Filmmaker Reacts to CRAZY HOLLYWOOD CAMERA Techniques!

Publisert 13. mars. 2019
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  • My brain is fried. THESE ARE SO COOL!

    • Look up children of men continuous scene

    • What is the continous shot you did in Kenya?

    • %

    • the mirror shot, he was in front of the mirror the whole time shooting her running, but he was zoomed in to keep her at same size and kept zooming out as she approached the mirror , thats why it needed to be slow-moed or the zoom would never look this flawless. + i'm a filmmaker <3

  • I'm not 100% certain that it's the same video, but that clip at 3:40 looks an awful lot like one of the promo trailers for Ghost Recon Wildlands, so that one might be pure CGI. I'm not sure if it's actually the trailer, but I do remember seeing that exact same table layout and transition in that trailer... Also, if I had to guess on that Contact mirror scene, they probably just shot it by zooming in on the mirror from slightly off to one side, then slowly pulled back as the girl gets closer to the mirror...but it's still a trippy shot.

  • This is porn for creative people.

  • Lies! All of it! Lies, I tell you!

  • NO-tvs kepttttt recommending me this vid and I finally folded and watched it and subscribed within a few minutes of watching I loveeee his attitude and vibe ❤️

  • 11:42 - ANYONE CAN TELL ME WHAT LENS IS THAT ?!?!?!!?!

  • The making-of's are usually more impressive than the end result, because you know that what you see behind the scenes is real people working with the utmost precision on timing.

  • Im not too sure but I think they zoomed into the mirror and as she was running and her reflection got bigger they've zoomed back and constantly focussing until shes reached the mirror herself or the mirror cabinet and the camera are on some kind of dolly rig together and move away from her as she is running

  • The first video was so hard to not eat

  • 4:05 that's ghost recon wild lands Isn't it? It looks exactly like it. And it would make sense with the coke and blood. So I'm 90% sure that's a video game

  • At time 7.48 watch the vid from red bull motorsports: filmin an f1 team they show there the techniques of the "arm"with the camera

  • 6:59 it's a merged shot... One shot from the front then the transition onto one shot from the back. Different arms

  • Bruh. This video got 4M views in a week. Insane

  • Do you think the mirror shot was done by zooming out from point A to point B while racking focus?

  • didnt know Elvis The Alien made movies

  • Are you happy youtube i've watched it! 😑

  • You should watch the 5 minutes- long continuous shot from Atonement and also the music video and behind the scene of Metric's Gimme Sympathy

  • You’re a filmmaker the same way a 5 year old is a surgeon. I’m mean you’re utter lack of basic filming techniques is astounding!

  • How do you call yourself a filmmaker and Get suprised by the most standard filmtricks? 😂

  • The real question is... Which one is more expensive

  • 3:57 - my life is complete.

  • at 3.50 i think is a game intro, actually is a game that i really love, Ghost Recon: Wildlands

  • You don't suck at this Peter, you just probably don't think of going to the same lengths. A good filmmaker becomes aware of the practical problems in getting ambitious footage and they take the path of least resistance to make the day. *Nothing wrong with that.* A great filmmaker doesn't let themselves get intimidated, steps back, figures out the solution, and then figures out how to accomplish it with what they have available. It's just a matter of risk assessment, ingenuity, and keeping a cool head.

  • 4:34 Holy crap Batman! My videos will NEVER look like this in post! Yup! It looks like they’re defragging. 😳😬

  • They were filming the mirror while she ran to the mirror 🤪🏃‍♂️👌

  • Loved it. Just opens up ur eyes 👀to great videography

  • Why doesn’t he give credit to the videos that he’s watching? The links aren’t even in the description... what if I wanna watch those videos too? .-.

  • Your reactions are just the best

  • Who here saw this in their recommendations, and thought that this was Mathew McConaughey?!!!

  • Yes! Loved this!

  • That with the Coke is from ghost recon wildlands

  • At the continuous shot, you seem so amazed, but I did that on a super 8 back in 83. I was 12 at the time. Four friends and I did it.

  • I am so useless😂😂😂👏👏

  • OMFG this, is, one, shot, this one shot movie poster video

  • Oooooh

  • I’ve seen some of these tricks before, but I enjoyed watching your excitement to the reveal more.

  • After weeks of this video popping on in my recommendations I’m finally watching it and I don’t regret it

  • Thanks to the machinist crew :). Believe me, I saw many backstage stuff and it's incredible the amount of time and people that are involve to make those storyboard happen for real.

  • what’s the movie at 2:31 ?

