Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, Tax Returns, WikiLeaks: A Closer Look

Publisert 12. april. 2019
Seth takes a closer look at the president resisting calls to release his tax returns and calling the people who investigate him traitors.
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Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, Tax Returns, WikiLeaks: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • How do we end up putting such people into power? Sign of our times.

  • You had me laughing right until I saw Julian Assange and you making fun of him instead, Julian Assange is a Hero, smh, Your a funny comedian even though others write your material, your good with the timing. I'm unsubscribing✌️

  • benedict Barr is a pilot ?- " I'm landing the plane now" - No you are lying right now !

  • Stupid stuff is this,cant fix stupid jews are gonna find the way to everlloveing deathth

  • You are the biggest CROOK IN AMERICAN HISTORY

  • John Kennedy is a moron.

  • You take orders from a guy who can't even CLOSE AN UMBRELLA...and you talk about others being dumb? Hello kettle, pot called...

  • I'm more appalled by the arrogance than surprised by the dumbness of that Kentucky congressman...

  • Hows that Mueller report fuckface? Avenatti 2020

  • You are hilarious!!! I'm sitting in the living room on my laptop and every time I start laughing they stare at me like I'm crazy.

    • They're not staring at you because you're laughing. They're staring at you because you're sitting on your laptop.

  • What’s the big deal? Does he have something to hide? Why is this a big deal when releasing tax returns is something presidents have done historically

  • Does it not worry you American's that he legit hasn't said anything more coherent than that in 2 ish years......?

  • the girl in the back in white shirt was trying not to laugh so hard

  • I mean, some of the jokes are allright but he´s wrong about the sum up

  • People can laugh all they want about Julian Assange's cat and how he wasn't the best tenant locked away all those years in the embassy. Late night TV hosts can tell their stupid jokes to help the audience know what to think about this. But releases like this real news actually tell us a lot more about why very powerful people are working to crush him and make the challenge he and others represent just disappear.

  • "Julian Assange is going to be illegally extradited and tortured in the U.S.A. for helping reveal the atrocities of the US Government in invaded countries" *Audience laughs*

  • you would know if it sucks to be that dumb!!

  • He is saying that the irs is slow or stupid!! Another slap from the president. I wonder if the commissioner bent over for that one!

  • This idiot Seth Meyers is making fun of Julian Assange, a real journalist, something this clown Meyers will never be. Why I'm not surprised?

  • "I'm landing the plane right now......" AG Barr sounds like an idiot.

  • an [R] in front of your name is the new badge of honor for DUMB people. [12:35]

  • "it sucks for your BOSS to be that dumb " ........................... savage

  • LIBERAL media 🤔😁😁😁😁🤢🤧🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩

  • The race track was literally where Tony stark met whiplash.

  • Still can’t believe this mother fucker is the POTUS!

  • Why does CNN keep giving Trump free air time to spout conspiracy theories?

  • Grasping at straws...

  • Love Trump, my President. WWG1WGA

  • Stupid bastards trump tell them to F off

  • Barr is in the pocket of Trump and these are very bad people

  • I have an Associates in Arts in engineering and bachelor's in arts in mechanical engineering. BS, BA, MS, AA, the arts and science don't always dictate the field. None of it is pseudoscience.

  • The reason that animals and republicans must use stealth, fangs and claws to support themselves is that their brains don't work.

  • Check the Whitehouse for Lead Paint chips. Suddenly Trump knows nothing about wikileaks.

  • Love Seth Meyers but really feel for his writers who have to watch this crap all day every day....

  • Julian Assange now looks like The Mandarin from Ironman 2. 😮

  • Oh my GOD trump sucks so much.

  • If Thomas Massie is not in sane for real he's an asset: An asset to the dems.

  • I just wanted to say that I read a few comments here about Trump and Hitler. I saw an interview with a woman who knew Trump in the 1980's. She was in his office and said he had Hitler's speeches all over his desk. It looks like he was studying them and aspiring to be like Hitler back then. She also said a woman wrote an article about Trump in Vanity Fair, I believe it was, that said something unfavorable about him. Later at a dinner party, Trump came up behind the woman and poured a glass of white wine down the back of her dress. That's the man-child, Hitler wannabe we have in the oval office right now.

