Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

Publisert 14. april. 2019
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There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we've been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer... except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else - this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • what if finale is all of them cooperating outta nowhere likeimagine every one vs night king

  • nice! btw for anyone interested in watching the season i used watchgotonline org the site is pretty legit and fast

  • Agreed

  • Every body misses this question that was asked Jon would Danni give up her crown for her people? Jon did but I think this is the underline question that will be answered.

  • i got a GoT ad before this. HOW PECULIAR.

  • Yes, GRRM, do it !!

  • 5:30 The hand of the king was poisoned by his crazy ass wife at the request of Littlefinger. The crazy ass wife simply said it was them because he told her to.

  • Thats not even a Theory anymore.

  • So, the Others ARE a metaphor for climate change?

  • pretty good ending that definitley makes sense but no one would accept it tbf

  • Mate I swear you don’t even watch this show with some of the stuff you say about the story

  • The Lannisters didn't poison Jon Arryn. Hurts your credibility

  • Arya and Gendry .. gonna end up whit a kid and the kid before the roller

  • This parallels what is happening on planet Earth right now.. Great video.

  • I might be the only one in this but Stannis should have won and here's why. 1. Staniss is a sharp leader who promot's devotion and courage. 2. He dose not let emotion's overwhelm him like everyone else ,and he understands sacrifice and loss. 3. He's among the few who recognize the danger of the white walker's. 4. Hes a badass fighter and a loyal husband and father. 5. he didnt pursue money/fame/power he truly belived he was going to save everyone by becoming a king. Overall if not for melysandra he would have have been the ideal king ,probably joining force's with renly and winning over the game of thrones.

  • It's not a reset for society though because the night king won't stop with just the seven kingdoms. It's the end of society and mankind. And though they deserve karma that doesn't always have to be paid for in lives or blood. The misdeeds of the rulers and rich in westeros should not be paid for by the poor and innocent of it. Otherwise it's not so much karma as it is more of the same, endless slaughter.

  • 5:31 The Lannisters didn't poison Jon Arryn, it was his wife Lysa after being convinced by Littlefinger

  • The lannisters didn't kill jon aryn

  • They need to explore the rest of the world of ice and fire e.g. Yi Ti (based off anciet China), Asshai, Sothoryos, the Shivering Sea, the White Waste, Ulthos and whatever Arya might find if she travels west of Westeros.

  • I really hope one of the many hands survive and rule. Like littlefinger, tyrion, jorah, jaime, brienne or someone of that rank.

  • That child theory with cersei is actually quite good. She wins power, but loses her children on the way. Now we know that shes got another child, so she might become more powerful again...

  • I've always been curious, so even for people who've read the books... They also don't know who's gonna win ?

  • This is absolutely fantastic!

  • Hubby and I have been saying everyone needs to die or we won’t be happy. Or everyone dies except cerci left to rule no one

  • All men must die

  • Can't agree with you on this one, not just because of the spin-offs (they can be made even with your ending, with new characters far in the future or in the past), but because it would imply that the 7 previous seasons were all for nothing, with humankind dying due to an unknown menace they couldn't do anything about. I think it would be better for the show to survive the threat and start a new society that looks up to eliminate all the issues and institutions you addressed in the video

  • Deep

  • Theory, the seven kingdoms will become democratic so there won’t be a “king”

  • When you first started this channel, you said Jorah Mormont would take the throne. Do you still believe that?

  • The Whitewalkers should win. That's what I want. Throw the audience for a curveball, and steal everyone's breath, just show the nightking sitting upon the throne with all the characters bodies beneath it. Highly unlikely though, because the throne is made of swords that were forged with dragon fire, and it is highly likely that they will disassemble the throne so they can arm their soldiers with the swords.

  • This is exactly what I think should happen and everyone says I'm crazy.

  • Pride comes before the fall

  • Mama vergulis

  • I've never watched a GOT episode in my life what am I doing here

  • he coudld be right, but you can also think of the fact that te white walkers win and they all together (Jon, Deanerys, Arya(maybe gendry) Sansa and more of those nice charachters to flee to flee to essos and from there maybe to volantis. or you know something like that

  • I agree 100% with this theory but I feel like the show doesn't have the balls to pull something like this off, not anymore at least.

