Anthem (Zero Punctuation)

Publisert 13. mars. 2019
This week Yahtzee reviews Anthem.
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  • This guy accent is annoying Short term Definition of multiple -7 or more Good jod you played your self and you sound like an idiot

  • Absolutely perfect description

  • You are salty about Trump aren't you

  • Well at least Yahtzee doesn’t put all the blame on BioWare.

  • I look forward to your Star Citizen review.

  • One of those games that was said to kill other games, in my case Warframe (how is there no video for it yet btw?) but I assume Destiny players have had similar encounters. On a for me positive side note: I stopped buying any EA title since Origin & ME3, which at the time hurt because I hate having unfinished game series but nowadays I'm glad I maintained my spine and stayed away from them (and others). It is unlikely but I still hope EA at some day dies and the market is able to open up again, but I suspect there are too many who just don't care and still blindly support companies like them.

  • He still gots it. Hilarious as ever.

  • Halo has a terrific story

  • Lmao, apex, no thank you not interested in it, I love how you make fun of it

  • I remember hearing over and over how "Anthem will be good! It won't be like Andromeda, BioWare's A team is making it you fool!" Sure as shit it's not like Andromeda, it's even less inspired.

  • I uhhhh dont know why my ad before this video was in bullshit French!!!!

  • ea gave em plenty of time to make it and thats what they did all the good people from bioware left ages ago there just a shadow of there former selves players have to realise it anthem is a game designed for brainless idiots who will play that boring generic rubbish day in day out and spend in the shop and so on and so on its laughable

  • on the live playstation you can see whos playing what when it first came out anthem there was 1 thousand and 42 players showing it last night it was seventeen lol could not believe it

  • I thought KOTOR and Jade Empire were shite.... sorry.....

  • Way more honest than IGN. Bravo 😎


  • Anyone else really want to see him do Warframe?

  • Nice DS9 joke

  • I doubt even the most hardcore Anthem fans would dislike this

  • Lmao you nailed EA on this one. I don't think anyone has ever better described EA than Yahtzee

  • Ea can fuck off...let's force an rpg developer to make a looter shooter

  • I'm still holding out hope for a sequel to Andromeda, but... I'm reasonably sure that won't happen. Bioware is way past that particular point of the toilet bowl vortex.

  • I'll be happy if they let me have zeks with Vetra proper.

  • How am I discovering this amazing channel now!? 👏🤣

  • How dare you compare ea to the great Donald trump

  • Another classic case of EA screwing people up the ass with a power drill in order to grind up a few more wads of cash.

  • Ship is mass effect is already taken so shepherd would have to go fuck another ship

  • Look I’m easily impressed Give me destiny with jet packs and “quirky” abilities and I’ll recommend some friends to do a 4 man

  • Oh boy, a Trump joke!!! Wow!!! You're really getting creative now!

  • Been watching you guys since GTA IV Zero Punctuation you guys rock

  • I love this channel please do Warframe

  • Please do Warframe I beg of you

  • I consider watching your video until you bash the president of the United States real classy being British you probably don't understand the concept of actually having freedom but couldn't get pasted that eventually you'll have a Muslim accent since you can't even defend your own country and most British men are cowards or just feminine like

    • What a silly comment, the American idea of freedom is hilarious at best and if you weren't shooting up each other every day maybe your thoughts would have some weight. Last school shooting here was in the 80's and then we restricted guns. Your last school shooting was probably a week ago because America is a joke.

    • he lives in america

  • This game is trash but I love it

  • I like the game

  • Thank you for your opinion Yahtzee; however, I am still gonna play the game. I was hyped for the game for the past several years and even through its faults I still enjoy playing it and look forward to anything BioWare may do with it. I hope to see this game continue for a long time and progressively get better. Other than that, love the video. The EA toddler comparison was hilarious, and the bit at the end about Mass Effect has me dying.

  • Back off Mr Healy Stealy!

  • I have zero pity for bioware. They deserve all the shitty things to happen to thst company, mass effect 3 was inexcusable

  • EA only cares about money anymore. As long as they hold a monopoly on good game franchises, they're going to continue that way and these great developers are going to be caught in a huge meat grinder pool.

  • Would totally play another mass effect to fuck the ship

  • Normandy report to the docking bay! We'll bang ok

  • BioWare lost a decent Chunk of their talent and now it might be killed off by EA at any second. Not the best position to be in.

  • fucking ea

  • "Humans yay, everyone else nay" is actually way off. So far 2 factions of bad guys are human, Dominion and Outlaws. The only non human bad guys are the Escari. But I can see this is gonna be one of those reviews. Either way it's warranted.

  • Why the pathetic Trump hate?

    • How come you can’t take a joke?