  • Once again Donnie shows he has yet to figure out that the stuff he says doesn’t just go away when he gets off the stage

  • If the the full report says he didn't collude with Russia are they Just going to find a other excuse for trump

  • I have a Ph.D in Astrophysics. My diploma (hung on the wall in my office) only says "Doctorate of Philosophy", and does not specify the field. I've had students walking into my office and say "You have a doctorate in philosophy, that's so cool... Wait, why are you teaching physics?"

  • Promises made, promises kept. Trump said publicly on national TV to all Americans nationwide, including tens of millions of his supporters that he will release his tax returns against his lawyer's wishes when Hillary Clinton releases her 33,000 emails that have been secretly deleted. In fact, during the 2016 presidential debate, Trump said loud and clear that he then-businessman was audited almost every year by IRS, and they found nothing wrong. Don't take my word for it; look up the 2106 presidential debate videos for yourself. Here's the point: If Hillary publicly releases her secretly deleted emails and Trump would not release his tax returns, which would be a huge problem. For now, Hillary hasn't done it yet, so accusing Trump of things he's never done is just wrong.

  • Ugh...🙄

  • Can trump please go to jail now!

  • uh , more informative than viewing hours of news / mind you , I'm not referring to Fox/tRump news ; )

  • I remember when comedians used to be funny now they're just sickening and childish.

  • A Wise man once said "Who's the most foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"

  • Trump once cashed a cheque for 13 cents. Some people say Trump will tell a lie for 15 cents. I disagree... I think he'd tell 8 lies for a dollar.

    • I just got to the bit about the Bsc degree, and the Republican guy calling it a pseudo science degree. Priceless.


  • yea, funny with the jokes, sold out with the integrity...way to go another sellout to the enstablishment late show

  • Can you PLEASE stop reading for once, let there be at least couple of lines in your episode that come from you, not the teleprompter! OMG

  • Barr is an idiot!

  • One of Trump's problems is that he just doesn't realize that no matter how much he feels he can say whatever he wants, his arrogance and "stick by your guns" mentality is going to eventually sink him. He doesn't care that he's on video saying things. He feels that all he has to do is deny, or re-direct blame. 2020 is going to be the year of all of his political opponents looping his ignorant comments, denials, and lies.

  • Oh, boo...hoo….hoo…, liberals, you are still crying???? hehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehe

  • He had no clue as to who was playing in the Masters, just ran off names, repeating the same thing over and over again. This country has fallen so damn far down. Just as he was speaking on his taxes. And the audit is a complete lie.

  • You morons will still be looking for something to pin on trump in two more years. Then his son for two terms, then his "first woman president" daughter lol. You dipshits are pathetic. The fact that you take this late night comedian as news says it all

  • We all think it’s funny America but we feel for you too. Hollywood couldn’t even make up stuff like this

  • Have you guys done something to the lighting on set? You look more orange than usual.

  • Massie’s ignorance is breathtaking.

  • He’s such a lyin’ sack.

  • Sad ass dem sheep boy

  • Can anyone argue that that Trump is a not a Gemini?!?!

  • How can that stupid guy stand up in public and show up their total ignorance!!!!! What a FOOL!.....

  • Still loling about Michael Avenatti...

  • I can't help but feel worn down from the endless talk concerning ideas not worthy of consideration from the most convoluted presidency we have ever had to tolerate, not only showing the failure of what a democracy can do when gone wrong turning the voice of the people into a mob of nonsense.

  • Seth keep that fire burning

  • None of this is funny in the slightest. Not saying Seth & Co are bad their jobs. It's just that you can't start a forest fire at night using only two ice cubes. I'm starting to associate you news comics' faces with the disgusting subject matter that you normalize....again, not blaming you for that, just that the situation consumes my affinity and goodwill towards you.

