Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining

Publisert 12. mars. 2019
I show how to build an EDM drilling machine, describe how it works, and where to buy parts.
Source for the arc generator: baxedm.com/
BaxEDM NO-tvs channel: no-tvs.com/ch/UCy4kgsAYxcraee8w5SfqXPAvideos
I used the Kflop, Kanalog, and Kstep from dynomotion.com/
OpenBuilds CNC machine: openbuildspartstore.com/openbuilds-sphinx-55-20-x-20/
EDM hollow drill rods: www.ebay.com/itm/EDM-WIRE-MACHINE-DRILL-0-60mm-1-CERAMIC-GUIDE-30-SINGLE-HOLE-BRASS-TUBES-EDM/161395647605
EDM drill head: www.aliexpress.com/item/EDM-Rotated-Head-for-Small-Hole-EDM-Drilling-Machine/32353532977.html
EDM drill head seals: www.aliexpress.com/item/Rubber-Seal-for-EDM-Small-Hole-Drilling-Machines/789294397.html
Airless paint sprayer: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004Z2090U
Water filter: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CFOFZ08
Cartridges are cheap, similar to this: www.amazon.com/dp/B01FKNK69G/



  • Just a thought. You are not supposed to drill a bore hole into metal with a regular drill anyway, unless its mounted. Also, I imagine this is about the only way to drill them tiny little holes? I mean, I don't know anyone brave enough to use a bit that tiny in a mill. Just sayin.

  • Is the small cube you drilled through a NdFeB magnet?

  • VERY interesting! Thank You so much. I have a use for this but it would not be cost effective unless I started a business drilling small holes in things. Also, I am an older guy, I am what you would call "technologically challenged".

  • Soooo no good for wood

  • You should still a battery

  • Drill a hole in water

  • Now do a diamond without cracking it

  • "Backlash" should be near 0 on the nut holding the axle, but it doesn't matter, since the play in the bearings would be where you would actually have a serious impact on accuracy, not to mention the runout on the wheels. Either you are advertising for the company, or you just don't know what you're talking about, or both.

  • Rather unfortunate acronym aside, this is awesome.

  • Interesting project Thanks for sharing👍😀

  • I wish I could just buy a machine from someone I don't have the time to DIY it lol... but this is very sweet

  • Drill through a diamond?

  • Umm ... I do believe it operated with water cooling ...

  • Thank you for sharing, my time working with electronics and mechanical elements it is over, however, I appreciate when a person like you share different tonics. Keep up the good work, and have a good day.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................................................

  • Simular to how Egyptians cut the blocks

  • *_Anything_* that is conductive?

  • This is old, very old technology. I worked in the UK around 50 years ago for one of the developing companies with three or four units called 'spark erosion' where the electrode had to be submersed in kerosene or some other liquid. This company Punctual Precisions also developed a process where a thread could be cut into hardened material. A good business was removing broken taps from tool jigs, and modifying already hardened jigs or moulds.

  • i dont understand how the contact between electrod stator dont sparke and melt

  • I’ve done some industrial sized EDM before. We were eroding some hardened M12 studs which had sheared off in ‘a piece of equipment’. We had a square electrode which allowed a 1/4 inch drive to be inserted into the end of each stud to wind it out.

  • Good Video, Just a thought, could you use a portion of the old fluid to increase the conductivity of the new fluid rather than throwing it all out? This to reduce the amount of fluid you buy.

  • Sooo. You're basically MIG welding backwards? It looks a lot like carbon electrode gouging, just on a smaller scale.

  • A truly fascination video. In the early 1980's my friend worked for Rolls R. Aerospace. His job was watching a spark erosion machine all night. They used it to machine broken machine tools, mostly taps, that were embedded in an expensive component. He was paid about four times what his other friends were and spent most of the time at work reading adult mags whilst the spark erosion machine did its stuff : -)

  • man fuck these machines. There's like 12 of these where I work and they're fucking big. The oil makes such a fucking mess, It smells bad and cannot be cleaned up with electrical equipment.

  • Like a spark erosion machine

  • Can you cut square holes with square tool?

  • Interesting. My EDM uses kerosene (good heat dissipation and zero conductivity) not rust causing water, and no hollow drill electrode. In fact the directions include details on how to carve graphite into a negative to be sunk into the workpiece.