  • I'm still playing Anthem, just giving it some time like EA should have

  • That sounds just like Capcom working with MT Framework with Mega Man 11. (Long scripted story below) MT Framework: Hey Capcom about that Mega man 11 game you wanted us to work with you on. We can include all the main and sub charaters in the game, make a great story line, include a lot more game play and make a riviting story line have more creative bosses and sub bossess from every single stage. Let the gamers feel how powerful and riviting the story line and Mega man has become with all the charaters, Reflet more with the background, have the background come into play with the for ground, and a great ending hinting at a sequal while we keep it great for casual and hard core gamers alike and add all the extra features plus all the charaters from the series for one price plus celebrating 30 years for Mega man Give it its anime feel like what all the fans remember even with a story base. Its really the Mega man game that everyone wants Capcom: No way man cut half of that out, make the story more like the Archie Adventure series comics, limit most of the background interactions, forget Protoman and Base we don't want them in the story line, make the stages longer, More Gear base movments, change the intro and make the ending more melodramatic, it needs to be more happy base. Have Dr Light come in at the end and talk to Wally for the umpteenth time remove some of the other sub bossess you plan, they clutter the game play MT Framework: Okay but you know we are more into Story based gameplay with extra in game features, After all you asked us to make Mega man 11 the best of the series and the series has been dying off due to lack luster story lines and making the stages longer makes the game play feel tidious Capcom: Do it this way cause we owe your ass. This is how we see Megaman now. The fans don't know squat about Megaman. MT Framework: But he was the reason why you did so well Capcom: Do it now or else we'll get someone else and sell you off like a cheap leech that you are MT Framework: But we're the main reason why your still in business, monster hunter world broke bounds, Lost planet redefined Capcom and the list goes on. Capcom: Capcom made the games not you. Your just the people that we hire to make our games not the other way around. Just do what your told *Holds breath and throws a tantrum* Mt Framework: okay fine we'll do it your way. WE hate it when you throw a hissy fit like this (Thank god we're still getting paid) ******After release on Mega man 11 it gets a average score of 7.5/10 not bad but its not the goal that Capcom wanted************ Capcom: Way to go MT Framework. YOU screwed up the game the player base is saying that its sub standard at best. MT Framework: We did what you wanted and put in some extra speech dialog and refferences cause well it lacked depth otherwise. Capcom: But they said that it needed all the charaters, just above average story line, cheesy game play, long stages, Childish, Some nice details to the background instresting sub bossess design, which we had more of them and the gear system is lacking MT Framework: You told us to make the game this way or else it just got an average school of 7.5/10 that's generous and barley on par for us here at Framework plus its missing Base and Protoman. We had to show some other charaters to remaind the players that this was an addition to a Megaman game plus we had Block man quote Pink Floyd's "Just another brick in the wall" To show that we are still cunning. Capcom: Nintendo Life gave it 9/10 so what do you say about that MT Framework: I'm sure you paid them extra for that somehow in a private meeting. I refuse to believe that considering the fact we did Monster world , Lost planet etc and it did well.. oh wait you let us make that game for you at our own expense and or our own free will. Capcom Shut it you. Now go to your room and think about what you have done. No dinner till you apolize to us and your taking the blame for it all, and forget about that bonus, we wanted much better from you . *Storms off and gloats somewhere else while leaving MT Framework locked up in a dark room*

  • I have to agree with EA on the Star Wars sucking part. Star Wars is the one thing I hate more than EA.

  • you should do a two for one - extended thoughts on undertale and a review of deltarune when its finished

  • lame

  • EA destroyed so many series: Dead Space, Crysis, Mass Effect, Battlefront, Battlefield, Need for Speed and many more. And they still haven't bankrupted

  • i got unsubbed apparently wtf

  • I'd rather teabag a bear trap than allow Anthem to consume me for even a single loading screen.

  • Just play warframe instead

  • I have not listened to one bit of the story.

  • "Although Israel and Palestine have never tried to flog lootboxes to Lebanon." ...could that be the solution?

  • Still trying to figure out how EA takes all the blame for Anthem but Respawn gets all the praise for Apex? How many destiny streamers & content creators got flown out to preview demos & exclusive content for anthem? Also how much did that fortnight guy get to stream Apex again? I would really enjoy a nuanced & detailed explanation of when to blame a publisher instead of the developer & vice versa.

    • Probably because Respawn kept EA away from getting involve witht he making of apex

  • At least the DLC is free....

  • When are you doing Black Pudding? Been a while since you did a memorpeguh

  • I feel like joker would be pretty butt hurt if you had sex with EDI, just saying...

  • How well is your country doing?

  • Let us have sex with ship you say? maybe mas effect isn't dead yet

  • As always, well said mate.

  • To be fair anthem is as much bioware's fault as it is EA.

