So Much News, So Little Time - Bernie’s Rich, Maxine DGAF & A Black Hole Finds Fame | The Daily Show

Publisert 11. april. 2019
Bernie Sanders comes clean about his millionaire status, scientists release the first photo of a black hole, and Maxine Waters and Steve Mnuchin square off in a tense congressional hearing.
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  • he was a millionaire for one year. Lmao... and he's not against millionaires and billionaires he's against corporate greed. God...

  • oh come on Trevor, do better (and I thought I could hold you to a higher standard). Bernie does not "hate" millionaires. Do more research on Democratic Socialism and Bernie before bashing him.

  • I hate your lies about Bernie hating on millionaires. Stop spreading propaganda b.s.. Not funny at all!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • WATERS is so savage! Respect!

  • Trevor, I usually love this show. But I have to say, the approach to the Bernie issues was lop-sided, imbalanced, and erroneous. This was done really poorly. Sanders never said he hates millionaires. He doesn't want to stop people from getting rich. He simply wants to create a less corrupt system that doesn't cripple the poor.

  • Maxine’s hands were jaboukie’s lol

  • Theory of space womb The universe: is a womb the black hole is the vegina No one inside the womb knows what is beyond the hole The womb is constantly expanding It was created from singularity ( single cell) Its created through a big bang ( literally) And compared to life span of a single cell the age of the womb is astronomical And its going to collapse one day I am a geniua ! Nobel here I come

  • Fucking racist mother fucker And people still defend this hack

  • Trevor imagines aliens might look like giant penises... But even there, Hollywood was luminary: in the top left corner Ridley Scott's Alien was (of course arguably) a giant glans penis, a magnificent artwork by Swiss illustrator H.R. Giger. I've always found it as one of the greatest subliminal stimuli of cinematography.

  • For what it's worth, the fact that Hollywood "got it right" about what black holes look like may have something to do with the fact that the picture of the black hole looks like what Einstein calculated it would... Not like it was some shot in the dark that they miraculously got right.

  • He never fucking said such thing.... you americans is what believe being socialist means "hate the rich" "work all day with no pay" its all fucking old stereotypes! Grab a book, americans. please.

  • I'd like to just point out that Bernie is not even currently a "millionaire". The only years he made over a million dollars was in 2016 and 2017 where he made just BARELY over one million $$, and in 2018 his book sales already faded and made only $500,000. So calling him a "millionaire" much less "billionaire bernie" is completely misleading.

  • I'm amazed the first black hole we imaged wasn't in our own galaxy. The pictured black hole was 55 million light years away, and ours is only 25 *thousand* light years away.

  • Look at this house negro

  • Eedu andarini bale kammadengutadu 😂😂😂😂 this guy is cool....excellent😂😂

  • Bernie Sanders received an advance on his book. He paid 380 thousand in taxes last year and gave 3 percent to charity. He is also donating all profits from his book sales to charity. WTF have you done besides lie you unfunny ass off.

  • i used to think trevor noah was pretty progressive and i hate that i've started questioning that recently. :( the fact that bernie is a millionaire and STILL wants to raise taxes just shows how genuine he really is. he's even willing to pay more in taxes himself. how is that a bad thing at all?

  • I have seen many blackholes when watching porno's :D

  • The Maxine-Mnuchin date scene was classic .... great stuff!

  • I'm confused, hasn't it been obvious that Bernie was rich? His and his wife's properties and his salary is already a ton of money

  • My brother said the earth would have been sucked in by a black hole if it were true.

  • Doesn't change the fact that Bernie Sanders is the last hope for all of us!!! #ImpeachTrump #Bernie2020

  • make america grande again means make it big again. I'm pretty sure America and it's citizens r already big

  • Saying Bernie hates millionaires is just not correct.

  • Why didn’t he give the books away ? He made a profit ! Disgusting.

  • Now that Bernie's a millionaire all he has to do is have some of his businesses go bankrupt and speak at a 4th grade level and he'll start winning over Trump voters.

  • Ooooh my this was the funniest clip I've ever seen. Watch to the end!

  • The Mexican Trump whahahaaha

  • holy fuck this show sucks now. what was even the joke of the bernie part? literally no jokes.

  • I’ll be very clear, I have an important meeting with Seymour. Feed me!!!! Gravel!!!!!

  • Bernie has never disparaged rich people, he just thinks they should pay taxes like the rest of us and he includes himself.

  • "You can leave anytime you want" honestly iconic

  • Bernie is a good man .with a good heart.. when that bird landed whilst he was speaking..... im not one of omens, but ,, give the man a chance, we are facing a 6th mass extinction event........ as a father of a little girl that is only 2 and i see the world ahead and it looks.......scary , im just a stupid biologist im told these days.

  • To whom is Bernie wealth shocking?

  • Lmfao the end was gold! 🤣

  • Anybody else thinking...jadoo jadoo👽

  • The difference? Bernie *earned* his money! He wasn't given a "small loan" of $400,000,000 like Liddle donny. (His book is great by the way. I highly recomend it!)

