Trump Thinks He Has 'Won' The Mueller Report

Publisert 11. april. 2019
Donald Trump hasn't seen or read the Mueller report. But that won't stop him from claiming he 'won' it.
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  • The biggest joke is that they call this humor.

  • There is no I in team but there is ME.

  • 5:30 paul Manafort is back lol

  • Democrats are either too weak or dumber than president . the dumbest president ever in the history of USA beat a smart Lawyer opponent !!!! How ?????? . now the Muller report is out and again democrats screwed and can't do anything , even though it was so obvious to look at any way this president has done numbers of things illegally ,against the country, he has sold the country for his own gain , and Decorates can't do a thing to oust -- -unstinting he president .who knows Muller has been offered what ???After so many people in president's cabinet are guilty and indicted and from day one they have been criminally-doing injustice to the country , these are the kind of people ,the president is surrounded by , and still he is innocent and Democrats can not prove him guilty ??

  • Still winning ... MAGA!!

  • William Aka Fred and Trump Aka Barney would make a great flintstone tribute



  • The late show is a dead show. LOL!

  • He "won"? Doesn't that imply a chance of losing? How would an innocent man have a chance of "losing" an investigation?

  • Stephen Colbert sucks not... the Trump hate is so played out... drop it. You're not funny anymore. I'm embarrassed that I ever liked Stephen Colbert. Booooo!

  • trumps a genius

  • Barr trying hard not to be the latest sacked WH official.

  • 5:40 .......... Yes, I think spying uh did occur. *Blink 182 times

  • Let's see what the Jew say

  • Like a scene from Liar Liar!

  • We all know you haven't read the Mueller report; you can't read... dummy!

  • I hate it when the cops spy into my pocket and find the little bag of weed. Dirty spies.

  • The cameraman laughing always gets to me


  • I apologize but I only speak English...could someone translate what Trump said about the wall?

  • i feel manipulated by media. by just showing bits and pieces they actually make him look better than he is. seeing full interviews of him makes you question reality

  • Sounds like Barr didn't read it either ghezz

  • I love how that guy sings in the background!!! It's hilarious 🎤🎶🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵🎤🎧🎹🤣🤣🤣

  • How desperate can this idiot get?! History will show that the Democrats are only in it for themselves because of greed.

  • The routine business of the FBI includes investigations of any people who are seeking a security clearance or who might need one.

  • Trump looks extraordinarily like Fred Flintstone with his new hair. Now I realize that his Awning Hair was his best option, and hope he gets it back. (What happened to it anyway? I would think the last thing Uberbrander Trump would change would be his hair. Did he have an accident with a birthday cake?)

  • Even in these polarized times, all Americans can agree that slacks that cover Trump's rump are losers.

  • Some times I wonder if he has a brain tumor or how much he's been drinking. . And he is drinking. He did in the Philippines. That's here on YT.

  • He can't read well so he wouldn't know HOW to read the report and knowing Trump, he wouldn't even try. And remember he needs his glasses to read anything! That's what he told someone once in a deposition. A female attorney asked him to read a couple of paragraphs and he just sat there saying nothing. It's here on NO-tvs. Then how about one paragraph? Then she offered to blowing it up for him. zero And all the while his female attorney kept objecting! Objecting to him even being asked to read his own contract with his tenants!! He said he's signed hundreds but in reality he has no idea what's in them and can't read. . . Finally he said he'd forgotten his glasses. lolololl He doesn't wear glasses!! With Trump when push comes to shove he will always, always lie. That's how evil he is. Of course he made deals with Putin to get in the White House. He has NO conscience having cheated on everyone of his wives. He tried to get six black teens killed for raping a woman they didn't rape! He put a full page ad in four New York newspapers stating their names, telephone numbers and addresses!! Think about the number of bigots this took. They convicted the children and even got a special law passed to try them as adults!! That was the first time that was used. And they all served six years in prison for something they'd never done. And you know what happens to children in prison. . . Rape. The oldest was 15 years old. And there was no evidence at all. In the last of his six years one of the teens actually met the real rapist. He was Trump's color! He had been, "saved," in prison and wanted to do the right thing only they didn't want to hear it! No body did and he had a horrible time proving it to the authorities. That's on them. There's going to come a time when all of them will stand before a being that hey are going to have to explain why they convicted six boys with no proof at all and Trump going to be one of them. He never apologized to anyone. He doesn't believe in it. He had a mentor named Roy Cohn who taught him three things which Trump lives by. Three evil things. 1. NEVER apologize. 2. When your wrong deny, deny and deny (in other words lie) 3. If you've done something wrong and someone sues you for one million dollars, you sue them for ten million. And Trump's done it. He even sued Putin after Putin had given him a billion dollars! No kidding. And I think that's when Putin showed Trump, Trump sex video with the five prostitues in Moscow in 2013. Trump stopped the suit. lol And he's been a puppet ever since. :( Songs