  • when did destiny become a yardstick? it was an empty online arena without anything but a grindfest that stole borderlands weapon system, its angry birds in first person


  • But I still like anthem. i-i

  • "Blame them for their failure" This isn't on EA. If you people would bother to go to reddit and see one of dozens of thread users made to dissect how the systems in anthem work. This is incompetence, not greed. Level 1 weapons doing a million more damage than the highest level weapons in the game? How is that EA's fault? How is that outside of Bioware's comfort zone? They've made dozens of games with guns and level scaling before. I'm not a fan of EA and Activision, but the reason game development keeps declining is because all the hate is being shifted to publishers to the point nobody is holding developer accountable any more. Game is garbage, it is in part to EA's greed, but it is in part (maybe an even part) due to bioware's incompetence. Bioware and Bungie are not gods. And the games they're making are longshot from Baldur's Gate and Halo. Those games had flaws of their own it's just most people were children when they played them so they don't remember.

  • 3:43 Something to be said for enjoying figuring stuff out, aye.

  • 1:15 I see you Weyoun. You are not forgotten. Also funny.

  • Here's my advice to BioWare: Jump ship before you end up like Visceral, make the games YOU want to make on YOUR own terms. So sick of EA burying perfectly good studios, they're a cancer. EA: *EBOLA, AIDS*

  • i found yahtzee about a month ago... proceeded to watch most of his shit... and now he has transcended space time and become the inner voice residing in my tiny mind... please, someone make it stop!

  • The worst mistake Bioware ever made was joining EA. I want Mass Effect: Andromeda 2.

  • I thought Yahtzee died!!! I had a mini-funeral here at my place, and remembered the good times! I'm glad the good times are still happening!

  • "Whoosh-Crikey-Lasers" Yep, saving that one for later.

  • I uh, pretty sure Halo has plot but okay.

  • I feel genuinely bad for Bioware. They still don't have many excuses for Andromeda though. Like, holy fuck that was also a mess.

  • Ehh you downplay Bioware's role in all this. Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't exactly well executed and the city in this pile pales in comparison to the Citadel (and practically every other hub city ever created in a video game) and that game is a decade old. When a company like EA gobbles up a studio all the real talent bounces because they want to make games not watch endless videos about not touching each other butts in between battling the marketing department and fretting over your benefits.

  • Anthems an awesome game

  • loo sah

  • "It's a grindy generic shooter that not even jetpacks can save." Ouch.

  • Why are we pretending Bioware are the victim here? They had 6 years+ to make a functioning game and they failed at even that. Did people forget their previous game was Andromeda? Bioware deserves to get shut down. Fuck EA AND Bioware both.

  • It's kind of sad that there is less content and more mistakes then Destiny 1 day 1/

  • Bioware are fucking incompetent though. They stopped being a good developer long ago... They simply can't even make a functioning game after 6 years. I hate EA sure but Bioware deserves to get shut down.

  • I still strongly object to you lumping Halo into the same category as Destiny and now Anthem for story. Just because it was possible to ramble through Halo without getting involving in all the Deep Lore doesn't mean it wasn't there, and wasn't sometimes quite good. I remember praising the games for the fact that you basically got the level of story you wanted; if you just wanted game, then it's a game where Master Chief fires his rifle at the Covenant guys. If you wanted more, that more wasn't hard to find, and it wasn't in a glossary in the game. If you want more of Destiny, then I could tell you, I could tell you, I could tell you.... but I won't

    • Fusilier Halo had an amazingly built world, it was just a shame that the new Trilogy assumes you’ve read the entire expanded universe if you wanted to make hide or hair of the damned plot. And Halo has an expanded universe the size of the original Star Wars expanded universe before Disney retconned it to make a new one.

  • "What? We apologized for all the crappy business practices we did at the last E3. What more do you want?" Maybe putting them into practice?

  • Take your bullshit lefty politics and piss off, man-child.

  • I love how when I looked up this review it shows fallout 76. It’s funny because there both bad open world games with guns

  • I love how when I looked up this review it shows fallout 76. It’s funny because there both bad open world games with guns

  • I'm the sort of guy that'll setup a dedicated Ark server on a personal rack mount server just so I can enjoy my game unbothered by random miscreants. What is it with these games passively aggressively pushing players towards multiplayer?

    • Simple Green monetisation, dear sir or madam. It makes it a lot harder to flog loot boxes or micropayments at you in a single player experience, therefore everything MUST include multiplayer in some form these days.

  • What's a privvacy?

  • How about we boycott Apex to show how much we hate EA!

  • A knights of the new republic set in a future Star Wars universe. Make it happen. Now!

  • i do have agree with you yatzee obama was a shit teir pos even worst than bush , luckly there is a decent pos in trump

  • Literally one third of the story for me was joining a game late and having to play catch-up and erase the people to the objective. I didn't even know how much I miss till I saw other people post it.

  • Its a great day when Yahtzee uploads

  • I had a feeling anthem was gonna be bad . my friend kept trying to get me to buy it but i was like hell nah

  • A wild Weyoun appears!

  • Any chance you would do a retro review of Area 51 for the PS2?

  • "what if we let you have sex with the ship this time..." LMFAO Don't give them any ideas... xD