Try Not To Eat Challenge - Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food

Publisert 7. mars. 2019
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Try Not To Eat Challenge - Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food


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    • Do a try not to eat: video game food! Or a try not to eat: the sims 4 food!

    • Hi this is my first coment

    • Can you do anime food and Disney food 3 please?

  • Eating dumpling with fork???? :(

    • ally yeah

    • GoldLuck who cares

  • Jaxon: I've never had sauerkraut... and I guess I never will. That was the best line from this episode.

    • The way its spelled seems so wrong. I want to spell it SourKrout

  • should've done kelp shake

  • If I were in a "Try Not To Eat" video I wouldn't even try not to. Food was not made for you to not eat 😂😂

  • Ok, so how can you not eat a krabby patty?!? 😭😩

  • I just watched The kid who would be king and have the perfect punishment for the next try not to eat challenge...the potion that Merlin has to drink (made of cherry soda, vanilla icecream and chicken nuggets ...liquified) because he needs beetle blood, beaver urine and ground bone to get his energy/magic back and finds them in modern day foods.

  • Austin looks like piediepie

  • omg i haven’t watching this channel in such a long time, but i remember when i only watched kids react, and now the kids are so grown up!

  • Y does mikeala look like sssniperwolf

    • Sniper Wolf is from Metal Gear Soild and she died in battle fighting snake, let her rest in peace.

    • Donald Gelsey wow

  • If I were them I would eat all oft them

  • In the next one for Nickelodeon y’all should do bibble from victorious

  • Hi


  • Krusty dog is literally my favourite episode

  • You should do a regular show episode of try not to eat like Every Meat Burrito and Cheezers or something.

  • I would eat everything

  • 10:11 Was she talking about the food or Jaxon?

  • 11:33 Yea I agree

  • I’ve always wanted to make spaghetti tacos, I might make a krusty dog though

  • Are they dumb? If they ate something already why would they not eat the rest?! They already lost once they eat one!

  • 10:43 " im not even chewing it 🤢" *chews it* Me: ummmm k........sure The edit was a spelling mistake btw

  • The Krusty Dog didn't even look worth it lol

  • Yall take offnpickels and tomatoes yall take off the shit that makes a burger

  • 9:24 OMG Squidward me and you totally relate

  • More anime try not to eat

  • We don’t have in-out in Oklahoma

    • We also don't have in-out in Kemtucky :/

    • I have never tried in-out but I bet ya you haven't tryd Tim Horton's 😂

  • Jaxon the food critic

  • The Asian girl with the curly hair looks a lot like Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. They are both gorgeous!

  • This is actually the LEAST appetizing of the Try Not To Eats..... lol do more Food Wars. (Thank you NaderZico)

  • Pls react to red velvet

  • lucky kids with those krabby patties

  • 5:35 the stairway to heaven...... then you smell the steam of the dumplings

  • They are not dumplings ;-; I’m Asian ( Chinese especially) those were pork bun :p from what it looks like

    • They look bigger but they look like Xiao Long Bao?? I think they are dumplings tho

    • SmolRedWolf90 你好朋友。你是谁?

    • SmolRedWolf90 Mandarin: zhe ge jiao zi shi jiao ji. English: This dumpling is a dumpling

  • Living in the sunlight, loving in the moon light ~ tiny Tim

  • Spaghetti tacos are so good I eat them all the time🤤

  • *Im hungry now*

  • Why tf would you even waste your Time cutting the crust ??

  • I've never eaten dumplings myself so I can't speak from experience, but eating them with a fork looks wrong...

  • I’ve always wanted to try the dumplings when I saw them

  • *I wanna try a cRaBbY pAtTy*

  • Try not to eat with Bob burgers Edition!!

