$750 Mini Boosted Board Impressions!

Publisert 18. april. 2018
Boosted Mini S: The Tesla Model 3 of Electric Skateboards!
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Board provided by Boosted for video.


  • except it is not 750 dollars, it is 850

  • Do a kickflip !!😂

  • Wasn’t expecting marques to make a vid about a boasted board but he did and it sure was amazing🤩 My favourite youtuber


  • “There’s nothing else like it” meepo, evolve, maxfind, mellow, and like every other brand that is cheaper and sometimes faster.

  • Cant agree more! great video :)

  • oh no mall graps

  • hey will smith here

  • Honestly, I get the deal with having an electric longboard, but I’d rather just push and use my own skill and strength. Costs less, weighs less, and just overall more fun in my opinion.

  • Is that boy mall grabbing

  • Mall grabs throughout the whole video

  • You don't know anything about boards, but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity for a free boosted board either


  • Just get a normal skate for 120€ and some vans for 75€max and sta learning how to actually skate

  • Das hat sich der Titzler also bestellt

  • Being better at mall grabbing is NOT an advantage lmao

  • 3:16 Damn mall grabbers

  • What is this Casey Niestat

  • There’s nothing else like it. Omfg evolve literally sells a board with basically 3x the range and it’s faster wtf r u talking bout.

  • mall grab

  • This is going to be my ride around college!

  • What a review..........😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • I got unsubbed

  • I hate those mall grabbing demonstrations 😂

  • Can it do tricks

  • Look at that MALL GRAB

  • I’ve always wanted a boosted board, it’s nice to see an in depth look at it.

  • 3:13 hes a poser

  • MaLl GrAb

  • cool xD

  • Damn that other dude was ugly.

  • Peep the mall grabs😭 come on man, your killing me.

  • Backfire board is way cheaper and 10x better

  • Try a OneWheel. You’ll never go back.

  • Not too sure what to get. I can afford both, but I am pretty cheap😂... I have a commute of 2.4 miles. Hm.. not sure what to get.

  • you know you can.. loosen and tighten the trucks on both of the boards

  • What's the location of the warehouse you shot the video?

  • The teslas of eletric skateboards are RAPTOR 2 and Evolve's ones.

  • Mall grab

  • mall grab

  • Casey the clown

  • 4:04 how do u keep focus with a gimbal like that?

  • I have a V2 plus and a mini x... The motors and belts are the same, no improved. I upgrade in both the wheels to a caguamas 85mm, both boards improve the feel of the ride. However, I feel that the mini X in rocket mode is weaker than the V2. In summary, I feel that V2plus and the V1 are better quality and more durable, I do not trust in all in the new boosted boards, I think this will be the last one and I will switch to another company or search a used V2 when my board dies.

  • Speaking of the model 3, does anyone have this and a 3? I want to know if it'll fit in the frunk

  • 1:37 mall grab 😂

  • Boosted is the IPhone of eboards. You can get comparable boards at the same speed and range with less maintenance at around $400-$600. Meepo Wowgo Backboard to name a few The 'tesla' is the raptor 2

  • Tell them to ship the damn mini s I need mine

  • evolve gt is the true electric skateboard tesla

  • I could've used one of these the other day when I dropped my car off at the mechanic. It's about 8 miles away. If had this in my trunk. I could've boosted my way home. I guess I'll put this on my Christmas list. It could definitely come in handy for errands etc.

  • Id powerslide tf out of the smaller board

  • Such a helpful review. Someone who isn’t a veteran skateboarder is a good perspective to get on this product.

  • I got one for 200

  • I really really like the price and it's easy in an portable

  • nice nmds

  • Is anyone gonna tell him he can loosen/ tighten the trucks

  • you need skateboard shoes, even casey has some. youll get a better ride.

  • Bruh he has 0 idea of how skateboards work lol

  • So you have to mall grab it😂

  • 1:37 no no no. Don't mall grab.

  • “There’s nothing else really like it” Bamboo GT, same price as dual and more range.

  • I don't get the hype of the Boosted Board. It's phenomenally mediocre. The 14 mile range in the Mini X is the minimum I would ever even consider. But if I were going for a full long board, the Evolve GT series kills the Boosted Board in every category.

    • Ballwiz 23 my evolve broke after 500 miles; boosted still worked when I sold it at 1500 miles

  • Thinking of getting a mini, no idea how long the shipping time is tho.

  • i really want that boosted board, but its so freakin expensive :(

  • You can tell MKBHD doesn't like Casey..LOL

  • Rs gimy skateboard

  • Hey Marques. Good job on this review. Very concise and intelligently explained. Just got one! Have a good one.

  • I wonder if Marques can go full speed on the longboard without falling off haha

  • Good

  • Watching them carry it from the trucks makes me cringe...

  • Love the video, love the channel, but... Do you prossess your audio? If you do, something you're doing is making the 'sss' sound very harsh. It doesn't happen all the time. Its just there.

  • Did anyone else notice how the crew were wearing "Boosted" shoes on the Boosted board?

  • What’s shoes are those because I love them

  • No it is not the board struggling to get over 10 miles when boards under 800 dollars are reaching 15 miles so i will never spend my hard earned money on a boosted board

  • 29" is a mini? I'm new to this category, but I'm a small person and to me that's big.

  • I'm sold loool

  • mini x have 20mph but mini s have 7mph

    • Milos Dragicevic nope. Mini s has a range of 7 miles with a speed of 18 mph. Mini x has a range of 14 miles with a speed of 20mph. You’re comparing 2 different statistics

  • Evolve is the best off all!

  • Why would you do a review about something you don't know about

  • in the Netherlands the price starts at 825 dollars without VAT and shipping.. So it costs like 1200 including everything.

  • where can i get those shoes??? theyre dope

  • can u make a video on fiik spine.. that board is absolutely stunning.. but there is barely any video on that...

  • can it skateboard without electricity?

  • Have you tried any Evolve electric skateboards ?

  • Could you make a follow up video to this with updated opinions regarding the mini and long boards?


  • Try the acton boards!!!

  • why is the mini s 825 now?

  • Log public shelf could favor ethnic reception approve pen light afraid attention.

  • ck out the Radpower bikes..... might get stolen easier but safer and more comfortable too

  • Why don't they put a tail on the longboard. My non electric longboard has a tail and it makes going over curbs way easier

  • That maul grab

  • I dont get it, pretty much the only difference is the deck, so does that mean that the deck on the normal board costs 700 bucks or what

  • Try the evolve gt x I think it is way better than boosted board 2nd gen

  • What shoes are Casey wearing

  • It said 999k views, I clicked, then it said 1m...........................

  • Casey looks like he is about to assassinate a Russian diplomat lol

  • Evolve Skateboards are a lot better than Boosted Boards

  • Trucks are adjustable.

  • They should make electric bikes...

  • im loving the intro song!