  • I knew a Mohawk woman in Kingston who looked and acted EXACTLY as Bill Bar does. I'll put MONEY on Kingstonians knowing exactly who I am talking about. She was a nightmare asshole who THRIVED on conflict. When I was a kid, my buddy's mother looked like Bill bar too, and she turned out to be a criminal who ripped her employer off for over $50,000. WTF is it with these Jabba the Hut types? Footnote; I misspelled Jabba and my Grammarly software caught it and made the `j` an upper case.

  • Am I the only person who realizes that IF a black hole doesn't emit light, then by definition there is no such thing as a photograph of it? I'm not saying that astrophysicists don't make important discoveries, but that they describe them in ways that make ordinary language not make sense. The purpose of science isn't to find things that are awesome and mysterious in their escaping of everyday experience and thought. The purpose of science is to find those things and then demonstrate how they are NOT mysterious after all, because the laws of physics are the same everywhere. Physicists job is not to discover conundrums. It's to explain that they are not in fact conundrums, because in a logical universe conundrums don't exist, and the logical universe is the one that exists. Some descriptions of physics are, really, as bad as religion in their nonsensicality.

  • Stephen Hawking thought black holes only hold energy in for a while, then spit it back out again, which would allow Einstein's theory of relativity to hold true. So it's like farts. They're not black holes, they're brown ones. Also, something something Uranus.

  • Stephen and I both love the same man... J. Alfred Prufrock.

    • Here' the line that reminded me of Trump btw: I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker, And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker, And in short, I was afraid.

  • very nice tie tonight

  • For an innocent man, Trump sure is desperate to hide the report that "exonerates" him.

  • That's trumps brain.

  • Colbert is enjoyable to listen to and funny, so it's with sadness that I have to renounce him after seeing his obvious bias towards the establishment, based on his recent interviews. All he can do well is shit on Trump (which is obviously justifiable) but he now is a part of the machine that might accidentally hand trump an extra 4 years in office, encouraging Hilary 2.0 candidates candidates over real progressives like Gabbard. Have to wonder at what exact point he decided to sell out, and I am deeply disappointed in him. Tulsi Bernie 2020!

  • the Late Show has been removed from my Face Book Watch List!! I want to know why!!

  • I hope he talks about the idea of dousing Notre Dame cathedral from "flying water tankers".

  • Remember a vote Democrat is a vote to the fema camps

  • Well theres no evidence against him so I would say he won

  • WHAT ! Less and Less ? What is the dozy begger on about ?

  • his intelligence agencies have failed to provide him with any intelligence

  • The attorney general thinks that surveillance with a a FISA warrant is ‘spying’ and should itself be the subject of criminal investigation. Is it possible they get caught in an infinite investigation loop? That’s just a bad road to start on. It’s turtles all the way down, guys.

  • This show is pathetic. Remember when they were laughing at President Trump and said "He's never going to win." And then for the last two years it was "Muller is going to finish him." Well, this is part 3 of "We hate Trump and we're totally not milking this because our ratings are declining."

  • Barr's rapid blinking was interesting when he said "spying did occur".