  • How small can the holes get? Can it be as small a hair?

  • That is pretty damned cool. What is the financial investment into something like this? It doesn't look like it would be all that affordable to low income hobbiests.

  • i am lesbien

  • Hey, I would love to see this in action on a piece of carbon fiber composite just out of pure curiosity. Carbon fiber is somewhat conductive, though the resin not so much. Heat is a huge issue for strength in composites but comparing this to drilling a hole through it would probably lesson the effect. I'm insanely curious to see how it would work

  • EDM machining is very time taking but the cut produced have good finish,requires no further machining.

  • Did anyone else instantly notice the time on the laptop during the first frame of the Kmotion part?

  • U should try to "drill" thru obsidian.

    • +Dead Meme im not as smart as u so ill just belive you lmao

    • Is Obsidian even conductive? it doesnt seem like it woul be conductive because Obsidian is volcanic glass.

  • 0:25 am I the only one who was a bit put off by this image?

    • GameDirection yes?

  • Just Dads being Dads

  • Graphite?

  • Very cool. How expensive is something like this?

  • Time to save at least 3k dollars I guess :V

  • you are off the chart! WOW that is way out there, good job

  • Throw the water on plants? Wouldn't it have metal residue from the milling? Would the water need to be discarded after filtering out the metal particulates...to avoid pollution? Maybe I am overthinking this...

  • Some of the comments [about wasting their time watching this] remind me of the, uh, unique individuals who insist on posting responses to Amazon product questions to the effect "I don't know."

  • so,when a pocket size one comes out,from china,that can drill up to 40mm,holes,ill buy one..4000 uro,to drill 1.6 hole,no thanks.

    • a spark that drills 40mm holes? Sir, you are looking for a lightning strike, not a spark

  • You don't want wonky ... !

  • The local engineering shop that I frequented during my formative years on the farm had one of these units, and you could 'eat' out a broken off bolt/stud/whatever - it used what looked like a 1/2 horse electric motor, that had been reconfigured to be an electromagnet; the circuit ran through the armature and back through the work piece. When you applied the lever and brought the tungsten electrode into contact with the work piece, it energised the armature and the the electrode was pulled away from the work piece and created your arc, thus eroding the part a little. Repeated application of the electrode kept eating away at the part until it was (most;y) removed, allowing the broken part to be extracted. Magic!

  • edm

  • try to cut a strip of aluminium foil longways.

  • that is pretty cool, the EDM has been around for quite a long time. thanks Ben

  • I came here to see a drilled ball bearing seen in the thumbnail and ended up seeing a sheet of aluminium being drilled?

  • I can see this being a future military weapon to defeat tanks and armored vehicles


  • Very informative, constructive video Thanks for this open source engineering. (supliers)

  • Fucking Clckbait Such a total load of crap. The erosion of metal through electrical discharge is not drilling, nor is metal removal with an acetylene torch, plasma cutter or a waterjet. Definition of drill 1 : an instrument with an edged or pointed end for making holes in hard substances by revolving or by a succession of blows also : a machine for operating such an instrument.

    • Oh, and go look up "seed drill." They look, suspiciously, like discs pulled behind a tractor.

    • So, making a hole in something isn't drilling it? Maybe "your" definition needs to be upgraded. Make sure the next dictionary version doesn't limit the definition of a defensive weapon to catapults [to the exclusion of nuclear devices, lasers, etc.]. Hell, we haven't even got to the sex part yet.

  • can it drill through flex seal though?

    • it most likely can not because flex seal is not conductive.

  • We did wire EDM, not me, I was on the index MS40S but cool stuff either way

  • Can you make an ion vaccum pump??? Please please pleeeeeaaaaase

  • Have you considered adding Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops to your distilled water and using a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to find just the right combination of solids in your water for maximum effect?

  • Now you can make a hollow Beryllium microtube (believe me, there's big money if you have the right machinery touse them) which then can be used as precision electron or neutron injection into target substances (for fission or electro-drilling with an ion stream). Essentially, a portable low-scale low-power nuclear generator about the size of a walnut. Not sellable for commercial usage in low-IQ temporal zones.

  • 1:33 "That is the result of EDM." *Pops some pills* WOOOOOO~!

