2018 Macbook Air Review: No Risk!

Publisert 29. nov.. 2018
I bought the cheapest MacBook Air and tried to replace my laptop. It was... fine.
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  • Can this macbook air run autocad?

  • I am watching this video by my brand new macbook air!

  • What about the keyboard issue? I mean if I’m paying 1200$ for a laptop wouldn’t I expect to have a keyboard that wont bail on me?

  • it's fine!

  • ( ^ ^ ) ^.

  • worst review I've ever seen

  • Which intro song exactly are you using MKBHD?

  • No risk.. just a faulty keyboard

  • Would love a Surface video!

  • I rather buy the 2017 one. Why? Glowing apple logo,glowing keyboard in the dark,the old keyboard (that doesnt get sticky) and more ports! So im going for a 2017 MBA

  • 3:40 So far only Surface series was the best webcam I've ever seen in a laptop. Compared to them, Apple is very stingy on the webcams.

  • kind want to purchase this one, but so worried about the keyboard. it's risky.

  • No *reward* either... Can’t even upgrade storage or RAM.

  • Mine is having a very granny webcam. Anyone else having the same issue?

  • have u seen the risk of my productivity with all these keyboard issues?

  • How about selling that Macbook air 2018 to me since you have Macbook Pro? Lol

  • you are saying all the things just from your prospective....

    • So- A review?

  • So... stay with shitty spec and it's called no risk? For more expensive cost than most others? Ok.

  • I bought a 2015 13” MacBook Pro 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB 1867 MHz DDR3 512 GB SSD just to avoid the new butterfly keys and honestly the deal was just to good to pass up on nobody would believe how much I paid like new.

  • While I had to pay more for it than I would have liked, I've had the new MacBook Air for a month now and am absolutely loving it. I love the Retina display, surprisingly great speakers, force touch trackpad functionality, Touch ID and I even really like the keyboard after getting used to it, the keys feel more stable and clicky than traditional laptop keys and I've found I can type much faster on it. My only real criticism of it is the fact that it only has 2 USB ports (or basically only one if you are charging at the same time) and the lack of an SD card reader, I feel such a pricey laptop could easily have included 4 USB ports and an SD card reader. Still, you can buy 3rd party hubs and adapters pretty cheap so it's not a huge deal...

  • So you’re saying I should get the new IPad Pro instead of the MacBook

  • Simulation theory! A muse fan!

  • you talk too much.

  • should i keep my 13inch 2010 macbook pro?

  • Watch my youtube video, see WHAT SCREEN FAULT YOU WILL MEET on your Macbook Air😑

  • Compared the thinness of a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro which r def different in thinness and weight ur styoobid!!!

  • Hey mate, what software do you use for editing photos? Did you say Lightway?

  • Why not buy a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme instead of this MacBook Air¿

    • +UB's tech If you like Mac OS only then MacBook Air is considerable. But if OS is not an issue, we all know there is better value for money on windows laptops

    • +Chaitanya Khot Jr. ? You mean cause if MacOS we should go for MacBook Or Cause of MacOS we should avoid MacBook? I prefer windows

    • MacOS🤦

  • air means where you throw it after your keyboard stops working

  • 2560*1600 3:04

  • Dude as a nerd i must ask !!!! Video details of 1 :14 ??? Camera ? Lens ? Frame rate ? And why the hell it looks sooooooo goooood ❤️🐧🔥 ???????

  • would you recommend this for graphic design work?

  • Hey Marques....are we gonna get a surface laptop or surface pro 6 review. Please?

  • Would getting an iPad Pro with keyboard be better?

    • Not if you need a real computer. The iPad Pro is still really limited with what it can do thanks to iOS.

  • Its a core M processor

  • Everything he listed as his use case for a laptop can be done well on a chromebook for less than half the price. He should do a review of that.

  • I wouldn’t mind getting a laptop, ill take the cheapest one 😪

  • Can we get a fingerprint free keyboard...

  • I’ll be starting college this year and want to get a macbook but I’m quite confused as to which one is better to use (I’ve never used an apple laptop before)

    • S 25 the best is the Mac book pro but the air isn’t a bad laptop at all you can pretty much does the same thing a the bro just a little less

  • just a thought maybe the camera is a such as the phone quality good cameras will drain the battery faster too @mkbhd

  • Should I get Huawei Matebook X Pro, Dell XPS 9570, or Asus Zenbook 15?

  • I just switched from windows to Apple AND OH MY GOSH WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL MY LIFE it’s so much better in my opinion

  • Here is what I do on my laptop: nothing

  • Ios 13 should make an Ipad a laptop replacement.

  • Do the microsoft sureface laptop video

  • Am I the only one bored with the same apple design over and over again?

  • He attacc He protec But most importantly he Mac

  • in conclusion..... its fine. like if you get it!

  • Does it support HEVC? Looking for a laptop that supports 4K go pro videos?

  • Ahh.....deadmau5 Canuck “T” nice.

  • One tense: This laptop is fine

  • The price: Not fine

  • A very nice device until keyboard and display cable fails

  • Hey have you tried the surface pro? What are your thoughts?

  • You do know that even the front facing camera on a iPhone isn't flat right?

  • Thank you -- great review. Appreciate it.

  • In Australia it’s 1800 🤦‍♀️

  • Is the keyboard fault a real thing? How can it has no risk?