  • Well Bernie made his own money and didn't take pay offs from companies and got rich that way, so his message still means the same.

  • Maxine- the power of the gavel-and ready to swing it and the 'gravel' - the STONES to use it . . . you've been served . .

  • There must have been 1000 words sucked into the canvas though sooo

  • Bernie is still the poorest senator though...

  • WTF??!!!! Bernie never hated millionaires. He's never had anything against people making money. In fact, before he became rich from book sales, I think his wife was already rich (not 100% sure about this). But EVEN if she wasn't, he's always publicly called Elizabeth Warren his close friend. Bernie (as well as Warren) HAS ALWAYS AND WILL ALWAYS fight for the marginalized and working class Americans against GOVERNMENT CORRUPTIONS (ex: Citizens United) AND WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS AND CORPORATIONS WHO 1-Refuse to pay their fair share of taxes by hiding their assets overseas and such...which puts a heavier tax burden on the middle and lower class citizens 2-Refuse to pay their employees a fair and basic living wage, while they profit exponentially on their labor Even as a millionaire, Bernie pays his fair share of taxes and continues to work and advocate for the poor, even though he could very well retire and enjoy the rest of his life. THIS is the type of guy he is #Bernie2020

  • Technically Hollywood 'got it right' because astronomers did predict how it would look like and described it, including artist depictions of that description. 'Hollywood' didn't entirely make up the stuff. That would give too much credit to Hollywood's imagination over the wonders of actual science.

  • You need millions of dollars to win an election

  • he doesn't hate millionaires. he thinks they should pay tax and not be able to buy political influence. big difference.

  • He is for higher taxes on the rich, he's not against rich people...

  • "VIOLA DAVIS WAS SO MEAN TO ME" oh my goddd 😂😂

  • Bernie is unelectable, not because of this but of his praise of the Soviet Union and praise of basically all communist nations as the epitome of what is good even after it was well known that they murdered tens of millions of their own people and starved many more to death. Once they start telling people that this is a man who favoured CCCP over the USA so much that he picked it as the place to spend his honeymoon he'll be done and Trump is the ONLY other candidate after that. He does have a cult following but he's unlikely to win the primaries so hopefully he won't and Trump won't get four more years.

    • What the hell are you saying? If you going to BS at least make it almost believable. You russians are still the dumbest trolls on the tube

  • Doesn't that make it better that he's rich and cares about the poor

  • just bought our revolution from him beautiful

  • The black hole picture is not a "photo".

  • What a shitty thing to say that "Hating millionaires is bernies thing".

  • Putting his low integrity journalism aside...does anyone actually find Trevor Noah funny?

  • Damn the level of creativity that Trevor has is unprecedented

  • ... and Trevor is right back to misrepresenting and falsely ridiculing Bernie. Billionaires, Trevor, not millionaires. A million dollars isn't much; many middle class families save that much or close to it in a decade or 2. Bernie's platform is against people with more money than anyone could reasonable spend at the cost of displacing a majority of the wealth in our economy, and those who pay little to no taxes rather than an increased tax rate. If you graph the tax rate for people based on income it slowly increases to a point then levels and drops for the uber-rich. If a person is tied to their company they might pay $0 in taxes, and even receive money and perks, ie. Jeff Bezos/Amazon. Now some will say "they pay their income taxes", and they do with tax breaks. However, megacorps dodge corporate taxes so effectively that Amazon actually made money on one of their recent tax returns. I get it's a comedy show, but that is no excuse to basically lie. They have a clear slant towards the democratic establishment and their moneyed interests.

  • Trevor, there have been aliens that look like dicks. Check out the Vervoids from Classic Doctor Who.

  • Sanders never said rich people shouldn’t exist, he said they should pay their fare share into the government And even though he frequently refers to the “millionaires and billionaires”, he really only includes “millionaires” in his speeches because it rolls off the tongue easily and it rhymes with “billionaires”. He only really despises the billionaires because it’s easy to forget that they’re 1000x richer than millionaires and are way more capable of maliciously hoarding wealth than any millionaire could Sanders is rich but he’s not Trump rich, not Bezos rich, not Gates rich, not rich to the point where he can keep his money in a tax haven

  • "Hating millionaires" isn't "Bernie's whole thing" you twat. His thing is fighting those who gain millions and billions by avoiding taxes and exploiting workers.

  • and bernie being a millionaire means what exactly? why point out something that hasn't swayed his positions one iota? the daily show needs jon back if this is the crap trevor keeps coming up with.

  • Sanders does not denounce millionaires, he denounces greed. There's a difference between getting money through selling a book, and getting richer through tax fraud or buying off Congress.

  • I am sure you earn more than Bernie, Trevor. He wrote a book and it was popular. In fact all you late night hosts earn more yearly than Bernie. And you are still young. Bernie does not mix with the rich and infamous at the Met gala but you did.

  • There's no way any U.S. politician at the federal level ISN'T at least moderately wealthy.