  • Hey I think you should try and find out who was Lewis mother in Meet The Robinson it would be grate to finally find out

  • Wait, wait -- The Lannisters did not kill Jon Arryn, it was Lysa doing Baelish's bidding.

  • Dammit man, I normally hate your videos. But this one was well done and I could not agree with you more. Good job. Take my like and subscribe you filthy theorist and leave.

  • I don’t know why but I can’t stand Matt Patts voice. But I still wanna see what the video says so.... gonna watch it anyway

  • Finally! Someone who agrees with me. As much as I love the characters it makes the most sense if the Night King wins and everyone turns into white walkers.

  • The zombie hand rotted before it got to the capital, so in the books there was no proof

  • Great theory, it has my support

  • Little finger should win

  • MatPat... you should just leave GoT theories alone...

  • Straight up, i feel like George R R Martin will actually die from health problems before he's done the books

    • Me too. I’m preparing for disappointment, in that regard. He seems to be in no hurry to finish writing the books whatsoever.

  • The music in the background is far too loud and distracting

  • Tbh I wouldn't mind that to be the ending. Because at this point every character is pissing me off.

  • The Lannisters house motto is "hear me roar" not " a Lannister always pays thier debt"

  • The wall is gone broken they all redy lost the next ep starts next week

  • Ehhhmm the Lannisters didn’t poison Jon Arryn... it was Lysa Arryn on order by Littlefinger. This was the catalyst for the war of the five kings!

  • background music so loud omg

  • i think your ending is the most obvious and it fits with some pretty central themes/beliefs. "All men must die" but "what is dead may never die." If anyone has seen the movie "Knowing", I think GOT will end similarly.

  • Uh some of the things you said was not true. But minor (not so minor) details so i guess hindsight is 20/20.

  • "Its only when starks deny ther name they can survive" imm RICKON

  • Not everyone has been ignoring the real threat. Jon, Sam, Bran have been focused on the real threat for years.

  • I started this episode never having watched GOT so I stopped and binged watched the whole series so I could watch this video


  • The music is so loud in the middle of the video - its really hard to understand you there. =(

  • Gotta turn down the music or turn up the dialogue.

  • The drunk guy

  • I hope the white walkers win

  • Well, Stannis did care about the White Walkers, but got himself killed before he could do anything about them

  • these are just a few selected themes and then choosing to follow that perspective to determine the "needed" ending. just a single perspective

  • Actually, there is one character who has learned all of these things, and sacrificed almost everything to do the right thing. And that man is our true king, Jaime fokin’ Lannister.

  • its like something is stuck in the narator's nostrils

  • I have a few problems with Daenerys, she had absolutely zero problem with slavery when with the Dothraki and she was going to buy the Unsullied she only freed them (and others) when she couldn’t afford to buy them. Then after freeing the slaves she didn’t reform and improve the society she just freed the slaves. In a system that works because of slave labour you can’t just free slaves and expect everything to be fine. She tries to maintain that she is above politics as a queen and that works in a modern world where the majority of monarchs only hold symbolic power but in a place like Westeros where the system of government is effectively absolute monarchy where whatever the monarch says goes you can’t be queen and be above politics it doesn’t work. She also holds no constant line - it’s 100% fine with her to give the Iron Islands independence for support against Cersei but she never offers Jon the same deal. And she sees herself as the rightful claimant to the throne (and no this isn’t about R+L=J). Her father was deposed by a rebellion that started because he decided to kill a Stark father and son (because loves young dream over there couldn’t act with propriety and do things openly) so she has no claim to the throne. That’s like saying the British still have a claim on America despite a successful revolution. And the Targaryens are invaders anyway they came to Westeros conquered the continent with dragons and imposed themselves as rulers. You know like the colonial powers of our world did to various countries. Really I hope they just burn the throne down and go back to being separate kingdoms. Edit: I don’t think it will end with White Walker victory. I think that kinda renders the whole idea of R+L=J useless. Why work up to such a big reveal if it wasn’t going to matter because everyone dies? I think we maybe heading to some sort of Jon vs Daenerys battle (because Jon became a threat to her the second that was known, even if Jon doesn’t want the throne the possibility that he could potentially usurp her at anytime isn’t going to sit well with Daenerys. Especially because 100% some people would rather he be king as a male half-Stark (not inbred Targaryen) who grew up in Westeros and is the nephew of Eddard Stark. And if push came to shove he would probably have more Westeros supporters than her - the North 100%, the Vale and the Riverlands would almost certainly side with the Starks, the Westerlands would be divided (assuming Jaime stands with Sansa and Brienne and Tyrion with Daenerys), the Iron Islands don’t really care and the Stormlands, Dorne and the Reach have nobody left in charge/control.)

