So Much News, So Little Time: Celeb Bribegate, Buzzkill Pelosi & Robotic Romney | The Daily Show

Publisert 13. mars. 2019
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s against impeaching Trump, celebrities are caught bribing colleges, NBA star Russell Westbrook threatens fans courtside, and Mitt Romney’s team releases an awkward birthday video.
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  • "We don't have john oliver's money"

  • 33 such an over used number....i wonder why lol

  • Love that eyebrow twist from Trevor😉🤗

  • Donating a library📖best idea ever🎯🎯⏰

  • Mormon leader blows twinks.

  • Hillbilly comes to mind

  • I know why Mr Mit that:

  • "You can't be talking trash to a seven-foot-tall human being". Hope you heard this very wise advice from this African guy Trevor Mike Tyson!

  • Why are these videos constantly recommended to me? I don't agree with the constant mindless Trump bashing. I don't agree with the constant identity politics poisoning public discourse. I don't agree with the division of the Untied States being disguised as "the compassionate versus the bigoted." I don't agree with the far-left ideologues trying to brainwash our youth in school, Hollywood, the media, and now late-night television. *_And yet no matter how many times I click "Not Interested" NO-tvs still recommends them DAILY. And you wonder why conservatives see a giant globalist agenda that bans them on Twitter and NO-tvs and pushes ideologically biased content on the public. Why aren't Joe Rogan's podcasts ever "Trending"? They get 1 to 15 million views regularly. How about Ben Shapiro? Hundreds of millions listen to his podcast. Never trending? Its because you are lobbied by far-left activist groups like the Lesbians in Tech who recently told you they want mainstream conservatives censored because their children are watching their videos. You are creating radicalized, frustrated, white conservatives by acting like the police of the world with the moral superiority. You will be sorry for what you're doing, NO-tvs. You just don't know it yet. Don't be evil._*

  • I think it's time white people stopped leading the Democrats.

  • Believe it or not, that is the best way to blow out candles! Its unsanitary to eat something blown on by another. To blow out each candle that way increases the amount of wishes one can make! Were they investigating Wharton college again and stumbled upon another related scam???

  • Sorry but I think that audience member DID say something racist when I saw what he looked like 😂

  • he doesn't want to contaminate the twinkies!!!

  • Just have Schemer talk to him... Trump will take credit for His own impeachment!!!🤣

  • Trevor's face at 4:30 - priceless.

  • Release the rest of the list. Obviously politicians are on there too since no more names will drop.

  • Open your eyes ref.. What did you say...Nothing enjoy your whistle mister 😂😂😂 so true

  • Very, Very Rich Kids should have their own University built by their parents "STUPID UNIVERSITY"

  • What I want to know is what was he blowing through and why? It looks like a bubble wand??!!

  • DON LEMON...YOU ARE JUST A GREY!...ya know...Not black...Not White...but BOTH!...GREY!

  • Yeah Nancy - Lincoln and Johnson thought that about Reconstruction too. How’d that work out?

  • does anyone really think this guy is funny? if so, this country is doomed.

  • Trevor looks like the angry birds😂

  • Harvard looking good now isn't it

  • The Revolt: Reverse Affirmative Action

  • You are so hilarious!!!

  • 😂💛😂💛😂

  • This isn't new. It's the norm. A benefit of white privilege with money.

  • Who the fuck believes in hard work paying off. It’s the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard and even implying it’s a thing is misleading. My whole life hard work hasn’t done a fucking thing for me and everyone around me is struggling and dying no matter how hard they’ve worked their entire lives. So disrespectful to carry on about this bullshit scandal when it was common sense beforehand and is the smallest part of the issue.

  • That is how you do it, to not get your germs on the cake shared with everyone else who will eat it. Think 'politically correct' for the act of blowing out your candles on a cake.

  • You don’t have the right to harass players. Stop the belligerent fan bs. Root for your team; there is no need to curse at the players from the other team. You ruin the environment of the game idiots.

  • So parents pay big money to get their not-smart-enough-to-get-into-elite-school kid into these top schools and then what? Do they then pay smart kids to do their child’s homework, tests, papers? So the kid gets a degree for which they did no work, at a school they had to cheat to get into, and they’ve learned nothing.

  • I wish someone would explain to me how the college admissions scandal, which is essentially victimless unless you count the celeb offspring whose educations are kind of ruined now, is bigger than the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos scam which has actual far reaching consequences.

  • Guess that's why they call it a "Scheme" yes tuitions are nothing more than a Scam I said it It has never been about what you know but who.

  • Gracias por usar. Lo del estatal

  • Not sure how any of this is "News". It's pretty obvious what's really going on.

