Keith Eats Everything At Burger King

Publisert 4. mars. 2019
Keith tastes everything on the Burger King menu, making him the true Burger King of Kings. Where should he #eatthemenu next?
*All leftovers were eaten across the next few days at lunch by the Try Guys' staff. The staff begged for alternatives, and they were given none until all the beef was gone.*
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  • He’s more of a Domenico’s girl

  • my inner throat infection OCD is killing me here because he could at least not put his mouth directly on stuff that he's going to give to the delicious food baby ladies

  • I will eat everything from Burger King. *oh not again.* R.I.P NEW CLEAN TOILET.

  • Lol keiths wife, just partying while keith tortures himself for our amusement : p

  • YB works with the try guys

  • Is this how Keith eats burritos?!

  • Do arby’s!!!


  • It's disappointing that Keith is 90% to 95% vegan now. I'm sure it put a dent in the fried chicken industry where he lives.

  • Keith please don't get diabetes hope this helps❤️

  • anyone gonna talk about the way he went in on those burritos

  • fuck you I’m hungry

  • "Kinda like eating a manilla folder"

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the "butter goop"?

  • Barfs aren’t funny and it is fucking gross :/

  • Were the appetizers ?

  • How is Keith not dead yet

  • I'm only able to eat rice cuz I got a virus so idk why I'm watching this.

  • I looooooove Becky's clothes. She's body goals btw (I'm shorter though)


  • It just me or does Zach look like Jughead with that hat on?

  • I think the Rodeo Burger is my favorite Burger King burger, often overlooked, but so good.

  • Ok so I asked Siri what Burger King is rated here and it is 1 1/2 stars

  • Are we just gonna ignore Keith’s offspring pun with the apple pie? @ 17:40

  • get the delicious grilled chicken sandwich today! tastes like pork and looks like salmon

  • There's a certain point in every video where Keiths eyes glaze over and I know he wishes for the sweet release of death lmao

  • I bet his parents are incredibly ashamed of creating him.

  • How many times dose he swear burp and say king throughout this video put your awnser down in the comments

  • Well done Keith, but I feel sorry for your stomach after ALL of that food 😰😵🙍🙇

  • hi likes krepy

  • Keith has a heart attack

  • this is so cringy, im sorry for people who make their money in entertainment

    • Just... All entertainment? I'm a dancer, my friend does comedy. These guys make videos. I feel like we all have very different jobs.

  • Burger king has better burgers mcdonalds has better fries and nuggets and basically everything else

  • 4:31 you bit the side of the...why would you...??

  • he should eat/drink everything from jamba juice lol

  • “tHiS iS nOt A sPeCiAl LaDy” me.

  • Pretty sure the “goop” is blobs of bad mayonnaise and I remember being told that the lovely “flame-grilled” taste is because they use liquid smoke. Can’t get a real “char-grilled”, smoky taste without charcoal or wood chips.

  • Anyone else scared for Keith but still wants this series to continue? 😄

  • Taco Bell next time!!😂

    • They already did taco bell! :)

  • Taco John's!

  • Lemme tell you, I work at Burger King and the only thing good about it is the iced coffees. XD

  • I bet that mystery goop was coagulated frying oil.

  • i don’t agree with the way you eat burritos

    • Elmo he couldve cut the burrito in half

    • It’s so he can taste everything in one bite

  • The interns are eating food with a bite missing from each item.

  • Keith: It's not a taco Me and my Mexican ass: no, that's not a fucking taco

  • I thought this was grant from college humor

  • Why do you eat a burrito like that # makea me mad😡😂

  • I could watch Keith doing anything every second of my day for the rest of my life without getting bored

  • The best fried chicken place is Rasin Canes in multiple southern states like Louisiana and Florida

  • I’ve watched this whole series and it’s funny to watch Keith gradually go into a food coma 😂

  • In sweden, burger king was called big burger. Cool fact huh?

  • OOT but I need to know where to get a jacket like Becky's 😂

  • Being vegan doesn't make you healthy, being healthy makes you healthy

  • Absolutely no way possible this flame broiled dude likes women. Married, yeah right!

  • Why doesn’t he call in before?? Will they not make it 🤔

  • 2:40 .. I think someone did something to that burger, did anyone else see the goo when he bit into it?

  • EAT THE MENU: The Cheesecake Factory please!?!?!?!?!

  • What’s the first favourite burger place in America

  • You should do an episode where you eat everything at chickfila

  • Where can we watch YB and the other girl finishing those burgers?

  • Blah, blah, blah. Joke, joke, joke. Commentary.

  • Don’t worry Keith if Matt stonie can eat all these fucked up food then you can do all of this without dying.

  • 12:15 why is that look exactly like a pistol. Lmao

  • *The staff begged for alternatives, but were given none* 😂

  • Ok but american fast food menus are *_w i l d_*

  • 10:16 Burger Ramly lol

  • Fun fact - in Australia, Burger King is called Hungry Jacks

  • Eat everything from in and out

  • do you guys waste the food you dont eat?


  • I love me some Becky. Cute as a button at the same time pretty as MFer. Keith is one lucky man.

  • Who TF bites a burrito like that!? @4:31

  • After this Keith went to the hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes

  • I had heartburn watching this...

  • Don't you hate when something is in someones mouth for 0.0000001 seconds and they have a judgement on it? How tf do you know what it tastes like!??

  • No one ganna talk about 14:34 he said no one could cum that much

  • Someone call the police Kieth bit into a burrito side ways😱😵😰

  • 😂😂😂👌🏾👌🏾

  • The best thing about BK is the sourdough. just cant wait all day to eat it.

  • No hersheys creme pie

  • just cut part off Keith, god. don't make your coworkers eat your waste

  • but he only took one bite out of each then threw it in the trash....

  • Keith!!! You should do Chick-fil-A. There are a lot of "healthier" options and what not that I would love to see someone try. And it's a lot of fried chicken haha!

  • Anyone know what that white spew was on each of the chicken samiches??🤢 was NOT mayo!

  • Love the offspring reference

  • for anyone who thinks he is wasting food... this isnt food. its garbage thats not even supposed to touch our lips let alone our stomachs. so we're good

    • Alonzo Lewis what a strange reaction...

    • I agree but only with Burger King, where I live it is rated 1 1/2 stars

    • Nick Soccer shut up

  • This is random but am I the only one who goes around Tapping people‘s comments seeing if they have a NO-tvs channel

  • You have to eat something while watching these videos or you won't survive 😂

  • 12:15 HE'S GOT A GUN

  • Wendy's???

  • I'm weeping for Keith's organs.

  • I am sry I really really really don't like burger king

  • Keith eats burritos like a serial killer

  • Try every water bottle brand available to cleanse your system. Small sips of course. Cause too much water is still bad for you.

  • hey wait, that background theme that plays in 0:32.... i've heard it somewhere else. have the producers been watching too much porn by any chance?

  • popeyes

  • eat everything at dunkin donuts or a bakery

  • Fully loaded fuck me up breakfast 😂

  • You guys don't have a long chicken in the USA?? That's the best one at BK

  • do the Chick-fil-A menu!