  • Boeing could use this machining concept in a few applications. We would need a 16 finish with .001 callout with specific depth of a half keyway. Don`t know if this could work seeing the cutout is .062 width with .007 radius.

  • Anything conductive...can you drill water?

    • Actually, Normal tap water is a very bad conductor. Add soap or salt and you have a very good conductor.

  • Fuck I’m trypophobic

  • I wonder if Apple uses something like this to machine the solid aluminum blocks for MacBooks and their other consumer hardware.

    • Good old lasers and milling machines do just fine.

  • Some naughty person is going to do gun barrels

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  • Next episode we'll talk about dubstep

  • Did you notice the drill head is wobbling?

  • Concentricitizationism.

  • I'm worried that somebody may NOT find your videos interesting. I'm not going to be doing any EDM, but you make it so interesting, I couldn't not watch. Sincere thanks. I agree with others that you and AvE should be on PBS create. Adult version! Lawson di Ransom Canyon

  • amazing

  • Why am I watching this?

  • Have you tried a magnetic substance? Perhaps you'd start to bend the electrode, depending on the field polarity?


  • The 'vaporized' zinc probably oxidizes into zinc oxide, which is a nutrient. And if that's the case, you can filter it out of the water and recycle your rods or create mini-batteries with the copper and zincoxide.

  • The 'vaporized' zinc probably oxidizes into zinc oxide, which is a nutrient. And if that's the case, you can filter it out of the water and recycle your rods or create mini-batteries with the copper and zincoxide.

  • wonderful use of metallic electromagnetic alchemy process! you gotta love chemistry mechanics!

  • THAT is awesome!!!

  • Lmao there are millions of edm "drills" out there in the world...lmao .. they are called plunger edms...

  • Super Awesome

  • i was following you until you said kilohertz

  • A crude form of Plasma is created with an arc

  • drill through a pencil (yeah graphite is conductive)

    • "drilling" through a pencil's graphite (lengthwise ofc) has already been done by some japanese tv show.

  • maybe i missed it, but who created this technology???

    • +The General no problem.

    • +Dead Meme thx

    • Die-Sink EDM was discovered by B. R. Lazarenko and N. I. Lazarenko in the USSR in 1943

  • Can you Drill a Diamond, they are Conductive..

    • diamond is the most *thermally* conductive material. However, it is a very VERY poor electrical conductor. That means it can conduct heat very good, but electricity very bad.

    • Fascinating. Is that because they are dense carbon? Just curious - is a diamond somewhat like a high ohm resister?

  • Brilliant!

  • next time, on SUPREME SKILLS

  • Try Dilithium or Kryptonite.

  • drill through things like a bank vault?

  • Professor hole, that’s impressive

  • try a non ceramic coated tip for a tipped lathe tool

  • You could make really efficient heat sinks with this I think.

  • this is awesome!!

  • Respectfully, you said dump the used water on your plants. It looks like you burned through Stainless Steel here. (nickel and chromium.)and other metals. What oxides or gases are left behind in the water that you told us to just dump on our plants? Ni is carcinogenic. As are other metals. This water/ waste water is contaminated and may be a biological hazard if consumed. A good example~ Gadolinium, burn through it, then dump the water on your veggies, or just down the sewer. Gadolinium is used in MRI as a contrast agent, through urination, it goes to the sewage disposal plants, then to the lakes and streams where it is redistributed to the population as drinking water. Gadolinium passes the Blood_brain barrier and is retained there all eternity. Gadolinium, once ingested by the body forms crystals, similar to sea urchins. I am wondering if nickel and chromium cross that blood-brain barrier as well? What about other metals? It is well known heavy metals cause lung, kidney, skin, bone and reproductive cancer. This tech is great, but the waste water (toxic waste) needs to be addressed and disposed of properly. I love your video, but please, rethink the disposal process, or show us where it is safe.

  • Total price tag?

  • Magicians are toying with the fabric of reality. Tsk.

  • Are your plans available? I want to do wire EDM for small injection mold making. I always wanted my own wire.

    • Plans for a wire EDM are available on baxedm.com

  • Can you cut internal threads and other internal reliefs?

  • Never seen this before, very cool :D

  • No idea what the fuck you're saying, but its 3 am so cool