Cross Bracing - Marble Machine X #72

Publisert 13. mars. 2019
Check out Rainfall Projects Video where he is Manufacturing the Back X-Brace:

Have a great day Everyone! / Martin
Also check out a new video from Pilot's Workshop where he makes the Demag Pulleys:
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►Alex Füßl, Alex CNC
Munich, Germany
►Carlos Montoro, Anjuda Guitars
Madrid, Spain
►Chris Nadon
Aix-en-Provence, FR
►David Lewis, Machinist@Allied Cycle Works
Little Rock AR USA
►Dwayne Myers, Safety
Phoenixville, PA, USA
►Ecco Pierce, All Things Ecco
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►Florian Hu, fhuable
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►Jacob LaRocca, Rocket Props
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►James Passmore, CAD9 Design LLC
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►Liam Ward, DogenDesign, TMD Technologies Ltd
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►Marius Hirn
Munich, Germany
►Nick Householder
Florida, USA
►Philip Brown (solo banjo)
Winston Salem, NC USA projects
►Richard Southall, String HeArt
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►Sebastiaan Jansen
Leuven, Belgium (BE)
►Tim Keller, Inventopia
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►Tim Mitchell, CNC Machinist
Nashville USA
►Tobias Gutmann, Tobias Gutmann Prototyping
Munich, Germany
►Tommaso D'Amico
Vancouver, Canada
►Viktor Stenberg, Calle Guldstrand, Gustaf Törner
Stockholm, Sweden
►Will Francis, Machine Thinking
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
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►Erik Holke
►CNC Routerparts
►Nathan Skalsky
►Karin & Olof Eneroth
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►Thomas Pilot -
►Roys Sheds Perth Australia
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  • Huge Thanks to Rainfall Projects and Marius for these awesome parts, Check out JD's video!!

    • I'm worried you're going to push it over moving it like that, it seems like its much heavier on the rotor side.

    • +Wintergatan sorry to sound like a crying child but, how much longer


    • Nicely done. 👍😉

    • Hej team Munich, great work! Best Regards from Landsberg.

  • 楽しみちしてます!

  • the police siren is 12 seconds to late - In minute 9:00 you scratch the iron square with a precisely measuring tool ( in german called : “ Schieblehre ” ) If I have done this in my mechanic school I would have get : “ ein Satz heisse Ohren " from the teacher , you can ask your German Team München what this means - in Bavaria they also have a special word for this called : “ a watschn ” J and once again - don’t forget to oil and grease the metal parts , a further german saying to this is “ schmieren und salben hilft allenthalben “ J

  • The first Marble Machine was way back 2016, and now the X version of it is still paving its way for success. I wish you luck!

  • i prefer your MarblefallProject, really :DD such precision!

  • I'm scared it's going to fall

  • When this is done, this will be nutttsss

  • I loved watching the machine in action, but to see a series on how it was built (and tbh I could use a ring roller for my workshop so that video is soooo important for me!) great work! Keep it coming!

  • So cool!

  • love your kurt vise LOL.

  • damn i nearly forgot about the marble machine x until youtube put it in my recommended good to see it so close to being finished

  • хD

  • Why do i hear note blocks?

  • LOL, I love the KURT vise. I was eating at the time I saw this part and laughed so hard I almost choked... very funny

  • Thumbnail: Making Mad. He's the one who knocks.

  • My MMX tee just came in the mail! Super stoked!!!!

  • darn, i wish we had those "lumbor parks" here, but i guess people would sue the living S*** out of the government because that's how the world works.

  • Spectacular

  • It's almost been 2 or 3 years we've been dying to hear what song you're going to play next

  • It’s already so beautiful! So looking forward to see it being finished and of cause to listen to it! I think i never looked forward to something that much! Big fan of your work, you guys are awesome!

  • Love the Kurt vise :-D

  • This thing is too good to be real

  • Wilson's new friend should be named Rusty.

  • *And then termites happened*

  • before releasing the finished machine on a video, you should do a build timelapse, from beginning to end, would love to see that

  • It's just... WOW!

  • Nice Kurt vise 👌

  • Oh, and thanks for the "high five" - SO many bodies!

  • Wow, still nice work ! I like your participative way you work

  • Tig är en väldigt bra svets, detta verkar vara ett intressant projekt.

  • I hope they dont accidentally break the wood

  • pick your poison xD

  • Love the story about the treehouses. That is how I started in my childhood and now I am a professional builder of houses but also other things. I guess every kid should have acess to a hammer and nails.

  • 크흐.... b

  • I could listen to the "click" of when he raises the X-brace all day long. So satisfying.

  • Great job! But how you going to reassemble the Machine to transport it? Because as i know airlines have some strict rules about size of cargo.

  • Sweden is almost all black and Muslim people now and it's going to be so good cause black people are the smartest people on Earth

  • you´re a genius!!!! :O

  • God what a monster of engineering. I'm so excited to see it play!

  • It's like something out of "Dark City".

  • Marble Machine X gon give it to ya (Mr. X bursts out)

  • Nice work! The first time I saw this thing play, I thought it would topple over.

  • The x bracing is nicely executed, the whole process feels very well engineered. Except for the fact, that you screw down a quick release system. Why do you have screws on the bottom of the x bracing, isn't that way too slow on stage when you swap out the programming plates? I think you should time the process with enough tolerance to make up for some little missteps.