  • Nancy Pelosi! Tell me what does it take to have him impeached? When and what in the name of heaven else does this man Donald Trump has to show us or tell us in order for him to be impeached?

  • I fine it unfar for richparents get there kids in there frist but we have too pay out of our ass. It unfair. 😔

  • But our reputation IS important. The message to the world that Democracy works is destroyed when someone as awful and anti-American is in office and the People don't stop him. At this point we are just another nation who is at the mercy of a tyrant leader and we do nothing to stop it.

  • Hi! My name is Suzie Shiaman. I have been teaching with the at-risk youth for 16 yrs. This college scandal makes me utterly livid! When I see how hard my students work, I am extremely disappointed by these privileged people!!! In any case, I wrote and sang an education rap that encourages our youth to persevere, find their voice, and pursue their dreams by EARNING it on their own merit! I would love your thoughts on my education rap! Thank you!

  • Stop with impressions Your cringe AF

  • Shit Mitt didnt want to pass out blowing out all those candles!

  • Why are we making jokes about how corrupt Pelosi is. She isn't a Democrat.

  • No time for news..🤣🤣 No theres time. Unfortunately you think this is news.. Not the 17th week in France protesting. Or Yemen being literally destroyed. Or Venezuela or the constitutional convention or the fucked up bills being passed in congress. Your fucking news is propaganda...

    • +The Philanthropist Have to thank you for your very quick,short and informative answers! Anybody Else out there that find this persons answer interesting,give a thumbs up to him/her. But of course,check it up for yourselves when you got the time.

    • +Mark Stanley Yeah. I don't watch any of it. They cover nothing I'm interested in. And if they do it's 2 minutes long. I'm just blown away that nobody is talking about this..

    • +Mark Stanley Yeah tax cuts for corporations but the fuel tax sparked it off. Pretty much the same scenario as here. Stagnant wages and being taxed to death. Plus the influx of immigrants didn't help.. Macron is just another corporate puppet..

    • +The Philanthropist Ratings was probably not the best example,it all seems like with channel you watch.Same events reported by Fox News and cnbc,well they tend (in my opinion) to not only report a story but also give you their explanation so to speak.

    • +The Philanthropist Not an expert on France election system. By Pro-business reforms,do you mean like small companies,middle,large-or just tax cut for "big companies? Is Macron like a Republican,Democrat or in the middle?

  • And I thought the Romney joke was going to be about how it’s 2019 and his staff still doesn’t know how to shoot video on a phone.

  • ·· USA!!!

  • At first what Romney was doing looked really weird, I've never blown out candles like that. But then I thought he's probably sharing those twinkies with the staff and maybe he doesn't want to get his spit all over them? Because if you put in enough air to blow out all those candles at once, some spit is going to come out, just ask anyone who plays a wind instrument.

  • Wish we could stop calling shit on comedy central "news". Lol. But what really do I expect from the left????

  • It means no place is safe ... Bribes even into the universities. SMH... I commend Mitt for blowing the candles dat way, I mean it's the most healthiest... No spittle all over the cake 🍰 Anyway, I'd appreciate anyone's subscription to my NO-tvs channel as I'm a new NO-tvsr who is struggling to grow. Thanks 😘

  • they will get probation,massive fine

  • Perdón pero ustedes. Los demandó con el troma por los video. Justicia. A ya sabrán la historia.

  • 😱🤣🤣🤣... perhaps Mitt Romney did not want to spit over the cupcakes so he pulled the candles... one by one.🤨

  • 4:44 DAMN

  • 4:23 he’s a serial killer

    • Who is serial killer?..

  • For most people college is a waste of money. Unless you are going to be a doctor or a lawyer, you're better off with a trade school that can offer hands on training. This scandal just highlights problems with college these days, which seems to be more about paying an overpriced entry fee. Same problem in IT when it comes to certifications. We have too many people with diplomas that say they have skills when they really don't.

  • Germs! I hate when someone blow & spit their breath all over the damn cake...gross.

  • love westbrook

  • Who else was expecting the John Oliver’s reference?

  • Just wait cumguzzlers, soon all your dimocratic saviots will be arrested and in prison. Then what will you and your transgendered partners do?. Probably cry and scream racism and sexism along with transphobic hater we all are. So what, you can scream and cry in your safe spaces with your coloring books and strange unnatural hair colors that the sjw's love to display. Suck it up fuckers.