  • @2:30 "Every place we build a wall it's ... less and less." WOW! Are those the words of a raving moron????

  • ...sounds like Somalia...

  • Why are most late night show hosts completely biased towards trump, they are against him video editing trump interviews that make him seem ignorant,their political stance is completely left and against the right since when is late night been about trashing the president and basically spewing propaganda to create a tainted inaccurate image of the president. Any person thinking logically and seeing TV'S narrative can clearly see that about 70/90% what's said about trump is negative and I'm giving those numbers because theres actually been studies conducted on what people on television say about trump and the majority of them talk about him in a negative way. Are we just going to ignore the fact that half the country chose this person to be the president and how can we say that tv programming is justified on their narrative they are under representing the people who like trump, tell me how that's fair ? It no coincidence that tv is being used as a weapon to program the minds of people they didn't just come up with "Tv programming" for no reason they literally can program us it's all scientifically proven anything that you show to a person repeated amount of times that person will eventually like what its being shown that also goes for music but anyways all the people commenting negatively on trump's intelligence are people who do not really know how to think for themselves everything they know about this man is through television radio or magazines including newspapers how about you say to yourself hey umm the guy is the president he literally went against all odds as an underdog he succeeded knows how to negotiate is wealthier than any of his family members ever were if hes a complete idiot like some of you think he is dont you think he would of wasted the money his dad gave him or would of messed up in his presidency but on the contrary the guy has completed many amazing positive feats such as dismantling isis,bringing troops back home from Syria,bringing back factory jobs back to the usa,meeting with kim Jong un and creating a relationship to to eventually end nuclear advancement from their part signing the save the seas act bill ,the new prison reform bill, i mean the list goes on us as human beings as intelligent as we are cant we say to ourselves hey instead of focusing on the negative let's focus on the positive? wheres our common sense to not dwell on low vibrational actions such as listening to negative rhetoric and then speaking I'll about someone who we truly don't know as a person ?what does that say about us?

  • It's like Charlie Sheen, but instead of getting fired from Two and a Half Men, he got elected to the Nation's highest office.... #winning

  • William Barr: I... I... I... can't speak in coherent motherfucking sentences.

  • Gosh, all of the ignorant and corrupt leftists are in a froth. Bravo, you ain't seen nothin' yet kiddies.

  • *King of the Goblins*

  • 5:31 wtf

  • Trump speaking = Word Salad

  • Hey Colbert, they arrested Assange, so you won, the orange clown is hillary's puppy, same like you. Aren't you happy now?

  • Love the pain of liberals! It means America is being Made Great Again!

  • Orange man bad

  • _We've build a lot of _*_wall._*_ A lot of _*_wall._*_ And it's new _*_wall._*_ You know when we rip down an old _*_wall,_*_ and then replace it, it's called a new _*_wall,_*_ and that's what we've done. A lot of _*_wall_*_ is going up, and every place we build a _*_wall_*_ it's less and less._ - Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, 2019 #unfit

  • For in the event that Trump is elected to another term, to which country is everyone moving? I want to go somewhere where people generally treat one another with respect. Does such a place exist?

  • he thinks he's in the special olympics, where everybody wins. :-/

  • "What is it about winning with this guy!?" Dude you were the one praying he would lose on election night. It's always about winning or losing.

  • STEVE we all know U HAVE A GAY HARD ON 4 TRUMP!!

  • Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall...

  • *The most important part of a democracy is admitting when you lost. All it really means is that you try again in 4 years and hopefully you can do better so the people will vote for you that time. You don't threaten with civil war. Your fake victim complex and pretending Trump is the second coming of Hitler! Disgusting lefties, hippies feel shame for your children! The apple has fallen very far from the tree... peace and love is now war and hate!*

  • More wall talk! More wall talk! We love the wall talk!

  • Colbert literally deleted my comment because I called out his lies. 😂

  • He has , but keep crying like the whiny baby you are Colbert

  • Stephen, you need to be on every night keeping us up to dare Sir, pls!!!

