Danger Dan Schools us on Aluminum Welding on the Pit Truck's Rotary

Publisert 12. mars. 2019
How many jabronies does it take to build a rotary for our pit truck? Just two - two very skilled jabronies. Danger Dan and Vargas give our n/a 13b all the bells and whistles necessary for the stresses that the Worthouse boys will be throwing at this thing. AKA, lots and lots of limiter.

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  • love the smell of tig welding

  • Soo much to remember!!

  • a rotary truck ? man this is gonna be cool.

  • If you're getting a balled tungsten on an inverter machine, your frequency is too high. On an inverter tig you WANT a sharp point for aluminum. You only want your tungsten balled on an old refrigerator sized transformer machine.

  • That's going to be far too insane to drive... but someone will. I'm guessing Hert.

  • where do i get a ratchet like the one vargas is using

  • turbo charge the 13b. it will sound better


  • Vargus got that IS wagon boiiii!!!!

    • He's ready to stunt the streets! Whos going to drive though, Vargas or Mochi?

  • I don't think "ferrous" means what you think it means, Dan. Iron, steel, typically magnetic stuff, that comes from iron ore. That's ferrous metal.

  • with the body kit be available for the public because there is a k truck in my town for sale and i’d cop it if the kit was available

  • you have forget to say to wear long sleeve shirt or welding jacket, because with tig welding you can get a really bad "sun" burn

  • Where is zac’s truck 😤

  • 👍👍👍

  • A Pittsburgh measurement instrument? Yo, you need to crank up them prices and get rid of that Harbor Freight garbage mang!

  • VW VR6 next? Something different

  • Anyone else here his hand sizzle for a split second when he touched the weld? 5:21

    • It doesn't burn when you have hands made of forged steel. Pretty sure Dan is part Terminator.

  • Inverter welders do not need a ball tip. If you have an inverter welder, just grab a purple tungsten and go to town.

  • Have you considered getting a UV filter for your camera(s)? Not only can the arc damage the camera, we would actually be able to see what Danger Dan is talking about!

  • With these newer inverter style machines its better to use something other than pure tungsten (green). Ceriated and Lanthanated tungsten work best for aluminum. Ceriated holds up to heat really well and lanthanated is great for low amp starts but also holds up to heat better than most. With those tungsten you can sharpen to a point and blunt the tip and the tungsten will maintain its shape as long as you are using a electrode negative biased balance 70-30 or 75-25.

  • Dorito pappi = priest in finnish :D

  • if anyone wants a good laugh, put on CC and watch when vargas talks the captions are way the fuck off LOL

  • Music Beat at the end ??who now

  • Yo that animation at the end was badass. Random af but badass

  • Lmao @ the r Kelly clip

  • Ducks or Kings fellas?? An Ontario boy asking

  • @1:15 Aluminum is not a ferrous metal. I think he meant to say porous.

  • 13:05 add that to the grand tour game, a pick up that turns your car into that or an opponents vechicle.

  • Cosine error. Better look into it and check that endplay again.

  • That ending!! :D

  • It would be awesome to build an electric mobility scooter :)

  • Sneak peek wide body kit ?

  • I actually love that you showed the fittings gettings messed up. No one is perfect and accidents happen. I have had to restart many things.

  • Call it the SHITAKEI

  • For gods sake please finish zacs truck!!!

  • did anyone else hear his hand sizzle when he touched the fresh weld !!!! ouch

  • Yo when y’all edited the R kelly in there I lost it 😭😂

  • Don't break the tungsten tip, just grind it back, saves a lot of grinding making a point again and it'll work fine as you'll just grind off all the contaminants. Best way is to use a grinder tool like Dan used, but I've seen many welders just grind it on a grinding wheel and make it really fking sharp. (Just make shure the tip isn't too concave)

  • What Miller welder does Danger Dan use?

  • What frames does danger dan use for his glasses?

  • John's is300 wagon 2jzgte with cd009 swap next!!

  • Nice video! I have one restored retro car no-tvs.com/tv/video-Zx1FTDbgYgQ.html

  • Damm Vargas you trust that harbor freight stuff?

  • Brap Pitt. lol

  • So far this build has been fun to watch, makes me inspired to build!

  • 1/2 the people commenting on this: "look at me I'm so smart and arrogant that I'm going to be petty over semantics even though I clearly know the terminology he meant to use." Go make some videos and see if you don't accidently say the wrong words/terminology every now and then. Then reshoot the segment try to edit it in in a way that isn't noticeable and see if the wasted time is negligible or maybe just not edit it and let the Mr. Knowitalls just get your vid a bunch of comments = win for hoonigan hahah.

  • Eh..

