The Soldier who fought in 3 Armies

Publisert 8. mars. 2019
Lauri Törni / Larry Thorne was a U.S. Special Forces officer during the Vietnam War, who had also been in World War II, as a Commander in the German Army and before that a Finnish Army Jaegar trooper.
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Created by Daniel Turner
Script by
Conan White and Daniel Turner
Chris Kane
Music Credit:
Failing Defense by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Soldier Under Three Flags: Exploits of Special Forces' Captain Larry A. Thorne
By H. A. Gill
Born a Soldier: The Times and Life of Larry a Thorne Paperback - 15 Oct 2008
by J Michael Cleverley
Finland at War 1939-45
By Philip Jowett, Brent Snodgrass
Finland at War: The Continuation and Lapland Wars 1941-45
By Vesa Nenye, Peter Munter, Toni Wirtanen, Chris Birks
The Suomi Submachine Gun
By Leroy Thompson
Törni - Sotilaan tarina / Story of Larry Thorne (2007)


  • The Enemy of your enemy is your friend, until he's not.

  • SABATON told me about this guy with their song Soldier of Three Armies

  • What a truly amazing man & life he had!

  • Sabaton made me learn about this dude first...

  • what an unfitting end for a hero.

  • If we only had 2 Törni´s and 2 Häyhä´s, Finland would rule over Russia now.


  • This man is an absolute madlad.

  • Emm... so he was fighting in WAFFEN SS??? So he probably murdered jews and commited all those crazy atrocities?? And then USA just took him as their army officer?? WTF WTF WTF WTF?????? That just sounds really crazy!

  • Marx-manship

  • I've definitely heard this one before

  • Hyvä Suomi!!!!

  • imagine, you fought in three armies, and never won a war

  • I think a TV series is in order. Season 1/ Finnish Army Season 2/ German Army Season 3/ United States Army Someone commission it!

  • I am reminded also of Rick Rescorla who served in both the British and American armies. He joined the US Army to fight communists, like Törni. It is interesting that so many non-communists who have the most experience with communism and socialism (they are inseparably connected) hate communism enough to put their lives at risk fighting it.

  • 3 armies lots of medals. He is a real soldier.

  • Gotta be honest,Finns are Badass.

  • I love having solid snake as my narrator

  • Damn make the video game already. I’m changing my name to Laurey

  • Lauri Törni, Simo Häyhä, Ilmari "Illu" Juutilainen, Hans "Hasse" Wind and so on...

  • The living God of soldiers.

  • should be a film about him

  • Lauri törni exist commies : ill gues i die

  • Jesus this man has done more in his life than most people will do in 5 lives. The only thing that would of been better is if he lived and retired as a fortune 500 CEO.

  • "pukko" -knives... hehhewheheheh... Kifeknives!

  • Finnish basics: Sissiosasto (pron. Sissy unit): Special forces, typically performing recon and sabotage operations. Badass motherfuckers.

  • Now this is a True, natural born soldier. I myself, served in two Armies. Originally I was born, in Ukraine. My father was a Russian officer. When I was in 8th grade, my mother and father got divorced and mom moved to United States, where she remarried. I stayed behind with my grandparents, living in Russia. In Russia all males at the age 18, must do 2 year service, in the Armed forces. So in 1999 I was drafted in to the Russian Army. Where I served until 2001. In 2000 my unit was sent to Dagestan region to fight, Chechen rebels. In 2001, after completing my mandatory 2 years, and being disappointed in Russian military and government in general, I've decided to move to US, to live with my mother. So, in late 2003, I enlisted in the US Army, where I served until 2014. Had deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. During my last deployment in Afghanistan, I was wounded in action, what eventually led me to my retirement/discharge from the Army


  • Big Boss: "You're pretty good..."

  • Make a movie for this man

  • He's what you send in when Mr.X fails

  • Finnish, the only people tougher and more stubborn than Russians... Maybe that's why they're ranked #1 on the "worlds happiest" index. Everything is easy to them.