  • if you subscribe to rainfall projects you get this... *shows wonderful video* if you subscribe to wintergaten you get this... *shows something i can actually do* pick your poison . im going to go with the second one

  • Nice team

  • I just saw this episode and I asked myself - does the machine have too much weight located on its backside? It is very tall and maybe a bit imbalanced, even though there are some more parts which are going to be attached on the frontside.

  • Love the Kurt machine vice on the drill press!

  • So.. is it done yet ? ;) Love watching this every week. It looks so close to finished now!

  • 8:42 Subliminal sponsorship

  • Dude. Put some castors on that thing. Perhaps adjusting for height for un level surfaces.

  • Cool, one of the last weeks of summervacation the childeren of my town can also build there own treehouses from waste palets. Organised by city municipality, lumber is kind of expansive in the Netherlands.

  • Are you making a fucking death lazer?

  • what the... that project is crazy good!

  • By the Power of X

  • Imagine if you just used abelton live instead of building this hmmmm, kidding this is so amazing and I can't imagine building something of this complexity myself

  • Can you fly me out there and teach me everything you know?

  • The way he says “idea” is absolutely adorable.

  • Any plans to add Filigree inside the arches along the bottom. I think it would add greatly to the aesthetic. It would give it that classic Victorian age look. congratulations on 100 million views on the marble machine

  • I'm excited for when it's fully finished

  • 😮😮😮😎😎😎

  • That looks very good with the cross bracing its really stabel good job. Very well done. 😉😉😉👍👍👍

  • Oooo bois were almost there

  • Will I lose my obtained benefits if I cancel my subscription? Like the early access to ticket sales and my guest list spot?

  • I'm kinda missing the CNC table...

  • Something others have been saying is to use hand screws on the bottom of the X-brace. The thought that immediately comes to my mind is a wing screw, like on a drumset or cymbal stand. Others have also suggested making it so the screw doesn't come out of the X-brace, but still turns. I know that there's a specific part that does exactly that, but I don't know what it is called.

  • Can it play rondo Alla Turka?

  • Hurry up and finish it. Wanna see it working.

  • imagine a 3d printed version, including 3d printed marbles o_0

  • I really hope your world tour comes to Pennsylvania in the USA. I would love to see this in action. May I suggest the Hershey Park Stadium, or the Giant Center in Hershey as possible venues?

  • I'm here becouse Rainfall Project's. But damm that's one awesome machine you got there

    • check out the whole series. It's been quite a journey. ;)

  • What if gravity disappears or alter? This machine relies on gravity.

  • You need to add a metal sign "Marble Machine" to the X brace along with your metal Wilson. And paint it brightly.

  • 7:30 Me: Quality workmanship right there. Video: if you subscribe to Rainfall Projects, you get this. And if you subscribe to Wintergatan, you get this. Me: Wintergatan please

  • This makes me feel so very content: people creating things together that the universe alone would never ever have come up with! Thank you so much for sharing the journey!

  • 7:04 place for logo

  • You like tree houses? Now, THIS is a tree house: English subtitles available.

  • Universal „Messreißer“ 😂

  • It has taken me almost two years to realise why Wintergatan seems so familiar to me, I grew up listening to Mike Oldfield, and it just dawned on me that Wintergatan is the Mike Oldfield of the 2010s.

  • Just finished a project of my own that you might get a kick out of:

  • Pick your poison! Well, you can't go wrong with Wintergatan...

  • 8:45 Okay, this is epic

  • My expression after you added the front brace 8:42 ... "Holy shit!"

  • Center of that X is a prime place for a bitchin logo....

  • Thanks for giving Rainfall Project some exposure. Because of you I checked out his channel, got super interested and am now watching his whole catalog of videos. I also noticed on Social Blade that he normally gains 200-300 subscribers a day but today he gained 4300 and tomorrow he will gain an additional 2000. Thanks for that.

  • When I was a kid in Huntington Beach, California, USA, there was a similar place that was basically a big empty dirt lot, a lot of scrap wood, and hammers and nails. Kids were allowed to go there, and build whatever. There were weird forts covering holes in the ground, more house like structures, etc... I only ever went there once but it was a ton of fun and, in retrospect, extremely dangerous, lol. (I couldn't have been more than 10 when I went). The stability of most of the structures was very questionable, and I shudder to think how many kids were impaled on rusty nails. This was the late 80's for me, too.

  • The backtrack song is simple awesome to hear along with everything!

  • When is he gonna play the marble machine though?

  • When is the projected end date?

  • a diagonal in the front....

  • What always amazes me, is the amount of people that thumbs down for what reason?

  • Maby Colin Furze can also help you building the MMX

  • So yeah... how to make dat modulin?...

  • so waiting for this machine to finally be finished is like waiting for the "SV Seeker" to take to water ... never ending story ...

  • Looks like a fukin time machine pal 😂😍

  • Adventure Playgrounds? Man I wish I went to one of those when I was a kid

  • If anyone could find a way to modify physics to be compatible with art, it would be you 😁

  • 11:13 Building Treehouses with friends (sounds like france, put's eiffeltower on marble machine) i see you ^^

  • The thing about the Z on window shutters (or anything else) and Zorro, I can relate. I also thaught that cooling towers at nuclear power plants were "cloud factories"

  • Always incredible vids cant wait till the machine is done your music is awesome and this machine will be a fantastic addition. One word of warning you may need to make the back bracing raise up higher, when you guys are on a dark stage trying to quickly change songs or repin with the bracing up someone's going to get the end of the cross brace in the face.