James Forces His Writer to Binge All of Game of Thrones

Publisert 11. april. 2019
Follow the tale of Late Late Show writer Lawrence Dai who sat down to watch the entire Game of Thrones series in one sitting. From Ned Stark's death, to the Red Wedding, to Jon Snow's death to Hodor's death, watch Lawrence suffer all the blows dealt to the Seven Kingdoms, just like you once did.
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  • That coworker looked like a hipster douchbag anyway

  • i watcht it in 4 days and i got fucked!!

  • I love GOT but I could never do that I’ll lose my mind

  • This is what madness looks like 😂😱

  • I binge watched season 1-5 in 4-5 days so I know what this guy is going through. Respect brother binge watcher

  • Ouf thats so staged.

  • That's badass

  • This was gold 😂😂😂😂

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • The blood lmfao

  • at 5:45 , look at the cross in S6E5, he scribbled something !!! Cause it's the HOLD THE DOOR episode !!!

  • I'm very glad that I started watching Game of Thrones since it started to air so I didn't have to binge watch it like this 😂 Just rewatching the favorite episodes!

  • he's so precious im crying 😂😂😭😭😂

  • Next time binge read all the books!

  • -co worker 🤣

  • Ed Sheeran is in the season 7 episode 1 yet he said right after it season 5 done hmmmmmmm suspicious

  • He must've got at least 5k for this

  • Hope that hot nurse gave him extra services which couldn't show on youtube

  • Game of Thrones: A Summary of Spoilers Obviously... don't watch this if you've never seen the show. lol.

  • lol i have never seen the show before and it was instantly spoiled by watching this.

  • I watched all 7 seasons in 3 days

  • I mean it took me 6 days to watch all seven seasons

  • Did he get paid for this? because I want to get paid for this

  • Omg this was sow funny I loved when his mom came in

  • can we take off the laugh track? it would be so much more enjoyable. the cringy shit is still cringy when you put a laugh track on top.

  • Season 1, 4 and 6 are the best imo

  • Me watching GOT in one video

  • Rachel

  • I watch it all when season 8 ended. I watch this show and stop after season 2 because I'm tired of waiting season 3. Maybe i will take it a look again after this season 8.

  • The red wedding cake triggered me who else?

  • i watched 7 seasons in 11 days i think

  • if someone offered me all those snacks i'd prob also get to watching got

  • This looks sooooo fake XD

  • season 3 episode 9: red angry scribbles over the square. LMAO

  • I can’t believe he got paid to do this! How awesome! I would have LOVED this, even though I’ve seen it all already, if I was an employee I would have lied and pretended and acted like I didn’t just so I could get paid a ton of money to binge watch an amazing series LOL

  • That’s my idea of heaven.

  • DVDs? Couldn't afford blurays smh

  • No red wedding reaction ? what's the point ?

  • I thought, I’m crazy and quite fast. But this... I watched it (after two tries) within the last 3,5 weeks completely. Easter Sunday the whole season 7, Saturday 6. The others over the time mainly after work.

  • I watched 25 hours game of thrones in one sitting last week...the intro still haunts me...respect man I also though i was hallucinating when i saw ed sheeran lmao

  • That’s exactly how I watched it 1 year ago

  • I literally did this last week but it took me a whole week to watch every season including the two episodes of season 8

  • No joke, I just did the same thing 😂

  • He got paid to watch game of thrones ! Man

  • He has the best job ever. Ffs

  • We don’t have to see his reaction to Hodor. How he crossed it off on the board says it all.

  • Who is that 1% who dont watch game of thrones

  • awesome.

  • I did that in summer OMEGALUL

  • I just feel sorry for the guy..

  • raw ramen is mad good btw

  • Make him watch peaky blinders

  • Talk about being lucky 🍀

  • I watched it alone for 3 days locked up in my flat it's an awesome experience

  • Amateur, who binges at 1x speed...

  • No one would be that energetic after so many hours, also he just washed his hair

  • The greatest show of our time I don't know if there will be another one like this😭I just re-watched the seasons and already catch up to season 8👅can't wait to get my heart broken with episode 3 😨

  • I would've doze off during Dany's conquering drama, Robb's love drama, Jon's wildling drama, and most of the high septon's shit.

  • iMAGINE if HBO copy strikes this channel for using GOT ...

  • As a binger respect to this guy I’ve done this binge and it breaks u

  • ok but, they showed Ed Shireen before John Snow dies, but poor Eddie doesn't show up till like 2 1/2 seasons after this

  • Game of thrones is incredible ,this writer dude seems cool but James cordens a class A tit

  • lucky

  • My husband and I did this over the long weekend and it’s so hard to do we made it to season 4 episode 6 😂

  • Rachel his hot ass sister should of stayed

  • When the writer is funnier than the person

  • This poor man

  • Watch twd

  • This is gonna be me in about 2 weeks

  • I lost it when he built the iron Throne

  • the board where he ticks each episode changes. This isnt true. Check out 02:47

    • +Th3R3v0lut1on yeah, there's that too

    • Somehow barely anybody noticed that the episode with Ed Sheeran, which is a Season 7 episode, was supposedly played on Sunday, 11:48AM while the Season 5 Finale was played at 2:07 PM the same day. We've been Smeckledorfed!

  • His Mom's face lmao 😂😂😂

  • 4:33 😂


  • Okay.. how about poop??? 🤔

    • +Vana Ri ewwwwwwwww 🤢

    • He's got a bucket.

  • I've never watched game of thrones

  • He swore a sacred vow to lord Corden not to leave the room.

  • 3:25 porn scene?

  • Cringe how much work they put into this fake crap video. This Asian pal probably watched every single episode live on HBO when it was released

  • So at 3:06, saturday 06:18 am, he has watched the red wedding. But when the doctor comes in saturday 11:04 AM, he suddenly hasnt?

  • Season 6 episode 5 Hodor Hodor Hodor😁😂

  • Y am i watching this when im only just started it and im on season 1 ep 3 😂

  • look at the game of thrones board in the background. it jumps and sometimes is not even filled in. sloppy.

  • his throne chair was fantastic. That was the highlight.

  • I can't even get past one episode of Game of Thrones because of how boring it is

  • Hilarious!

  • Thats torture, got is pure garbage

  • I do hope that this is just a script and that he wasn't actually forced to watch it the way he did just for our "entertainment".

    • Why not? If you paid me for 67 hours of my time at minimum wage to watch the entirety of GOT in 1 sitting I wouldn't hesitate a second.

    • He got paid to watch it

  • This is Bobby Lee's 24 sketch


  • This some bullshit he shows Ed Sheeran and then Jon snow dies but none snow dies s5 e10 and Ed Sheeran doesn’t show up until season 7 so this is bullshit

  • At the end, Lawrence figured out before anyone... that the enemy dragon was breathing blue flames not ice. Good Job Lawrence!

    • People actually thought he was breathing ice? O_o...

  • When he said COWORKER i died

  • I rarely ever watched TV prior to Game of Thrones. Last October I had surgery and I had to stay home for almost a whole week. I didn’t know what to do with my time so I started watching GOT... needless to say I got hooked and obsessed. High on painkillers and binge watching Game of Thrones 🤣🤣

  • Aqua man’s butt . 🤣🤣🤣 id love to watch that all day

  • James should have said you have 67 hours of work t catch up on.

  • Are you also forcing the editor to capitalise everything?

  • That fake laughter makes me want to kill myself

  • I need his job!!!

  • He paid the iron price (IV drip) for bringing so long