  • What are you, itilian?.


  • If you want to win, hire a Finn

  • So Detachment Torni basically became the Finnish/German version of Inglourious Basterds

  • This guy is a real legend, I never heard of someone fighting in 3 fronts.

  • From the Finnish lakes, into German and USA

  • I don't usually get moved by anything anymore, but this mans story really gripped me and almost choked me up. Can you imagine the hatred in this mans heart? He fought to protect his home, but they took it away from him. He fought to get it back, but the world just wasn't on his side. He fought so hard, that he built his life on the desire for justice and retribution, and changed himself to suit that purpose. He lost his home, but then he also lost himself. The man who stood firm on his purpose - scattered to the wind. ;(

  • Three times a tool. Sorry bit it's true.

  • "...and punches, because he didn't speak swedish" That's a commander right there

  • Suomalaiset perkele

  • Finnish people are madlads

  • 3:26 that aim tho

  • Finland is a rock solid country, the extreme opposite of sweden

  • Finland advanced much further its territory. And was helping to starve about 2 Million people in Leningrad. Thank you, Finland, for killing comys' babies!

    • The finns didn't participate in the siege

  • Communist nations: *Exists* Törni: some nice plans you have there it would be a shame if somebody were to join THREE Army's just to stop you *Joins three army's*

  • this is how to chose the best army... try them all

  • Fighting in three army's just because they oppose Soviet Russia (& allies) This guy is an Evil genius...

  • Communism has retreated from the chat.

  • USSR: "...but we have superiority in numbers comrade! and Finland is so small!" Törni: *chambers round* USSR: "...but we have superiority in numbers comrade! and now Germany is overrun!" Törni: *chambers round* USSR: "...but we have superiority in numbers comrade! and Vietnam is ripe for the taking!" Törni: *chambers round*

  • Suomi Mainittu Torille🎉suomalaiset liketetää tää suosituimmaks🔥

  • I too fought in many armies. I fought for the Allies in WW2, and then I also fought against the Allies under the leadership of Kane. I also fought in the royal army of Azeroth, and then for the Horde. There's been many others, but those were some of my greatest achievements.

  • He could have fought 4 if he subscribed to pewdiepie

  • Man oh man. This comment section feels like home.

  • Sabaton brought you here 🤘

  • actually fins fought alongside germans all the way to moscow, the finnish government simply wanted to dis-associate itself as much as possible from the germans post war and war crimes committed, this is also why a law was made that fins, more specifically veterans who were there werent allowed to speak of their story or even record it in any form or leave anything behind even in their passing or their family would be prosecuted if discovered not destroying/reporting said documents or failing to hand them over to authorities to be destroyed. rumors of war crimes are all true, which is another reason they didnt want veterans speaking about what they did, for example they were ordered to kill surrendering soldiers, finnish medics euthanized soldiers which were not critically wounded, but would not be able to return to the front lines and cannibalism was also a problem during the war.

    • I think you mean Russia because nothing what you just wrote happened on the Finnksh side

  • Some good writer should make scripts for 3 or 4 movies depicting his life. He is the tectbook meta action hero.

  • 9:35 LMAO. That Soviet shoot captured Germans

  • Animated from Stick Nodes

  • This is not a troll Read more HA YOU FELL FOR IT

  • madlad

  • Just your daily reminder: This channel is cancer. 5 ads on a 14 minute video is just quality content.

  • This is by far the one I liked most

  • wow, his whole life he fought in the war that is kinda sad really imagine if he lived and got forced home I wonder how he would meet people get a family I think he might have went mad because he had no charisma skills and life skills. so if your life was war you prob want to die in war

  • Funny thing is he lost all wars that he fought in, the guy was a loser

    • One guy can't change the war. At least in this case.

