How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

Publisert 9. april. 2019
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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  • Carter is a sweetie. Y’all just can’t take that much beauty❤️❤️


  • Does the white girl think being a bitch is cute??

  • That fucking girl is just rude. If your gonna be that honest, be polite.

  • Poor half-Asian guy. I mean, he has muscles, he's tall, he dresses well-why did nobody like!?

  • The Korean guy was so cute! uWu

  • I keep seeing “the blue blazer girl” over and over again. That’s Madison, and she’s been in multiple other videos.

  • The guy with the fro is so handsome I don’t understand why everyone put him at the bottom

  • Yes, let's base our whole lives on how we look. Perfect. Way to go. GET A FUCKING JOB YOU SHITSLACKS

  • But I would rate the blue one a 4 in my opinion

  • The one with the blue coat should be last coz she looks ugly *im saying this coz she was kinda rude

  • i feel so uncomfortable to watch this because i think they're all beautiful and it breaks my heart to see that these people are so mean especially the girl in blue i feel so bad for her because she's acting like a bitch im sorry to say that but i'm so sad

  • To me they all rate about the same. 6 and 7's. The big girl rates the highest because the only thing she don't have is fitness. Great silky hair, nice skin, great smile, symmetry, girly hands and feet. She's missing out.

  • Omg ok I like love him

  • Some people seem to think. If I don't like black women physically, then I'm automatically racist. I am not physically attracted to black women. Fuck off with your opinion on me. And I do not like white men (bi-curious here) Also the fact that I don't like obese women doesn't mean I think they're bad as a person. I do not like their physical appearance. Fuck off with your snowflake judgement.

  • The blue blazer girl was just plain disrespectful. And then in the end she puts herself pretty high on the ranking. If it would’ve been my decision I would’ve ranked her as the lowest because of her attitude, racism, and she only looks at the bad things of a person and judges them on that.

  • The girl at 4:10 has a gorgeous face, she's a 10 for sure

  • The white woman in blue is a rude asshole, she doesn’t care about other’s feelings. She says anything on her mind to such a blunt point to where the person being judged may become uncomfortable or offended.

  • This is just so odd

  • Your face is a little weird. That was cold 😆

  • This is actually disgusting

  • who is this off-brand Anna Kendrick lookin bitch talkin shit about everyone? SO rude 😪

  • Why is the girl with the skirt that was rating wearing a different skirt in the thumbnail

  • Brotha just loves that ladies. I like when he pops up.

  • How that fat bitch was rated anything above a 1.5 is beyond me wtf

  • I felt uncomfortable while watching this 😣

  • Im ugly😢

  • My bisexual ass likes the lesbian girl a lot oops 😂

  • girl in the blue blazer didnt like any black people

  • 2:15 Damn she's savage af 😂😂😂

  • Not my place to talk but::::::::::::::: the girl with the blue blazer is racist. Bye.

  • 3:00 damn meee😂😂😂

  • Girl with the red lipstick that’s rating... you’re a straight 10 outta this world.

  • 9:16 No

  • Long face ass 😂😂😂

  • that gray skirted girl is such a horrible person

  • That first woman was smoking.

  • Girl in the blazer is savage as fuck xD

  • r00d

  • she gave the girls that looked better than her a low rating 😭😭

  • Can the film crew just stfu or get a microphone?? It dosn't sound anny spontanious at all. Just stop it...

  • 1:16 smh she more manly than me wtf

  • “I mean you’re tall’re bald” I’m fucking wheezing

  • “You’re tall but bald” wtf

  • “Hell yeah I feel good about myself” LMAOOO I need to meet him

  • Man fuck this dumb ass degrading video the people judging in this video and the creators of this channel should all be sued your all beautiful creations by god and we should embrace the Beauty of one another.... I’m not one to talk as a sinner but damn why can’t we all just love one another and make each other feel loved

  • Apart from the black guy and the lesbian girl, the other 2 women were complete assholes. So rude and hurtful. I'd cry if someone talked to me that way.

  • Blue blazer is ugly & rude

  • I don’t get the point of this video...

  • that blue blazer lady is such a prick

  • I'd love to get a 1 on this lineup.

  • 2:12 This woman lacks respect. How dare she ?

  • I like how the leftest are unattractive, and they do least attractive on the right, bunch of libtards.

  • Cut, can you please change the backround music from time to time?

