Publisert 12. mars. 2019
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GRINDING HELMET (works with both powered respirators, buy plenty disposable screen protectors):
Alec: @alecsteele
Will: @will_stelter
Jamie (editor): @jamie.popple
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My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019


  • Precious metals and gems on a work tool.... :(

  • Hey Will... You're sounding a little sick bud? Do you need to take a day?

  • oooh hot dog xd

  • you should make a set of really nice tools and then make something better out of them

  • You should make a crosshead screwdriver

  • Since Trade Coffee is a sponsor, you should do an episode to find the best Trade Coffee to use for the coffee etch. :)

  • What a nice and good looking screwdriver, loveit

  • Ya'll need to do a series on the world's nicest "XXXX". Do things like the world's nicest nail. Or framing hammer. Or clothes pin! Would be awesome!

  • Very cool flat-head but could do without the gems and gold.


  • Hey Alec great work. So I've been watching a film called Mandy. Nicholas Cage in it and anyway can you replicate his axe in Damascus. That would be bad ass

  • I thought the part with the coffee etching was a joke^^

  • Well that's something I definitely don't need in my life. I want it, though. o_O

  • Next big project: Damascus steel-sub hilt-integral bolster-cocobola handle-leather lanyard-gem stone inserted bushcraft knife with quick release straps-altoid, tinder, Wet Stone & Fire Starter pockets leathre scout sheath. Maybe thow in some twisted gold wire flukes and custom lanyard beads to. Alec Vs. Will kind of challenge. so each one of you guys can have their own knife.

  • This is one of my favourite project of yours.

  • Ladder pattern Damascus hammer that would be awesome

  • what happened to the Phillips head?

  • You should make a Damascus version of the buster 7 in 1 buster sword I made for my nephew out of plywood

  • You needs a beter Mikrofon the voice is some time to noise ……… ;)

  • Hey Alec, is there any way that you guys can magnetize the end of it? I am not sure of all the physics but I am pretty sure that if you heat it above the curie point (about 1400 degrees freedomheit) and then cool it down while in the presence of a strong magnetic field then it should hold for at least a good while. You could probably stick a rare earth magnet on the side of your quench tank and then just do the hardening with it there, quench temp should be hot enough. As long as you don't reheat it above that for the temper then you should not destroy the magnetism, and the temper is nowhere near the 1400 degrees that the curie temperature is. Maybe something to keep in mind if you make a Phillips head driver too.

  • Wonderful Project! This is tool making in the tradition of Benjamin Seaton's tool box till and H.O. Studley's tool cabinet--a craftsman making over-the-top wonderful tings to both practice and show skill! It is wonderful to see somebody keeping this kind of craftsmanship alive in our "disposable society"! I like this more than the sword projects, and I like watching your work far more since beginning to add all the extra skill sets! Thanks Alec and Will!

  • That's a nice screwdriver! Kinda absurd...but really cool

  • Only needed to hardened the tip of the screwdriver, not the whole thing.

  • I would love to see the viking sword again

  • The scales almost look like leather with gold stitching attaching them to the steel. Excellent work!

  • Most of you missunderstand the purpose of this screwdriver, its specifically ment to be used on ferraris, Lamborghini, ect. Lol i need to make me some of those

  • that's really nice, but you need to get the other drivers now, XD, also i think the wood may be a tad too dark? maybe a brighter polish? idk

  • Still waiting on the Damascus snow shovel.

  • Will, when you cut small pieces on the bandsaw, you need to lower the upper-guides. The upper-guides should always be about 1/4" higher the than height of the piece, that can help get you better, more accurate cuts with less wobble.

  • This is the coolest approach to the ”need a tool, make a tool” school of thought :)

  • DAMASCUS TONGS !!!!!!! Why haven't you done that yet?? "Your a blacksmith".. nothing would display better next to your famous Damascus hammer.

  • I love how Will just has a collection of Central and South American wood for scaling

  • You can tell wil did some of the videos bc Alec loves putting lighting up so we can see and will just drills a hole in complete dark. Haha

  • Kiridashi please

  • that wood gave me a heck of a rash when i worked with it

  • Harry Potter making screwdriver... Now I've seen it all

  • You better not ever use that for anything. make a tiny display stand for it and keep it by your computers.

  • Where's the second one? Started out making two but only finished the one. . .

  • That is the BEST screwdriver in the world!!!! Totally awesome job. Now make a matching Philip's head and a hammer to match for a set.

  • Auction off that screwdriver! Love it!!

  • Beautiful

  • Cool knife it needs a box though.

