Publisert 9. mars. 2019
Would you stick your hand in the box?
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  • That bearded dragon is soo cute 🥺 cant wait for my beardie to get that Big!

  • lmao apex said nigga 12:25

  • lmao apex said nigga 12:25

  • Ricegum ruins every video hes in on this channel.

  • I like it when the faze members reunite to each other

  • 14:50 bruh that snake was hungry for some rice and chicken

  • So we just gonna ignore how Adapt just did a trick shot on the bottom left 9:01 Edited:Lol keep clicking it

  • Did you guys see Adapt land that Water Bottle at 9:02?

  • We’re just not gonna talk about how adapt perfectly kicked that water bottle in

  • Why isn't tfue in it

  • Somebody call peta lol

  • Anyone spotted the girl at 8:10 who is it

  • They should of got tfue in this

  • That bearded was pissed hahha

  • FaZe Adapt: *touches a basketball* FaZe Adapt: *screams*

  • Dead ass broke into tears because he dropped the gecko lmao 😂 shit was so funny

  • orba with the waves !?

  • Alex is the biggest pussy

  • 2:57 what brand is that shirt rice is wearing?

  • Ohhhhhhh 14:20 😞😞😞😞😮😮😮😞😮😮😞

  • Oh my gosh 11:42 😮😮😮😮😞😞😞

  • 4:40 Lmaooo

  • You guys are pussies

  • This is funny 😃

  • He said that thing was a giant day gecko but it was actually a leachianus gecko LOL XD reptile kid

  • I have a brened drogen

  • Rice is so hungry for views lol

  • Aye anyone know where to get blazikens hoodie

  • It's so funny

  • Do more videos of this

  • 4:34 thats so dope, 10 secs ago aaahhh

  • Dude scared of an egg

  • If there’s a spider in this video I can’t watch the rest

  • 14:22 HAHAHA

  • Pythons aren't deadly they have no venom

  • Bro Blaze zoomed away at like 5:10

  • Apex is still the only non-pussy in Faze that's done this. Literally almost gets bit and after hearing that, doesn't freak out at all. And Blaziken too actually

  • Ricegum's channel in the description is hilarious 😂😂

  • 5:14 the way the homie pulled up with that face like "I'm ready to scare a muthafucka" 😂😂🤣

  • bearded dragons dont bite 😂

  • 1:15 bruh I thought it was nordan for a split second 😭

  • Anyone else notice at 9:01 the water bottle landed?

  • 14:24 I was dying of laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • This dude in the side is spamming the camera bro 😂

  • I feel bad for the animals

  • Imagine if Zuckles did this.

  • why tf is riceboy playin this

  • I was gonna like it but rice gum is in it

  • Apex!

  • I love snakes

  • Ricegum link in the description is a wrong yt chanel

  • When apex was about to get bit

  • Rice gum fucking fucking sucks I want to kill myself with a fucking blender to the throat I want to fucking kill myself pls end myself

  • 🤣🤣 Kay got me dead

  • I love bearded dragons but mine is very aggressive

  • Put glass in the opening so the thing doesn’t escape

  • Did any body notice that a 9:03 he made the water bottle into to pool table

  • Miguel: "Its a Dwarf Monitor" Adapt: "Golf monitor?"

  • 9:01 that water tho😂

  • Funniest vid I’ve ever seen!!!!💜🤩

  • Like I mean, if you're afraid why do the challenge? It's not entertaining if a majority of the video is constantly filled with girlish screams.

  • Uhhhh what happened at 13:14 on the right ? 🤣

  • Rice gum looks special

  • 9:01 who says faze don’t trick shot anymore

  • Fucken apex lmao

  • At :902

  • When adapt kicked the water bottle it landed

  • At 9:08 he kicked the bottle and it landed

  • whos that blonde chick

  • Blaze ran a 40 yard dash in 3.5 seconds when that mouse ran😂😂

  • Put in a dildo

  • Pretty sure the only reason rice gums in faze is because his money

  • 4:37 r.i.p

  • Where is cloak

  • 4:37 @peta

  • No one is talking about Blaze?? LMAO 14:24

  • Peta entered the chat

  • Next time put the window/some kind of glass behind the box so it cant get away

  • Опа спиздили у кликлака

  • thanos 5:39

  • Whys Ricefaggot there

  • Blaze got the biggest balls out of all of them

  • This shit gives me anxiety😂

  • This is how I know I have been gone for too long, last time I watched faze clan they lived in new york. Now Rice Gum is in faze🤔🤦

  • Hey look me up I'm trying to join M4NuaLD3xt3RitY1

  • this had me dying dude hahahhaa its about the mouse hahahhaah thats dude who dont want the mouse escape but he scared hahah

  • *"It's like beans or something"*

  • 1:32 Bro that's guys face lmao

  • 2:19 rice is not in faze

  • Faze apex kinda looks like the animal dude



  • Lmao Adapt always gets fucked with 😂😂😂

  • And Tunner?

  • Where is Rain??

  • 9:02 he kicks the bottle and lands it

  • I hope the snake bites Tenser

  • 9:01 water bottle trick shot haha

  • i fk jump when the snake try to bite apex

  • This video is a banger keep em coming!