  • The new iPad Pro was the excitement from Apple other than that it’s kinda been boring/disappointing since 2015 to me the new mini is disappointing since it’s good but cooling is a issue and it’s just kinda lacking without a gpu in 2018-19 the iMac line has been stagnant and meh for a while and the whole stack of MacBooks with thunderbolt 3 have problems and all of it comes back to their thin and light design ascetic being more problems than they are worth and personally the new air is the old 2012 MacBook Pro performance Jammed in a to thin body with compromises where their shouldn’t have been like the keyboard or the IO.

  • Should I get this if I’m going to study medicine? Do you think it will be enough?

    • You buy this for its look and brand thats it. Its pretty much over-priced trash that looks nice. Luckily you dont need a hardware intensive laptop to study medicine so anything will do 500-1000 would be perfectly fine (would actually be faster and stronger than the macbook air).

  • I live in Australia and I'm very grateful for this excellent review - I write about 8 to 12 hours a day and I just ache for the old Air keyboard with this Air's functionality. For me this keyboard is like typing on a plank. Had to take mine back after a week. I was getting RSI and finger numbness. Thanks! Excellent review. No fluff - really appreciated.

    • get some nice mechanical keyboard dude. no one like laptop keyboard

  • But, no one is buying it..

  • Ok nigga, the question is; Get or don't?

    • Over-priced trash. Your choice.

  • Could you do a " if you refuse to go MacBook this Windows laptop is the best for the same price point " video....I don't want to go Apple but need the best laptop for about the same budget

  • You are the man I go to for tech

  • I’ve been a Mac user since the Mac Plus. I personally think my 2018 MBA hits the sweet spot in terms of performance, battery life, and cool operating temperature. Would I edit 5k video on it? Obviously not. But I didn’t buy it for that kind of use.

    • A sweet spot many other laptops hit years ago. Its over-priced trash

  • 🖤🔥

  • Thought on the air 3 months later, contemplating purchasing one as I have the previous gen. How has the keyboard been?

  • yo yo yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyour friends with ijustine

  • What about the butterfly keyboard issue? Any updates on the laptop?

  • You retarded or something, whats with insanely loud intro

  • I actually just bought a new MacBook Air yesterday and ended up taking it back for a MacBook Pro 13”. There just isn’t enough of a difference anymore between the air and pro to justify the dip in perf.

    • The keyboard is the same on both machines

    • Is the keyboard fine because I know Pro is better but I'm concerned about the keyboard?

    • I bought one Macbook air from Hongkong, but the screen is.... Oh Apple hurts me deeply

    • Yeah, the non Touch Bar counterpart is only ~ 100 bucks more.

    • He meant the Non-Touchbar one maybe it's like 50-100 dollars more

  • yeah most Mac's would have a meltdown if they tried to render 5 GB videos

    • Common Sense literally couldve saved more than half a grand and gotten something better to do that.

    • My quad i7 MacBook Pro does that easily. He also uses his 13 MBP for his videos as well.

  • *ahhhhhh its rewind time*

  • I’m waiting for paw id

  • How does it work with USB keys?

  • I'm pretty happy with my macbook air, I simply love it! I switched from a windows laptop and I'm good with my investment of getting the air.

  • Surface laptop review pleaseeeeee

  • Windows is for gay homos with tiny wieners

  • Well, I got mine open box certified for 900 at Bestbuy. Not one single scratch or hair out of place on it. And works like a charm. This is my first Mac 💻

  • In Poland, it starts from 1475$ where the old one is like 950$. Soooo... yeah. It is not a cheap laptop anymore. I can get Lenovo LEGION y540 for that money with a fucking full-size RTX 2060.

  • Cool staff Mark! All around your room!

  • $1200 thats cheap...

  • sweet

  • Can't believe a very young girl called ria ricis has more subscribers than MKBHD, I think you spend so much more money than her to reach 8M subs..


  • Who TF needs 8K video?

  • 2:07 how he's holding it gives me anxiety

    • You should see how my teacher holds hers lol she holds it by the corner of the screen while it’s opened

  • the screen resolution is 2560 x 1600 (16:10)

    • Yeap, just checked. The 1440 resolution of the video made me wonder if I was looking at the same Mac. Thanks!

  • Should compare this with previous gen MacBook pro

  • Help me with a lightweight and powerful laptop (good display, graphics etc) Thanks a lot. 😊

  • Hi, I am bit confuse between Surface laptop and Mac book pro. if you can help me out with which one should i go.

  • the video quality is so freakin' ATTRACTIVE. Seriously as the video started i even forgot y i clicked it or the fact that i was watching a mac book review... plus i didn't even care about the content that's how sexy and attractive the quality was....

  • Is this laptop good for editing?

  • It's 2560 x 1600 not 2560 x 1440 lol

  • What’s the best Mac for Logic Pro?

  • Macbook Air has always been "Take anywhere" kind of Laptop.. But now this is Priced alongside Pro laptop.. Its No more a Value for money Laptop..

  • The pricing is off. You can get a new 2017 MacBook Pro for $100 more... The air should be 1K tops so its more student friendly

  • Is the 'E' key on mack book air 2018 is not doesn't word correctly??

  • It doesn’t matter how much Apple continues to refine the iPad. It’s still an iPad, it’s still limited by its iOS and will never replace a laptop. At times I wonder if the human mind has come to a standstill or the end nowadays. Look Apple, if you going to make a laptop just do it and stop messing around wasting time on iPads.