  • If you weld a fitting like that, you might as well enlarge the hole up to the tip.

  • Rudy Garcia was spot on this truck is taking to long on it's build.Must be nice to be able to take a long time and not worry about money spent or getting paid.It is cool that less experienced are giving a how to do it video to those also less experienced LOL.

  • How long has Vargas been working on rotaries hard to find a specialist like that anymore someone who has knowledge about one specific item

    • +Kurt Seyffert yah I probably would but between work and shit I barley have time to watch them like I used to midnight uploads allowed me to watch all their content but recently I've been falling behind thank you for the info much appreciated

    • hes 26 he was 14 when he started youd no this if you watch all there channels

  • 210 amps to weld a bung on a from cover? Bitch please. Your welding skills are none.

  • having the dial indicator at an angle will introduce a cosine error, .002" isn't much so its important to keep the indicator straight. Vargas needs to invest in a Noga holder.

  • Hert is rubbing off on vargas too much - he used to be a well respected small business owner, a pillar of his community. Next week he'll probably be on scumbag labs.

    • he already has been youed no this if you watch all there channels

  • Vargas, harbor freight tools for accurate measurements!? Why!?

  • Cast Aluminium is Ferrous! who new....................................

  • need a rock and roll/ heavy metal "Garage Garage" Intro

    • Just need bad daddy Braddy to do some rock and roll. Or AC/DC 👌

    • What band should we call for the new intro?!

  • Indicators should always be used square to the indicating surface. Because .002" @ a 30* angle on an indicator isn't .002" with the indicator squared up on the measuring surface.

  • You should try to Cerakote used parts. Clean normally. Soak in virgin acetone, bake 30 min. Repeat step 2&3 until nothing comes out. PITA!

  • I feel some tension. But I’m waiting for braps

  • When did Chuck noris start working at the Hoon garage

  • Really holding back from commenting on welding tips 🤐 but I'm weak for cash alloy I always change the ac balance so it's not pulling as much impurities out and always use pulse setting 2,2hz with alloy so u can run max amps. But good work dan is killing it can't wait to see this brap pit riping donuts 🤘

  • This truckie needs to come to fr legends!!

  • Tungsten grindings have some pretty horrific radioactive particles that should NOT be breathed in. patient.info/doctor/tungsten-poisoning

  • parts washer,

  • Even Dorito papi daily’s a 2j😏

  • Dan the men......

  • I like how Vargas says “and there you go” like 5 times as if they’re done with the engine. Then keeps bolting on more parts lol

  • Dog he just broke the tungsten like that ?

  • This build is dragging a little too long...

  • Empty yard brings heavy hearts 💔

  • What was that at towards the end initial KEI?

  • Whens the next c10 video

  • Garage garage🎶!!! My favorite!!!🇵🇷🏴‍☠️

  • 11:55. GUCCI FRAMES!

  • Somebody beat me to the correction. Porous not ferrous. I stopped the video at 1:26 to make said comment. Now let's resume and see if Dan uses steel welding rod or aluminum rod.

  • What game is at the end

  • Why havent you guys brought in Farmtruck, it's a must that yall do a build breakdown

  • Swear dans like my idol

  • @ dan What do you call that belt sander it a part for a grinder or one tool Huge help to see this stuff . Thanks

  • Tig is not weilding

  • Align your dial indicator Vargas... if not, please buy a dial test indicator!

  • Was that a mariachi version of the lupin theme? nice

  • Vargas is disorganized.

  • Nobodies talking the R Kelley clip in there?! Y’all are fresh with your memes and reactions

  • Just soon enough on the r Kelly ref😂

  • What glasses are those he’s wearing

  • Did the Kings win the game tho?


  • You know what they say, Tight pants, Tight welds.

  • Braahhhhhhh tungsten is radioactive. Eye protection when grinding it

    • Blaznmax 88 ?? Only thoriated tungsten is radioactive..

  • I like the new shows but REALLY REALLY miss the og hoonigan stuff

  • Cast aluminum is not a ferrous metal

  • Hells yea, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at the end!

  • I can't wait to hear/ see this rocket take off!

  • Vargas look like Tito Puente wit the rubber mallet 😂✌🏽🔰

  • Awesome build

  • Dan = goat✌🏽🔰

  • The best would have been is after he slapped the welded -10 fitting, Dan’s hand smoked! Such a good feeling, when you forget how hot something is!

  • No grinding or welding mask, No ventilation, no welding sleeves on your arms, breathing in the radioactive tungsten when grinding, this is why welder so don't live long, take note boys, you never see old welders.

  • Always astonished how in depth danger Dan's knowledge is. Dude really knows his stuff.