Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Publisert 14. mars. 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • THEORY: The Music At 1:50 Will Start Playing After They Fight Thanos Before The Snap, Then They Defeat Him.

  • I have a theory, to how to kill Thanos, This requires Antman, So he will shrink to be tiny, And go inside Thanos, Once he’s inside, He expands and turn to normal size, There’s how to defeat Thanos. ^^

  • tf a 9mm gonna due to thanos Seariously black widow

  • Black Widow needs to tighten up those groups for a master assassin

  • Am I the only one scared about the fact that Cap' said "Whatever it takes" exactly when they showed Ant-man being like too serious?.. 1:33

  • Thanos snapped on Stan Lee But all jokes aside, We will miss You Stan😪

  • Black Widow is My Favorite Character!

  • ☝️

  • Woooooow they be flexing on us with their Quantum suits!😂😂😂💜love this trailer and can’t wait for the movie, Ik it’s gonna make me super emotional but I can’t hold it in, and have to watch it now!!!😂

  • I’m sorry but all these comments are just cringy

  • Whatever it takes

  • Thanos: "You finally got your revenge....Thor Odinson..." ... What did it cost? Thor: ...EVERYTHING...

  • he he he oh hell naaw

  • If vision is back in endgame will he be called revision??

  • I am so angry that Hawkeye wasn’t in infinity war. And also rip Stan lee thanks for the best movies ever

    • Actually, Hawkeye was in Infinity War, but his scenes ended up getting cut. True story.

  • How does This have a hammer again at the end, doesn't he have an axe now?

  • RIP: CAPTAIN AMERICA 2011-2019 we Will never forget you

  • Who was the woman talking?

  • This movie is SOO hyped

  • Hiroyuki is so going to be Sunfire and Katherine has got to be Squirrel Girl :-)

  • Avengers 4 plot revealed: Thanos will do something big and crazy that kills all the avengers, but then.... Big CHUNGUS pulls out a uno reverse card

  • Is tony stark and nebula going to earth or to the living tribunal👊✋

  • Still waiting for a war machine movie and did anyone notice war machine got an upgrade probably from tony

  • Yes! Hawkeye is in this one Thank you Hawkeye, very cool

  • Oh'is new avengers endgame Salam from malaysia

  • 1:34 en esta parte de ant man se ve en el fondo (en los vidrios) que algo esta explotando y en su traje también se ve como si se iluminara :v creo que después de esta parte viene la parte que se lo ve saltando en un lápiz


  • Thor: I like this one Captain Marvel: is that like a personal attack or something Sub to me

  • We already know what it takes it took y’all loosing half the universe to finally over throw Thanos

  • Thor : this time I will go for the head! Captain America : why don’t you go for the neck, it worked well on your brother

  • “God it seems like a thousand year ago” Yeah since the first Endgame trailer was released

  • Remember those days when we thought infinity war and endgame would never come Good days... good days

  • Kill thanos

  • This movie's gonna be awesome

  • Can't wait

  • I swear, if there's no hulk, imma be pisst😤

  • ill watch it on cinemas

  • Deberían sacar gerra delas galaxias 3

  • 1:56 Tony got back to earth

  • Really expected to see Okoye more

  • Rogers' facial expression during that battle scene is the most intense I've ever seen.

  • Most people watch this trailer once. But not us

  • Half of the population got wipe out But Not us Not us

  • Who remembers this speech from infinity war: MrStark: What did you do? Dr Strange: its the endgame now.

  • If anyone from 2119 is watching this movie hit the like button pleas 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Can't wait

  • I bet it’s like the 80s tv show Dallas, it was all a dream

    • Laura Barton wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and finds Clint in the shower.

  • It just dawned on me that Antman re-appearring gives them hope because he is the only one to "come back" from Thanos's Snap. That realization causes them to go into the quantum zone for the answers for the win. In the next movie.

  • People forgot about the trailer but not us not us

  • Should’ve just gone for the head

  • Thor’s going to go back in time and actually go for the head.

  • Black Widow: Steve, should I use a pistol or a rocket launcher? Steve: I prefer the pistol.... Black Widow: Thanks Steve watch me beat Thanos with one hit 2000 shots later. Thanos Health 999999/1000000 :

  • thumbs up

  • Only 50% of people will watch this movie because Thanos killed the other 50%

  • I wish they showed thanos in this trailer

  • Did you see the endgame trailer? Yes. What did it cost. Running upstairs and putting my homework away!

  • Strombreaker???

  • horrible

  • Me seeing it

  • Those anyone relized that we havent sence thanos

  • Why no deadpool

  • Mark my word there are two versions of Steve rogers the 1 from now and the first tralier the 1 from the first Avengers movie 💯🎯😮 peep the hair style

  • Deadpool to Thanos singing hello is it me you looking for 😂😂😂🍀🍀🍀🌈 singhing contest

  • Just wondering if anyone could help me understand If Thor goes back in time and goes for the head does that mean that everyone who was killed will return ?

    • If he goes back in time to the same exact moment when he hits Thanos, then the Decimation doesn't happen. No one is dusted. BUT, all those who were killed before that moment would stay dead.

  • Welp, now I know what I'm watching next month

  • Can’t groot grow back because he’s in thors hammer

  • Hype counter: ⬇️

  • Remember the name MARVEL ❤️

  • In memory Stan Lee

  • Why no Marvel studios logo at the start as it is in every other trailers??

    • Because it dusted away on first trailer and super bowl trailer, duhh. Avengers have to bring that back too.

  • Boi, if I die, I want to see this movie before st least

  • Why does Thor have his hammer not his axe

    • Saeed Alsaeedi he has his axe

  • If only deadpool join the game no one it gonna get hurt or anything lol

  • So.... They're actually going to avenge someone this time, huh...

  • Where is Hulk?

  • Thor: uses god slating weapon against thanos Thanos: shoulda gone for the head Black Widow: I have a pew pew gun

  • Just saying, Scott Lang definitely has something in his hand at 1:16.... hanks lab

  • Hulk has learned wing chun Hulk is now ready for round 2 Hulk is in now in the smashgame

  • y’all play too much😭. every time that avenger’s theme song plays, the chills shoot everywhere.

  • captain marvel didn’t flinch because she knew thor wouldn’t aim for the head

  • ♥️😜😎

  • 1:56 *oh ok i guess tony gets saved thanks*

  • Super easy barely an inconvenience

  • I think Steve rogers will die in stark hands. Remember this

  • Avengers endgame official trailer- 1 week ago- 75 million views Shazam- Months ago- 11 million views

  • 1:28 War Machine looks badass af

  • James charles kissed you... like to undo :/

  • Stan the man Lee will have a cameo in this. Whatever it takes.

  • Thanos: Let's settle this with a toss Thor: Tails Thanos: You should've gone for the head

  • I think this movie will make us cry

  • Anyone know where i can get that hoodie thor is wearing at the end?

  • On god I will like this U said it🙂

  • I’m gonna keep my eyes wide open to see the whole movie, without missing a second.

  • Now if only they added the real uhhh.. Hero? That can stop cable.. I mean thanos. Deadpool! But still marvel > dc. Only marvel gives you goosebumps when watching a trailer

  • Thanos probably wanted the original avengers to get together

  • I have some tears

  • Is it the final version

  • Black widow and Hawkeye trying to kill Thanos with a gun and a bow & arrow. Thor and Carol : Are we a joke to you?

  • what ever it takes

  • Don't hit the like button