Professional Overwatch Player DESTROYS Gamers (React)

Publisert 9. april. 2019
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Professional Overwatch Player DESTROYS Gamers (React)


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  • Jake is my spirit animal

  • Damn she did it right after he said something 2:04

  • Nah nah where are the Mccree mains at?

  • still waiting for sekiro reaction

  • Ooof he's hot af

  • Rip controller users vs mouse. Never stood a chance.

  • Pine?

  • Dude I vote for Houston outlaws they are my favorite team

  • Do Reactors play Warcraft 3 vs FollowGrubby or another pro. He would totally be up for it but I don't know about making it to the us to play in the same room

    • On second thought he would give himself away when quoting the units perfectly.

  • Jake is so fking hooooot !

  • J L U L K E

  • J LUL KE on tracer OMEGALUL

  • Jlulke

  • It’s Jake

  • Pls play yandere simulater by yandere Dev please!!!!!!!!!!! next video

  • Pro? Where's his Mountain Dew, neckbeard, 300 pounds and bad attitude?

  • J LUL KE

  • Next put them in a creative match in Fortnite with MrFreshAsian

  • Dear React Team when you all want to do Devotion game react video?

  • I like how all of them move irl as their hero moves

  • He thoroughly enjoyed playing with Tom because he was kinda his match

  • Would like to see League of legends played or for retro gaming Megaman and bass

  • TF2 is better!!!!

    • thx+BadDorok749 _

    • I'm going to disagree but I respect your opinion.

    • but better and not so boring as overwatch+Hi

    • says boi who has a meme as his profile pic ;P+PerhapsGaming

    • Says boi who has a Rabbid as his profile pic


  • J LUL KE

  • Please play more nintendo switch

  • I miss old overwatch

  • Hmm. Jungkook should be present

  • i keep rewatching this because he looks sooooooo gooooooodddshshjdhdhdhshdhhdjk

  • i love jake so much omg

  • I don't know if it's just me but I ship Jake and Katie

  • Make a video of world war z

  • That overwatch player is sooooo cute

  • Please let them play Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts on the SNES. It's so hard and frustrating.


  • lol, casual players scoring points against a pro player. I can see why this game is popular with casuals.

  • Jake's GAME FACE is Gold

  • Tysm for doing overwatch!

  • 2:05 cheater, I like it

  • Do this with Counter Strike

  • This guy is hotttt

  • (idk if this is true or not) MY bro has a good friend who is in the top 500 best players in overwatch and me be like holy sheehhht

  • 11:49 C9!!!

  • do not tbag it is sin

  • Ew Overwatch

  • 2:03 wait she is loking at his computer

  • I think that this is Apex legend

  • What about pro brawlhalla players

  • Why is it the guy who's been playing for a year doesn't know what deflect is called and didn't know about orisa's anti crowd control ability

    • +Life Of Kelvin yeah man I'm a wood tier player

    • Still better than you

  • Overwatch died.

    • No, overwatch has still its community. It’s just that casual players don’t go on it anymore. They would prefer br but overwatch is still alive thanks to its pro level of play thanks to overwatch league and all the path to pro they’ve created

    • No it didn't

    • ツㄒㄖ乂丨匚 apex died also

    • Prinz Zuko Apex is here now

  • J LUL KE!!!!

  • JLULke

  • Y'll play this trash game

  • Ml nlang ba

  • Can't wait for world cup 2019

  • Play Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon pls..

  • Play Escape the Ayuwoki pls!!!

  • He is kinda good. And cute.

  • He looks like Seth McFarland

  • J LUL KE PogU

  • Have the teens play BRAWLHALLA!!!!!!

  • Can I just say Jake's lil smile is sO PRECIOUS and he's so goodddd, I can never relate lmao


  • I want this to become a full series where they bring in players from every OWL team: such as Profit from London Spitfire, Michelle or Fleta from Seoul Dynasty, Hooreg, Haksal or Stitch from Vancouver Titans, Neptuno or Carpe from Philadelphia Fusion, ShaDowBurn from Paris Eternal, HaGoPeun from Florida Mayhem, and Effect, Taimou or HarryHook from Dallas Fuel to name a few.

    • +Lama ToutVert That's a fair point. I was just excited to see a professional Overwatch player on the channel. As for the players I specifically mentioned, maybe they could bring in the few that speak English? I believe Taimou and HarryHook at the very least speak some English. Or if we're looking at pro Overwatch outside of Overwatch League players, Kephrii and Jayne (coach for Dallas Fuel and Team Canada) are options.

    • Jonathan Kim The problem is that it will ne harder to bring players who are not even speaking english

  • TF2 player? Titanfall?

  • Man he is good!


  • Why does he looks and sounds like alex ernst?

  • Do it with Fifa

  • Humble dude and he didn’t take it too seriously so it was fun for everyone

  • J LUL LE

  • I remember Jake from his TF2 days.

  • Fortnite pro player vs casual player

  • Let me at him!

  • You guys should try Apex

  • J LUL K E


    • +passion yeah so what at least i dont make videos about people i LOVE from 1981 stoopid

    • +I Talk Apex Legends you play apex and spell incorrectly, nice job mate.

    • +passion hikes x200000 cuz i saw ur face

    • +Kareem S um he is cute tho! The only thing im saying yikes at is fortnite

    • yikes x2


  • "Professional" Jesus. Get a life.

    • +Axis yeah ur obviously jelly of his succes and bcs u will never get there! Lul

    • +Net Cyanide yeah obviously

    • You jelly?

    • +Axis I don't even know what "Being Cool" Means. I don't think we can stereotype " being cool" anymore.

    • I can't tell if you're kidding or not lol

  • And how does it feel to get *CLAPPED*?

  • Uuuuuuuuhh PLAY HALO All generations Or modern DOOM!

  • How bout make a league of legends tournament with streamers

  • Where's the pro? I don't see Carpe anywhere...

  • >pro >in Overwatch That's not saying much.

    • +Kareem S because they make hella money when streaming and he is a part of the houston outlaws and they did say he is one of the best players and if u search up overwatch one of the first things that do come up is a video of him sooooo9

    • how?

    • Queen Knox Don’t gotta say much at the end of the day they still make bank.

  • Honestly i respect him for going a lil ez but i dont think i would. Also J LUL KE

  • must be extremely awkward for Jake,. Destroying some gold players and even giving them a chance.

  • 6v6 with a whole team lol?

  • Yo I commented J LUL K E, wtf happened to it

  • J LUL K E

  • J LUL K E


  • J LUL ke

  • Lmao did she screen peak at 9:34 ?

  • Have them play Sonic Fox or Tokido or ZeRo

    • Professional Mortal Kombat player destroys Gamers

  • 7:48 tried for the bunny flick 😉😏

  • really fun to watch can we get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege pros on????? That would be amazing to watch

  • Finally more overwatch

  • Overwatch is trash play a real game called dead by daylight

    • +Amin Kadrioski it got the no man's sky treatment after a while

    • So true. OW is dead and not even playable anymore.

    • 😂

  • oh man good to know a fellow tf2 vet + junkrat main exists and makes a living out of it lmao