  • Oh gosh, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science.

  • You americans are stupid as hell....

  • National Enquirer defamatory Clinton headlines follow CIA MEDIA destabilization operations in Nicaragua, Chile, Grenada, Jamaica see Science for the People January/February 1982 vol. 14 #1 CIA PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE OPERATIONS by Fred Landis now Venezuela, the colossus from the North KILLING and puppeteer of FRATRICIDE, ho w sick and pathetic!

  • Man if only us humans could learn new skills and knowledge that exceeds those receiving a degree in such field AFTER those crucial 6-8 years during college but obviously our brains aren't capable of such feats. If you dont have a certificate saying you know what your talking about then you don't right? People are so narrow minded. I have a degree but 98% of my knowledge Ive gained through self education, mainly reading and learning on the fly. An average well read 40 year old is vastly wiser than a 24 yr old P.H.D. graduate.

  • Thanks, Seth, for your SUPER reporting!!!! It's helping us get through these rough days of having to put up with the ORANGE IMBECILE!!!

  • Nailed it, nailed it, and nailed it again in the funniest ways guys... like always :D

  • How is this not redacted? Oh, because it's propaganda. As if Trump read any WikiLeaks... can he even read?

  • It was illegal.done illegally.he said it 4 times.Obviously hiding something

  • he just started babbeling.what's wrong with him.

  • They're doing it on purpose bc most of Trump's base won't have a clue what any of it means. They WILL think it's a gotcha. This is their only audience right now.

  • Seth & his team are absolutely brilliant in their daily depictions of the most ignorant President & Republican Congress! You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • "It must really suck to be that dumb." :-)

  • He's being audited? As in, having his thetans cleared? Then no wonder it's taking so long. But isn't he running his own scam cult? And if they clear all his thetans, then there'd be none of him left.

  • suck up to your boss and dump on Assange

  • Liars can never remember their lies.

  • Assange is a creep? Are you so totally bought by neoliberals that you actually think Assange is a creep? And Snowden?

  • It's funny cause how the media keeps the masses focused on the wrong things. Open your eyes America.

  • Massie is such a dumb idiot lmao! Even his aides were laughing at his retarded ass.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, President Chump.

  • I'll never understand why reporters don't just outright call him out when he blatantly lies.

  • Is Kennady for real? God even tRumpf is a better lier than he is. How did he ever get elected? Republicans sre getting to the point where they just lie rather than admit Trump is a useless peace of Sh**.

  • tRumpf is just too stupid to a good lier. tRump is just a lieing pathetic human being. Hope he gets the max when he good to jail. This country has never been misruled by a bigger traitor. Good all he ever does is yell about everyone is picking. He and traitor Barr should be in jail.

  • What do you expect? tRumpf is just a pathetic lier. How can republicans even have the guts to defend trump. They should be so ashamed!


  • Is the American IRS not allowed to investigate dubious or illegat tax return? Is the IRS forbiden from giving public information as to whether Trump tax returns is under everlasting audit?

  • the request doesn't even go to tRump it goes to the IRS HAHA LOL

  • "Are you serious?"

  • assange looks like the Mandrin.

  • Jay Leno said it best "Johnny Carson" would horrified of what has happened to Late Night Talk Shows....used to be light hearted fun and about humor, no VENOM no PERSON ATTACKS on politicians and their families....all EVIL NOW.....remember that IF A DEM ever is Prez again, AMERICANS WILL RETURN THE FAVOR, their ENTIRE FAMILIES FRIENDS and Admin WILL BE ATTACKED on the street, at their houses and everywhere they show up.

  • That Massie guy...what an idiot. I mean, I can see not understanding the concept of a B.S. vs a B.A. degree if u don't have one....but...if you have one, which you should Senator, where is the confusion coming from? Someone, please explain it to him, and talk real slow.

  • Tha raison hei neads Tham is because we want to see if he has been doing things legal you backwoods bucktooth sister fucking brother daddy moron.

  • Ohhhhh lordie

  • Willing to banter, you? Anyone?