Taking A Camel To The Store

Publisert 12. april. 2019
Links To Sources:
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  • 1:44 real Spiderman

  • 2:03 I sneezed 12 times during this clip

  • I with the Skilift guy hurt himselpf you know hier mutch paperwork this means

  • 3:15 Oh jerry stop playing with the damm pelicans

  • But aren't you supposed to check AT LEAST you car's pedals before you start driving?

  • Guys the camel is camera shy, please please put down your phones

  • I like how the woman casually got out like she was gonna do her daily workout routine right then and there

  • That cashiers face lmao

  • Avalanche: *gets triggered*

  • Im never gonna be a dog groomer

  • When your Girlfriend is a Thot. 1:35

  • The dog groomer looks like he has dreads 😎 I guess that just means his dreads are well groomed

  • 0:39 why are they screaming like he is a terrorist ?

  • 2:00 correction, this is what its like to be a dog owner.

  • GF: im home alone now... =) DUDE:eh, i dont feel like it today... GF: i got free wifi and good cable and great video games! DUDE: 0:50

  • For some reason I thought the guy on the swing going into the pool just did a double Mario jump

  • I think I'ma overdose of the cause it's sopopose to be a daily dose

  • I overdose on daily dose of internet every other day

  • anyone else get a Ben 10 ad no just me ok

  • Sonic the HedgeDog

  • I’ve been on that ski lift, it’s in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  • Women logic: "Hmm the brakes aren't working, better keep sipping this coffee and revving the gas while i call AAA"

  • 1:02 just the way she put her hands up like that really pisses me off

  • 1:20 that dog would excellently do the In-My-Feelings Challenge

  • Me: * brings in pet dinosaur*

  • The guy on the mtb / bike was Fabio wimber

  • That camel clearly wants to talk to the manager

  • 1:00 when a blonde woman tries driving🤗

  • 3:15 pelican is eating the zipper

  • 1:16 Me: *_ARF ARF ARF_* Dog:

  • ITS a dromedar

  • Thats not a camel...

  • Weird flex but okay @ all these vids vids

  • sure, the break pedal wasn't working, sure

  • The dog groomer one feels so relatable when my cat is shedding

  • Avalanche:I'M T R I G G E R E D

  • When someone yells food 1:20

  • Yasss

  • 1:31 usian bolt’s pet

  • That driver tried to leave the scene

  • 1:26 Imagine getting chased by that

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  • Meanwhile in Dubai 0:23

  • Lol that's explains the car crash the drivers a girl

  • The dog one makes me worried about what dogs might do to us if they go rogue

  • hi dad

  • Bird just wants a snack

  • Dude on treadmill decided to join gym because it's too dangerous to jog outside.

  • 0:37 late to work again

  • That's my friend's uncle! I am not kidding! He brought that camel in the store.

  • Woman drivers, XD jk don't get mad

  • 2:52 *"now THIS is pod racing"*

  • His talking about pets mart not Petco .

  • Camel *exists* Petco: am I a joke to you?

  • 2:02 the dog looks like it’s gonna pee

  • Sub to me and comment and ill sub to you

  • i thought it said mr. beast

  • *that lady could’ve turned and hit a tree instead but nope couldn’t use her pea sized brain*

  • 666 dislikes??

  • Break pedal not working my ass.

  • 0:47 New Year... New *YOU*

  • The woman just came out of her car like "Mmm what's up fellas I would like to renew my membership"

  • Aw man my cat can only do 31 mph

  • That poor man trying to get his life on track: Act of god hurts him with car.

  • Bro Usin dog

  • My doogo who's also a dobmermen can run at 28ish mph but that's towing a bike and my fat 100kg/220lbs ass. I'm sure little fluffy could do 35 or over. 35 is fast but greyhound which feature in the genetics of a diberman can do over 45 mph. I like doges

  • 1:34 my dog cant even run more than 3kph considering that its a fat vanilla blob

  • There isn’t one of your videos that I watched that was boring.

  • 0:47 to 1:05 notice how the sign says new year new you Yah that guy got the new you

  • It’s so cute! The cammel and that dog!!

  • People these days are savage

  • 01:25...he aint even sprinting.....you should see those...and even more...the greyhounds...its more ..Aeronautics than..Aerobics

  • Women driving a car is dangerous

  • 0:55 of course it was a woman

  • Why wouldn’t you wear a mask with all that doghair flying in your face

  • Rip the guy on the treadmill

  • 1:01 PEOPLE: IDIOT DRIVER * Walks out * People: it's fine She's a blond

  • 0:58 Woman, of course...

  • Woman Driver at it's Finest....

  • 1:15 That dog jumps the fence... wyd?

  • That dogo is the speediest boi

  • Can i bring my giraffe?

  • 0:53 Him: The driver said the brake pedals weren’t working so she couldn’t stop. Me: She? So a woman......

    • How do you miss that tho? You’re brake pedal

    • Sure.

    • Seems reasonable enough

  • The Mercedes was not even brokwn

  • Female drivers am i right

  • Damn. That's one reason why I'd not want to own a Husky or any other similar coated breeds. So much fur. *So much* .

  • 0:57 a blondy, no suprise

  • For the lady that drove her red Mercedes into a gym... *use the handbrake*

  • 2:04.. It almost looks like.. heaven.. 😍😍😍 5secs later *Sneezes*

  • The guy needed a push to jump out of his comfort zone lol

  • 1:27 imagine if this dog chases you

    • Won’t need to. that dog could catch me before I could even start running.

  • The guy that was on the treadmill, got smashed into the treadmill :( my hearrrt

  • *brings stegosaurs*

  • cars + womens = bad idea

  • If she said her stop peddle wasn’t working than how did she stop¿¿¿ 00:51

  • 3:19 Wait a sec

  • 1:01 guy bleeding in the bottom right. Might not be serious but still

  • She meant to say her gas pedal was working properly lol


  • i heard a angry bird 0:38