  • "We don't have the time or john oliver's money" fuking dead

  • Yeah.. it's funny until it's your kid who has worked hard to obtain real grades, test scores and accolades... only to have their seat taken by "Aunt Becky"

  • No one should be allowed to Honk their car horns in the middle of the night on a regular basis throughout the country because the auto industry created it that way. Car lock and alarm setting Honking wakes people up by the thousands if not millions across the country. It should not be legal. It cause health reducing stress. If you agree please see Thank You.

  • College needs to kick the kids out and Aunt Becky and Huffman should have to pay full tuition for the 2 students that got wait listed because their fucking stupid kids got in instead.

  • Trevor Noah is killing it!

  • Rich wrong rules the land, and waiting justice sleeps. Jail both parents and adult child. See how having a felony conviction helps life.

  • Cake made out of Twinkies.....why doesn't THAT surprise me??????.....what was the icing made of?.....MAYONNAISE???..!!!!😆

  • It doesn't make sense that a 18-year old didn't notice that she did not fill out an application to get into college. That at 17, other kids around you are taking the SAT but you don't have to. What kind of a bubble are these kids in. The kids should be accountable too.

  • That guy 100% looks like he was yelling racist shit at Westbrook, and his wife was probably either joining in or cheering him on. I have a real hard time faulting Westbrook at all without being certain what happened. Plus, he didn't even physically do anything.

  • So much fakes news little time.

  • Damn, Trevor. Youre kak. Ever heard of germs bru?

  • back to back Utah stories

  • So🤔🤔🤔 they’ve been telling us for years that we’re not smarter but it turns out we are. So now what??? They compared us to monkeys. So let’s start a show. Who’s smarter than a monkey.😂😂😂

  • Lol that NBA and NFL joke was so good omg

  • Does anyone else think these 'people' owe some form of retribution to the kids that were denied admission on those years? Personally, I've always had serious issues with sports fast laining their kids into colleges on pretty much the same premise. Really though, what kind of education does it take to beat your wife on an elevator, or get a dui, or fight dogs, or bankrupt 6 casinos and make the US the joke of the world? Is this really news to anyone?

  • Are these celebrities not your friends Trevor? I am sure that these people are very close to you.. You are so funny and why do you involve the President in these democratic criminals..

  • What people still don't seem to understand is that even if Donald Trump is impeached he will remain the President and there is no guarantee that he will go to prison. Pelosi is most likely calculating the risks and determining that defeating Drumpf in an election will have a bigger impact than going through an impeachment process. Republicans will say that the reason he was impeached (if it could even happen) was because he couldn't be defeated in an election. They will claim it an act of desperation on the part of Democrats. His entire administration needs to leave the White House, not just him.

  • For the kids who were shut out because of this fraud, it's not funny at all.

  • if you guys need to cheat on the freaking SAT, something is seriously wrong with the American education system

  • 3:09 ohw pfieuw I was starting to worry that there wasnt any orange man bad in it....

  • What? I wouldn't want Mitt spit all over my Twinkie.

  • And we're--what?--shocked and disappointed? This has been going on for ages. That's why Trump doesn't want his transcripts released.

  • Its kinda cute... in an innocent weird way

  • He just likes too Blow!!!!

  • Nancy Pelosi needs to let someone else step in

  • Romney is dignified he cant blow or spit on the cake thats not proper

  • He didn't want to blow germs onto the cake. I get it now. I'm surprised I never thought of that before.

  • Pelosi is right it will only divide the country.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The ‘John Oliver’s money’ bit killed me 😂😂😂

  • Uuuughghuuuughh...... nnnothing just enjoy your whistle MR. Sooo fuunny

  • He blew the candles 1by1 to avoid blowing spit on it. Since everyone was gonna eat it.

  • He didn't blow out the candles because it increases the amount of bacteria by 1000%. Yeah it looks weird, but in the future, people are going to stop doing that because blowing your germs all over cake is gross.

  • Regarding impeachment of Trump: Please remember that removal of Trump will leave us with Pence in charge, which is terrifying for its own reasons. As for Mitt Romney: Maybe he was concerned that blowing out all of the candles might knock over some of the Twinkies? Maybe he's got OCD?

  • As far as I know Trevor you worked your way up. Though hate your politics and cheap shots at the President Al la liberal Americans ...say well done

  • Is anyone surprised by this?

  • Rich people bribing college administrators to get their spoiled kids into college... yeah, sounds about white.

  • Mitt Romney doesn't seem like he was born in this country, time to look up his birth certificate. I kid, I don't know / remember if Romney was ever a birther, just funny how this alien got into the senate.

  • I would expect that from Frank (shameless)

  • I believe twinkies on the outside are yellow.

  • The candle thing was explained to me....apparently it’s so that he doesn’t risk spitting on the cake when he blows them out...that way everyone can eat it with no risk of cooties. Lol