    • +Se Larskeih Yea they made teritorial concessions to the USSR because they won the war, get out of here

    • He definitely won more battles than wars lol.

    • Duhduhduh Buhbuhbuh Winter war was a defensive victory for Finland

  • Didn't Sabaton do a song about this chap?

  • The man who hated the Soviets so much he fought for three different nations just to stick it to them

  • How did the account of this man's life surface and become a book mark in History? Who kept the history of this man's life preserved?

  • shout lauri torni name

  • 7:03 "using puukko -knives" So... Knife-knives?

  • He killed soviet communist and he killed soviet communist then got captured by British and he killed communist rice framers. this dude hates communist

  • AAAH when Finnish men where men, those days are sadly gone.

  • This guy was a badass!


  • so ironic i had an ad of a commusint political party in this video

  • Shout! Lauri Torni's name

  • Started out as a reserve Soon promoted when deserved And the legend has begun With a bounty on his head The red army wants him dead Soviet enemy number one Cross of Mannerheim Addicted to the war game Never-ending flame Victory reclaimed Oh, we remember, we remember, we remember Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last Lauri Allan Törni Across the water a new start War still beating in his heart A new legend has been born Started out as a reserve Soon promoted when deserved Changed his name to Larry Thorne Cross of Mannerheim Addicted to the war game Never-ending flame Victory reclaimed Oh, we remember, we remember, we remember Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last From the Finnish lakes Into Germany and USA All the wars he came across Cross of Mannerheim An iron cross, a bronze star, purple heart One distinguished flying cross Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last Lauri Allan Törni

  • Now that’s a damn man

  • Torilla Tavataan


  • *communism has left the chat*

  • His death kinda reminds me of how Paddy Mayne was killed, in a random car crash.

  • Normal soldier: I’ll serve here for the rest of my life for America This madlad: *evil laugh*

  • How many commies have you killed Lauri:yes

  • Anyone heard a story of two brothers, one of whom won victoria cross from british and other won Iron cross from germany in WWI? Wana learn about them more? H

  • This is an example how much we hate commies here in Finland

  • Sabaton anyone? btw that BFV Style first person view tho :P

  • A simple man killing commies was his life's purpose.... don't question them beady eyes... enough said... mr. mike lowwrry!!

  • This would make a good movie.

  • Shoulda sent him back to Finland

  • Suomi perkele

  • I heard an Oof in 3:33

  • Although his accomplished feats do indeed deserve recognition ... burying a former Waffen SS criminal (nope, they were not soldiers, they were indeed criminals, guess why he tried to hide that fact?) with full military honors is something possible only in the land of the KKK

    • Your ignorance is shining through. The waffen ss was just the army branch of the ss, they quite simply fought in the war. The horrible people were in the SS Totenkopfverbände, those who managed the conce tration and death camps, and the Einsatzgruppen which basically was a death squad. Not down playing the crimes the waffen ss did, especially the 36th grenadiers. But these crimes are a no biggie since basically every faction and group commited war crimes on a regular basis

    • +Oroberus US and Britain associated with scum like the Soviets who invaded countries and killed millions so Törni's time in the SS is no big deal.

    • Oroberus Like the western allies tolerated the many war crimes that the soviets did

    • +Se Larskeih Because as a son you can choose who your father is? don't think so :) He made the concious decision to associate with the Waffen SS, therefor he made the concious decision to associate with war criminals. Even though he might not have taken part in war crimes himself, he at least decided to tolerate those done by his associates.

    • Oroberus You refered him as a former Waffen SS criminal, even though he didn’t do any crimes. That is the same as saying a murderer’s son is also a murderer

  • He must be an adrenaline or danger junkie.

  • Shout Lauri Torni’s name Son of Finland and a green beret.

  • Absolute Mad Lad!

  • He was even awarded the prestigious 'Finnish Him' medal!

  • He is an absolute mad lad

  • Lauri Torni vs Audie Murphy....?