in purple shirt's insults and sentences were a little bit too much ^^; Loved the Mongol language.

  • thats very wierd hindi accent