  • Are my tax dollars really going to this ass's presidential campaign?

  • Trump can’t graduate at the top of his class...even when it’s a class of 1!!!

  • He did you fool. Fomer Obama chief council indited! Now its time to jail Hillary!

  • Stephen Colbert shut up!

  • We in Trinity

  • Space fans and LOR nerds UNITE!!! :)

  • Jokes on Chump! We're gonna get that untouched Mueller report no matter what! It'll likely come down to "Mister Mueller; We'd like for you to testify before Congress. If at all possible, bring your copy of the report. Thank you." Also; Trump's got the SDNY and others on his butt. He's doomed!

  • This left wing propaganda outlet has failed its funding cause, to turn americans away from trump

  • "We beat them!" Trump may be premature in declaring victory, when on the horizon are Nancy and the Democratic House, three U. S. Attorney's offices, the State of New York, and the majority of the American people.

    • Yup! Plus; Who's stopping us from just getting The Mighty Mueller to park his Lantern Jaw of Justice before Congress?

  • Open your doors stephen,your about to house illegals.😃

    • +SpukiTheLoveKitten75 ....good you pay for it.Now Pelosi is saying no....🤣

    • And we'll be more than happy to have those wonderful people settle and start new lives.

  • the spy who loves to hide in barr's throat

  • the present trump world will be remembered as the war of words -- wall , wall on the wall who is wiki on the wall?

  • trump didn't read a 400 page report? how could he, probably can't finish the 4 page version from barr

  • The TDS in the comments is hilarious. Sorry you guys banked so much on the Russian Collusion angle.

  • "We have built a lot of wall! When we rip down an old wall and build another, that is called a new wall!" No shit Sherlock!

  • "When we rip down an old wall and then replace it, it's called New Wall. . . and that's what we've done..." And this is how he's decided to sell it to his base. 'New Wall'. I BUILT IT. ME. TRUMP'S WALL. And they lap it up...... this is crazy beyond crazy. Bat shit crazy. Barking mad. Two Sandinista's shy of a coup type crazy! * a US citizen, I would HOPE our Intelligence agencies WOULD be taking to the time to 'spy' (translation: Investigate closely)on ANY prospective presidential candidate! Including placing people within the Democratic and Republican campaigns to observe the players on a day to day basis. That it would NOT be happening ... now THAT definitely WOULD alarm me!

  • This guy is a paid for political hack! I'll bet he swallows too!

  • TRUMP 2020!!!College educated women for Trump!!

  • Steven 2020

  • Stephen Colbert , not funny but I'm sure he provides you Trump haters with fake hope?

  • yeah we get it trump is bad. i am getting tired of colbert only talking about trump. the show is supposed to be funny and make people relax after a hard day of work and not make people angry about something they cant change anyway

  • Depravity against Trump is getting more and more ridiculous. Take a hard look in the mirror to see how depraved you are before you judge Trump and former presidents. Trump, Obama and even Hillary has better manners than you lot.

  • 5:43 i’m crying

  • 😂his little galadriel wave at 1:33

  • The president and the AG. “Dumb and Dumb Barr.”

  • trump, claiming to be a huge winner, rushes with his stub to claim his prize. As he’s yelling, “I won! I WON! I won big, really big, believe me!” … the clerk is saying, “Hey, this is a coupon for 10% off Charmin!”

  • OMG, Stephen is hilarious!!!

  • The world may not have known how stupid this guy was but for his choice to run for POTUS!

  • This guy is not funny

    • hey fren, orange man bad+SpukiTheLoveKitten75

    • Actually; Trump's hilarious! A big orange joke who thinks he "won" when he hasn't!

  • I think Stephen Colbert has and agenda. I don’t like trump but. I do agree with him in certain situations for instance. I don’t want muslin refugees anymore because. These people will never integrate to our society. They want only they way and if you don’t agree. They will kill you. Pay attention to europa people are suffering because. These fucking rats are destroying everything they touch. So fuck not. Instead of bringing more people here. Fist take care the ones in need for help in here.