  • Blue blazer girl was a 6, but talked her way back to 3. Personality is everything.

  • i wanna know my rating

  • Wait is that Maddison in the blue blazer ? She was so outgoing in the other videos now shes so rude here ..

  • Next video "Roast Me"

  • Hey hey i like the slash looking dude he’s cool af

  • Blue blazer girl: Physically 3 Personality -2

  • Im _SO_ attracted to the lesbian that's judging im- like omg she's really- i cant put it into words damn

  • Well this made me feel a little insecure about myself ...

  • Wouldn't this be more accurate if the women didn't wear makeup? Obviously a girl that is caked in makeup looks nothing like her actual self.

  • The girl in the blue blazer needs to humble herself. I wouldve checked her.

  • What this video shows is just how different peoples preferences can be. So everybody can be attractive its just there's people who attract more people than others, the (10s).

  • Lmao this is ugly. Need more honest shit like this.

  • Dude giving Carter the high score made my day! I loved that for her

  • Ms Morticia fine fasho fasho.

  • wow what a bitch.

  • Michael Jackson's fans be like: woooow look at that guy at 4:22, well, look at the shirt

  • Why don't we see the lesbian rating the women?

  • That hoe that said “not my cup of tea” is giving people shit but she’s like a solid 3/10. Her personality brings it down to a 1/10.

  • Maybe I'm used to seeing trolls or something, because to me they all ranged from 8 to 10

  • The girls in blue blazer and with the checkered skirt are rude and insensitive

  • Oh damn they got the girl from kids meet a bounty hunter now that’s a crossover

  • Blue blazer girl need to go to the back of the line. With that ugly a** personality.

  • WOMEN DATE UP, MEN DATE DOWN. This is the proof that women have high standards and thing their lookslevel is way above from what they truly are. That chubby asian chic thinks she is a 8 ?? WTFF The worst one is the european chic with the blue jacket. even the gay 6´3 good looking Tyrone was rated as a 6 by her. what am I then a 1 ? OMG only a tall hot model can attract her. Such unnormal high standards... some women need to take off their fake up first... oh man it´s truly over for average men. Guys please, don´t cuck anymore and don´t compliment a woman you can never have. this is truly beta and it will destroy your life more and more. these women think they are a 10/10.

  • That one girl was so straight forward and that big guy tall lol he was awesome I loved him best🤧😂💅🤷❤️❤️

  • I need the black guy who was rating people and the lesbian girl IG lol

  • Part 2????

  • 5:10 “damn I hate myself today” 🤣🤣

  • That woman in the blue is so disrespectful

  • I wannsa sack that blue outfit lady

  • I felt really attracted to a blue blazer girl until she opened her mouth :/ (srsly, so rude)

  • That white girl sucks lol!

  • See I'm not being negative! But this would demoralise my gut like if somebody putting as a least attractive person by just not knowing me! I did not enjoy this video It was lowkey sad! I dont know about the good perception over here! :(

  • The skirt girl was so rude to the big white girl. Bummed 💀 she is more than her weight or body shape and has an attitude brighter than that stupid skirted smurf. You go girl ✨ and the psycho with the blazer was killing vibes the hell?? the white korean was fine 😏 buena loca... 😂

  • Red Lipstick 9 All Black 8 Blue 3 Black Man- I ain’t Gay

  • blue blazer is a 6 in my opinion. She's rude so that brings her down to a 5.

  • Lady in blue is gonna single forever

  • The balck man is so fucking nice:)

  • After this vid that dumb ass bitch in the blue ain’t gettin shit that rude ass bitch

  • 9:11 giiirl if u don’t get to the front of that line....

  • I can already tell everyone hates the girl with the baby blue coat

  • Wow that woman annoys me so much like she thinks she's a 10 and she's attractive? not with that attitude

  • The women in the blue jacket and blue jeans is a dog, maybe a 4 if I was drug 😂😂 she’s rating every one low like she’s a dime piece

  • the way he talked about cater😭🥰

  • That was honesty and they were asking why she gave them that ratings she was purely honest, humans dislike the truth and honestly she was the only one giving the right answers she felt without no bullshit the other ones u see them being nice and giving high ratings just so they would be nice and not to hurt anybody's feelings. I appreciate honesty cause I'm crude honest myself, good for her. Fuck people who dislike honesty and rather people lie just to satisfy others. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Love you Carter!!

  • I don't find any of these people unattractive