    • A most interesting read! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Can we please have a sit down with all youtubers who talk about GOT and have them actually pronounce ALL of the names correctly? It REALLY grinds my gears lol

  • Because of this video whatever the best situation was gonna be they’re gonna change it to something booty like they did with Star Wars 8 calling it now, thanks mat


  • It would be to epic if night king wins

  • Daenerys is a bitch

  • Stannis did recognized the danger behind the wall. He was the only one, but he lost his mind and cooked his only child (thx Melisandra).

  • Lennisters didn't poison the hand of the king Jon Aryn, it was Lisa Aryn. She wanted Littlefinger, so she got him out of the way.

  • Petyr Baelish is still alive. just gonna call it now

  • lol, I agree... The Greyjoys = uncool Vikings

  • Love the vid but calm down with that music man lol

  • 50 Shades of Greyjoy

  • In ep 2 of season 8 bran said he was the world's memory maybe that why the night king wants bran out of the way or maybe bran is the key to reset

  • I love it when he says "FOR THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF THEORIES"😂😂

  • oh my gosh spoilers!!!!111 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (not really im joshin ye)

  • Plot twist: At the very last moment, when all seems lost... a beam of light will shine down from the heavens, people will gaze in awe at the spectacular sight, some claiming it’s the lord of light, when none other than Thor himself, along with rocket and groot, appear in a shroud of glory to defend the realms of men.

    • creepy gamer 😂 He better aim for the head this time.

    • Robertjr82 Thor “bring me white walkers!!!”

  • What if Littlefinger shows up at the end and takes the spot as the man behind all this mess, his death was pretty casual on my opinion. I mean is game of thrones it's not likely that it will have a happy ending.

  • Just like Half-Life 3 Am I Right?

  • I've been ready all my life for a "wtf ending"....

  • They could just make it so ALMOST everyone is wiped out, but a few of mankind make it out. That could be the spin-off focus.

  • It's not a freaking fiery if it's how you think it should end you idiot clickbait and by the way don't freaking compare this with Lord of the Rings

  • It's not good as lord of the reins what is wrong with Society what is wrong with this planet this is why God is not with us anymore it's not better I'm telling you holy hell is not better I'm telling you it's not better you can go kill yourself man this is crazy

  • I can't wait till Daenarys dies. That will be the most satisfying part of the series.

    • Daenerys is no less than Cersie.

  • The Night King is coming to cleanse the land of sins

  • Spoiler Alert -- Arya died at the House of Black and White and warged into Nymeria (thus the Nymeria getting an army of wolves together) and Arya/paidtheprice is a faceless man setting up her kills in Winterfell? Or was it all a red herring in season six and seven to give a non purpose background for a non carried out story that will probably never be written by R. Martin?

  • There was several times while watching this I had to remind myself we're talking about Game of Thrones, not IRL

  • 💯💯🔥

  • I agree


  • I love all of you're theories!

  • i thought lady olenna killed joffrey not baelish

  • Well, i mean there is still the other half of the world if westeros dies out

  • "what is dead may never die" When you realize they have been hinting the ending whole series, Greyjoys will rule as they already are "dead" as night king's army. Plot twist.

  • Jon Snow put his pride aside. He pledged his loyalty to the mother of dragons to save his people. 👀 morally, it seems that he is the reset the people need?