  • i loved watching you sit in awe of others talent. It was extremely refreshing to see someone i look up to feel and articulate the same emotions most all of us feel in our own creative pursuits. Thank you for your genuine excitement and energy.

  • filmmaker... khm obviously

  • The shot from Contact is actually quite simple. They had a green screen instead of a mirror. And just moved the camera aside at a time of her opening the mirror. So when composited it looks like because she moved that mirror the image inside also moves.

  • Fun video, wish you would have linked to the original videos bro! Give some credit to the creators. :)

  • Mirrors scene is easy bro! 2 shots. 1st shot: Girl running down hall and ending with her reaching to the camera. Shot 2, over the shoulder shot of same girl reaching to grab the cabinet. The Mirror on the cabinet in shot 2 was probably a green mat so they could key in shot 1 and use shot one to look like a mirror reflection. This set up would allow them to avoid having the camera in the reflection of the mirror, and allow the camera to track the girl as she ran in shot 1.

  • Record everything backwards from the end then to the beginning then reverse it in the mirror

  • 5:52 Wennsd a Weissbier ned gscheid ei schenkst dann werd des mim Schaum natürlich nix

  • This video is Gold

  • So its just grren screen. Well, yellow screen. Big deal

  • Have a look at Rhett and links just being honest bts. It's Incredible

  • Whats the redditpage?

  • it was the mirror from beginning

  • 10:15 the Children of men car scene is up there too.

  • wow

  • 2:30 the shoes changed?

  • 6:00 thougt my sound was dead😂

  • Any source link to what you are watching? Or did I just not see it?

  • True Detective Season 1. 6 minute single shot tracking. Incredible stuff.

  • they zooming out from the mirror just standing a bit more from the side

  • You should watch okgo music videos

  • 2:46 when I compare my work to industry guros

  • 9.42 swear the women gets naked

  • Cuck face


  • geez first video i saw by this guy and he's got a new subscriber he's great

  • The one with blood and coke is from Ghost Recon Wildlands videogame, not a "real shoot"

  • Could I get a link to the video itself?

  • The cocaine and blood one is the intro to Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands, which is a game. Therefore, that was probably all CGI.

  • What movie was the blood to the drugs then to soldiers running?

  • Could be wrong but pretty sure the mirror shot from Contact incorporated a green screen

  • I wish you talked less and showed more... way too much about you

  • Pete is like “I just make vlogs” 😂. This made me feel so undercreative lol

  • the all the people moving around at 8:26 gave me so much anxiety omg

  • admit. YOU JUST SUCKs at this and know shit about this heee

  • 12:22 that is my feeling too

  • my whole life is a lie!

  • Looking for a filmmaker to talk to about a unique film I am writing a script for

  • You look like a baby, who just got a coconut. I love it

  • I think the scene in Atonement at Dunkirk is amazing

  • I teared up a bit

  • 3:48 Ayyy Ghost Recon!

  • Children of Men has a 15ish minute single take action scene.

  • Why does he look like Jon Snow?

  • You're so cute, can't!!!😂

  • Did anyone else think that was Matthew McConaughey in the thumbnail

  • The mirror was done in a similar fashion to the bonus scenes in Terminator 2. The one where he's in the mirror having his head operated on. The cabinet door offsets the angle just enough to match up with the camera man standing to the left (probably in the shower)of the door way so you get their perspective of her running. Very cool though.

  • I love the background musiccc

  • Because u noob lol

  • 11:17 - 11:22 the dog tho

  • They put some green stuff on the mirror and they filmed her in front of the mirror .then they filmed the mirror with the girl opening it and then they edited the video into the mirror

  • they just filmed the mirror from begin on i'd say you just need a clean mirror for it

  • 6:00 he's like an excited kid AWW

  • the mirror shot, he was in front of the mirror the whole time shooting her running, but he was zoomed in to keep her at same size and kept zooming out as she approached the mirror , thats why it needed to be slow-moed or the zoom would never look this flawless.

  • Wait, did you say you were in Kenya? When? Am your biggest fan from Kenya. Next time let me know, you may get some free ugali and omena for lunch

  • 10:10 wtf did i just see

  • I think the mirror is moving with the camera and its just being recorded on the reflection

  • Moree

  • Wow!

  • 4:01 that’s ghost recon wildlands, not a Hollywood camera technique

  • defraging timelime, lmfao)))

  • Best one-shot I´ve seen is from True Detective Season 1 -> Motorcycle Club Shooting. Check it out ;-) Bless Stevie