  • ALWAYS the best!! Haha

  • April has everything Easter 1st black hole image Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France burning right before easter

  • I remember when late night talk show hosts were funny

  • The funniest thing about aliens looking like giant penises is that first contact would be televised all over the world, just not on US television.They'd be censoring the greatest event ever.

  • Date scene is freakin hilarious!

  • Just don't be an independent journalist, douche bags at Comedy Central will use big brother at FBI to try and black list you from entering U.S. at the airport

  • i literally died after the scene starting at 5:11 lmaoooooooooooo

  • I doubt Bernie will change his speech or his platform or his ideals. He's been extraordinarily consistent for decades. He writes a book, he's got 2 mill in the bank. Not that big a deal. Yeah he's on the rich scale now but it's legitimate. He's honestly came by it from ascension into political fame. I'm fine with him making some bucks off his books. It's really not a big deal. It's not like he's running a corp that parasitically extracts billions of dollars of wealth out of the middle class.

  • Drawing a false equivalency between "announcing" the easily inferable fact that writing a bestselling book earns you a lot of money and coming out as LGBT+ is below you, Trevor.

  • ‘I wrote a book instead of campaigning for Clinton like I promised.’ Thank you, and your supporters, so much for the privilege you have to weather the trump years unscathed.

  • Hey Trevor take a look to Sudan revolution it’s full of comedy, and also there is real change going to be happened please join our fight against decorator regime that dominated Sudanese citizens for 30 years. The previous president should be in the Gail for killing Darfuri people those nearly 450k and 2 million IDPs . I am one of the Daily show Fan, #For Africa

  • I already likes Maxine Waters, but this pushes it to a new level.

  • Turns out darksouls curse was a blackhole , who knew

  • That date...😂😂😂😂

  • If you watched the Maxine thing in its entirety, you would see that she is actually retarded

  • Establishment propaganda. Jon Stewart is sorely missed. He had integrity and he was funny.

  • Little white boy didn't know you just don't even try to hustle a strong black woman.

  • I love Trevor Noah, but he omits a lot of context to set up a joke. Bernie doesn't "hate millionaires". Some people don't actively follow politics or news and the truth is lost on them w/o enough substance.

  • Bring out the freedom blades.

  • Maxine. (Miss Waters if you're nasty.) Showed pure class in the way she Shut Down nasty boy Steve Meh-nuchin. She shows Such poise, aplomb and civility in her interactions. wunderbar

  • This show is stupid, and not even funny.

  • Trevor Noah hates white people.

  • Sanders fanatics will make excuses for him for anything. While being a millionaire is not a crime, just look back at all the hate-filled posts from the fanatics about other candidates being rich. It's not Sanders being hypocritical here, it's all his mouth-foaming rabid fanatic followers. (just wait until the news picks up on the fact that he has been in the pockets of the NRA for decades, I am seriously waiting to hear the excuses then) But seriously, Sanders is yesterday's news. He hasn't had a fresh idea in decades, hasn't accomplished anything with those ideas, continues to pretend that he has a monopoly on those ideas, and he continues to condescendingly talk down to everyone else, including minorities on how they should feel about what's going on in America. It is time for a fresh face, perhaps one more representative of today's taxpayer generation, and more willing to listen instead of lecture.

  • lmao maxine waters rocked a bich.

  • F you . Such a low blow. No. He doesn't hate millionaires or billionaires and he never said it. If you're a baboon not able to understand and not a sellout , allow me to explain. He wants equitable taxation. Corporate tax rates should be more than individual wage earner tax rates. And very high earners shud be taxed at even higher brackets than capping it at a couple thousand. Understand now sellout liars aholes #bringjonstewartback #sellout @trevornoah @thedailyshow

    • Can we all reply on Twitter to daily show and trevor noah with #bringjonstewartback to tell the world Noah is a sellout. Hes not dumb. He knows he's being a hypocrite

  • Watch man of steel. Dick rockets

  • Coolest. Judge. Ever.

  • lmboooo

  • I hope you can also say something about the female scientist who's code helped to get that image of the black hole. More women in science need to be recognised

  • Black hole's are awesome. So are black ho's

  • Look at all the Bernie Bros coming out of the woodwork, 2020 is going to be a shitshow. Have fun with another 4 years of Trump I guess..

  • Ms. Waters! I love her. I Googled what does a human douche-bag looks like and pictures of Steven Mnuchin popped up.

  • Trevor isn't Trevor without roasting trump lol

  • That ordering appetizers joke was totally unappreciated 😂

  • You need to be a fucking idiot to think any U.S. Senator or Congressman isn't a millionaire or AT THE VERY LEAST, clearly on the way there/very fucking close. AT THE VERY LEAST their annual salary is 174K a year. Who the fuck thinks their Congressman/Senator is making 20-50K/yr and using coupons at the grocery store like them? Fucking idiots that's who. They AREN'T like us, that's why they FUCK us over! This isn't news.

  • Funny show

  • saw your show in portland maine at merrill, you need to watch 30 years of bernie on c-span before trying to give the man shit you just did, and i dont see him as a mesianic figure, but as a pragmatic new englander.