    • yes the burger of the day tgose names

  • "Try not to eat Masterchef meals" Please ☺

  • is the yellow hair boy or girl?? im comfused

  • Whoever cook that Krabby Patty I want that damn formula😂

  • OMG please make more try not to eat videos!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥this was hella funny 😂😂😂

  • That blonde thing hurts my soul

  • Tbh I would’ve eaten the krusty dog whether not I lost 🤷‍♀️

  • Tbh i think the krabby Patty is better than the hot dog so y'all should've made the krabby patty the last special

  • Los tacos de spaghetti son tan comunes en México

  • why dont they need to finish he punishment?

  • I was predicting the Krabby Patty as the winning dish and planktons chum for punishment Also all the other 4 dishes are better than the winning dish tbh

  • I honestly wouldn't care, I'd just eat everything 😂

  • What the fuck is that blonde thing ??

    • Appleslice24 lmao dead 💀

    • It’s an anti-Vaxer that takes steroids and blames it on men

  • Why do I feel like Micaela and Eric could be best friends 😂

  • If I was in this I would ate everything......just me ok...

  • My name is karlee and i watct icarly

    • +My name JEFF lmao good one👏🏾💯

    • no your name is rob and u watch keeping up with the kardashians

  • Spaghetti tacos really girl??

  • So I've NEVER in my life seen an episode of sponge Bob my mom hated it and wouldn't let me watch it she said it was stupid so i thought it was stupid.DONT HATE ME PLEASE

    • Your mom was right

    • +pePeR iS eMo SaLt no way lol I'm not alone 😂

    • Dude same

    • not your fault, your parent wouldn't let you. But it does have some very funny moments!

  • Jeannie is my GURL we both lost on the same one and won on the same rounds 😂 she was great

  • 3:09 Omfg I Stan a Queen

  • “I’m not even chewing it” proceeds to chew it

  • 2:37 literally a mood

  • I’m Julius

  • I would eat all of them no matter what lol

  • I wanna participate on this like omg


  • I’m Chinese I can find dumplings anywhere

  • I really just kicked one this so I can see the crazy patty I wish I could try it😂😂

  • *O H H A N D T H E R E S S T E A M*

  • There face at first was me getting out of school

  • Lincoln loud got offended and left the chat

  • The girl in the red hoodie looks like Victoria Justice

  • Jaxson from fuller house

  • Dont Krabby Patties have Neptunes powder in them?

  • I wish I was on this show 😂

  • More like " *Try to eat challenge* "

  • just eat full then come.

  • Im not even chewing it Carrys on chewing it

  • this one is the bestttt

  • I just ate 2 minutes ago, now I wanna eat again.

  • 0:30 All you gotta do is put spaghetti in a taco shell, it’s not some insane dish.

  • People who removes Tomato, Onions or Pickles from their burgers HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL

    • I hope for your sake you will outgrow this. Pickles and onions are amazing in all shapes and forms +Lavar Ball

    • YOU, I LOVE YOU +Patrick McCarthy

    • MrTeG3SH I’m 15 but like every time I take a bite of onion i want to throw up And pickles are ok but I don’t prefer to eat them

    • MrTeG3SH pickles and onion

    • Especially gerkins of a McDonald's burger

  • I feel like chum should have been the punishment

  • Hlike Hi

  • I feel like I’m the one doing the try not to eat challenge

  • There not doing the challenge we are doing it

  • jaxon won but i think we all know who took the real L here.... that hot dog didnt even look appetizing lmaoo he got played.

  • _Now im just jealous because they get food :(_

  • I've had spaghetti tacos and reptar bars before!! Theyre both amazing :)

  • I dont understand why they didn't eat everything.....its free food!

  • Eric’s impression of mr krabs laugh 😂 I’m dying

  • I would just eat everything. Who cares if I lose lol

  • I wAnT tHaT cRaBy PaTtY nOw!


  • What if you did try to eat it challenge ( like use gross food that they haven’t tried )

  • I always feel so bad while watching these videos cause I want to eat the foods too ;-;

  • You guys should give them everything they didn’t eat at the end while everybody else who did lost gets their punishment

  • was it worth is jackson. Nahhh😂

  • I am not chewing it 1 second later chew ..chew ...chew ah ok I done