Day of the Dead and Zombie Makeup Tutorials | INKED

Publisert 15. okt.. 2018
Makeup artist, Crystal Molina, shows us how to create a makeup look for Day of the Dead, and how to us special FX makeup to create a zombie look for Halloween.
#SFX #Halloween #Zombie
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  • Lmk why and where she got/used real blood

  • Sooo ummm..... we just ignore that she said staged blood and real blood at 6:00

  • Can we just take and minute and talk about how she used real blood on the zombie

  • day of the dead isn’t a costume. it’s a celebration and not for you assholes to appropriate. this shit is so ignorant!

  • Amazing talent babe😍👏🏼👏🏼

  • Did she say she is using a mix of stage blood and real blood or is that just me?

  • Day of the dead isn’t supposed to be “feminine and sexy” this is a tradition to celebrate those who have passed.

  • So piercings are,safe for make up

  • I need a male version for the Day of The Dead makeup.

    • Mateo Castillo Then you would have a femboy.

    • take a dude, apply that make up. Done, you have the male version

  • This is awesome, thank you.

  • Oh, I can already see the "cultural appropriation" "culture is not a costume" bullshit triggered people.

  • day of the dead is not a costume. love this channel but this was pretty ignorant.

    • Eveeee3 you’re right, the day of the dead ones is an amazing Mexican celebration, not jus a costume, the proper name for this is the girl is wearing the Catrina costume, that’s it

    • Eveeee3 And why so? It is a continuation of tradition. Welcome to America, where many people want to get a load of things and be what they want to be for Halloween.

    • Levi C that has nothing to do with my point which is that it shouldn’t be used as a costume

    • Eveeee3 Although it’s a celebratory event, the Day of the Dead does start in Halloween. Halloween was meant to repel evil spirits/ the dead according to Celtic traditions. Witches, Evil Spirits, Zombies, vampires, etc. According to Mexican traditions, it is opposite of the Celtic traditions. Meaning that they commemorate the dead and remember past ancestors. According to Modern Halloween... It’s more or less both. Hey over with it.

  • Day of the dead is a tradition and part of a culture it is a way to mourn your loved ones death, it is NOT a Halloween costume.

  • What is this bullshit 🙄 we want tattoo content not face painting

  • how does face painting get put on a tattoo channel I don't see its place

    • Tattoos are art. Painting, regardless of the canvas, is also art.

    • Uhmmm Don't Watch The Video If you don't want to ?

    • It’s art just like how tattoos are

    • Not showing the truth of your skin

  • fuckin rad