  • Some times its not about functionality. Some times its about honor. In my mind, say, if I made this tool, it would be to honor the legacy of the screw driver. With out screws the world would be a very different place, and with out a screw driver...well id have blistered bloody fingers trying to turn them. This little build nearly brought a tear to my eye. I'd frame it, hang it above my bed, and give it a crafters salute every morning.

  • How about a damascus steel socket wrench set??

  • i want it. bad

  • can i buy it ? seriously ! hit me up with a price ! got deep pockets for this kind of craft !

  • Great job, boys. I really appreciate that you're trying new things and pushing yourselves on these projects.

  • is that a patch of hair im seeing 9:53 ?

  • It's such a beut!

  • What about the phillips? That's the one I really wanted to see.

  • Nice.

  • Why didn't you use TRADE COFFEE for the coffee etch? Do they not sponsor your channel??...

    • Instant coffee is meant to work better!

  • I still say you should make a random damascus gentleman's cane with a copper shaft and mechanical lock mechanism.

  • Phillips Head screwdriver

  • Excellent work.

  • The attention to detail is simply wonderful. You to guys are the team to be watched.

  • Someday you should try forging some armor, a helmet would be awesome

  • I think it would be nice if you would make jewelry more often. Not your typical blacksmithing job, but definitly fun to watch

  • Damascus bottle opener next?

  • The rosewood was the better choice for a throw-back style screwdriver anyway. Looks beautiful, but the gem stones are a bit much.

  • Great job

  • You should auction it off. That is a piece of art.

  • Make a shifter nice big one 18 incher or so. Keep up the great work

  • Thumbs down because you didn't freaking use the thing! Beauty 2nd, function 1st! I'm so frustrated with this!

  • Damn I wouldve loved to see the damascus pattern spin around a screw in. To me, a tool reveils its true beauty while being used and if its performance matches his look. Pretty sure its a wonderful screwdriver tho, keep going guys!

  • That is an incredibly insane screwdriver. I can honestly say I have never seen a screwdriver like that and it is awesome! Next make some damascus pliers or tongs with gold inlay (fluted around the handle?) and set a gem in the nose to make it look like the pliers/tongs are looking back at you as if they were saying, 'Lets do this?'. Just an idea. Loving the content!

  • Need to make a phillips head to pair with it now

  • Damascus Can Opener! JK 😂

  • Are they brothers?

  • Great looking screwdriver!! Awesome job! But what is happening with the video editing? The most interesting things are now jumped ... Why? And plz slow down the time-lapse...

  • I am waiting for a Damascus Steele Alec Steele figurine!

  • I feel like Alec is using these little projects to refresh on skills and get Will caught up to start a mega project. Seems like good planning.

  • I like the Mexican Coca-Cola

  • Hey alec! How about a damascus drywall t-square

  • Do people use flat head screws and screwdriver anymore? But great work nevertheless 🥰😍

  • Now you need to make a matching phillips head

  • Should make a demascus letter opener.

  • So you're in Montana. Obviously camping is gonna be a big thing to do because, Montana. I say you make a full set of camping equipment for you (Alex and Will) to use on a trip your film. Axes, saws, knives, fishing hooks! Go all out with it

  • Forge a mini anvil

  • What happened to the edge pins they worried so much about?

  • Will, you do phenomenal work

  • Alec would you consider a mokume 10mm socket?

  • A damascus 10mm would be a troll. These however, i WOULD HAPPILY pay quite alot for if available or able to commission a set for a gift to my foreman.

  • What should we do while we wait for our supplies to get here for the cavalry saber? Idk man.. let's just try to make something ridiculously unique.. I've got it! A gold inlay jewel crested flat head screwdriver! Out of Damascus of course..

  • How about explaining why?

  • how do i buy this screw driver?

  • Damascus Pickaxe please!

  • How about a damascus steel Pi symbol for international Pi day (March 14th = 3.14)?

  • Of course I love the video, but how do you not turn a screw with it?

  • Stunning!

  • what about the philips head ?

  • I could own this... Much as I use screw drivers... The stones would be lost in a month, gold 6months, and driver dull in a year... While it looks... Ok... It's just not practical to me, but I like that you're testing you're skills

  • Duuuuuuuuuuuude😱😱😱😱 that is glorious!!! Can you make a 3 pice set of camp cutlery(spoon,fork,steak knife) ive been dreaming of making this for some time now but have no place to do it😭

  • Next up 10mm wrench

  • Send this to ave for a review

  • A dumascus wrench for the bridgeport would be awesome.

  • I want to see either linesman pliers or diagonal side cutters

  • now you have something to pry open paint cans

  • Glad you guys didn’t screw this one up

  • Just a thought, it would have been really awesome to see the gold wire under the gem camera after it was twisted into its final form. You could tell that it was a fine wire, but I would have loved to see the detail of the twist up close! Just a quick shot in there would have been enough.