$2400 Headphones? Sennheiser HD 820!

Publisert 27. juni. 2018
The most expensive headphones I've ever tried. No regrets.
Sennheiser HD 820: goo.gl/C1pbZH
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Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee
Headphones provided by Sennheiser for review.


  • 2400$ for headset?? No thanks. I prefer to buy rtx 2080 ti and i9 9700

  • 2400 high quality CRAP.

  • Its good for someone that loves music like my blind dad his passion is music cause thats whats left for him.

  • Watching this video with $3 earphones

  • Works good with mobile heqdphone jack or i should get a amplifire?

  • probably took $60 to make, u mostly pay for their researches

  • sup

  • I listened to Strobe with what my wallet considers a high end headphone (1+ WB) and it sounded AMAZING!!! DUDE, I'm so stoked because I know one day I'll own an actual high end device and ill be blown away even more, MUSIC IS AMAZING!

  • Just get AirPods

  • check out STAX headphone...

  • No bluetooth?

  • Are they good for making music you think

    • IIAndersII ok

    • Probably but you don't need them to make good music. For making music I would rather look for audio technica. The ath M50 are incredible monitoring headphones for the price.

  • Car, laptop, and 6 month of rent or a pair of headphones? Hard choise man!

  • It's worth it ?

  • But how is it with FLAC porn ?

  • And markASS brownlee

  • I hate black people, they look dirty

  • Ewww wires

  • now *thaz hot*

  • Can it make coffee?

  • Who is going to buy these?

  • When a headphone cost double my rent

  • Pays an extra $1000 for a hd 800 with two pieces of glass... Honestly, a bad deal compared to other headphones at the same price...

    • A lot more acoustic technology and research went into it than that. I can tell you from the get go that if you close a headphone designed to be open back it will sound like crap because of the resonances. This headhpone has different drivers and materials compared to the HD 800. Also, they have resonance dampers placed on the spots where the sound will be reflected from the concave glass. In the audio world where cheap cables can cost like 10k, these headhpones are one of the few that have their cost warranted, at least partly.

  • For 2,400$ they better be touched by Jesus

  • Next level AirPods

  • How is it to watch an ASMR video with these headphones on?

  • Ohh he forgot to mention these are hand made/ assemble ! It's like a hi end 4k TV for the ears not a Walmart 4k special! Dont hate ..if you cant afford them there always a place for you and skull candy !

  • I'm too poor to watch this video

  • Imagine dropping them

  • I would rather buy a nano ?

  • "Mark ass browniee"

  • This guy is a great reviewer, I’m glad his channel was suggested

  • They still have plastic build at that price what a rip off I expect something like carbon fiber

  • Even Zeos would say that it's not worth that money.

  • And I thought $100 headphones are wayy too expenisve

  • How does it comares with Sennheiser Opheus $50000 ??

  • My gaming pc is 3000 bucks and u want me to buy a 2400 dollar headphones Y all tripping🤦‍♂️

  • These are studio headphones. Over

  • Orgasmic

  • I can go to sleep in peace tonight knowing that MKBHD listens to the Motifs album. Big ups

  • Pardon me compressed music with this beauty, thoses things shouldn't touched MP3.

  • Basically this is a gentlemen's headphones

  • This is the most tangible description of an audio device I've ever heard

  • nigga

  • rich

  • If they where going to make the price 2200 dollars more than what they are actually worth they could have At least made them out of solid gold...

  • cute shirt...

  • and i am good with my beats solo

  • U don't need an amplifier it makes it sound bad

  • Then you havent tried much

  • That headset better help me out the way my girlfriend does or else...

  • Lol what i still have the Sennheiser HD 449

  • I bet 95 percent of all the viewers watching this video is watching it just to see what you have to say about them. Nobody is actually considering buying these headphones lmao. love your vids btw

  • Here are the songs he named so you don't have to write them down: Contact by daft punk Strobe by deadmau5 Say nada by shakka Ongoing thing 20syl

    • Boyemedia - Daily Content i don’t need those songs, but what u re doing is really cool.

  • This is a studio headphone not a go to headphone... like it or don’t... mkbhd... please!!! Just give to real musicians that they can use it!!!!

  • I'm surprised he didn't find a way to shill the audio technica M50s somehow

  • I know nothing about headphones

  • I wana get the hd6xx and don’t know much about audio, should I get a dac or an amp?

    • Yeah those headphones are hard to drive, you at least need a shiit fulla dac/amp

  • what about dsd classical music? AH it suck nvm, use youtube mp4 quality instead

  • Awesome review, not too technical, just perfect. I bet they sound great. I stopped at hd600s

  • lol @ using 2400 dollar headphones while listening to highly compressed files off spotify

  • 7:00 wtf, I mean W T F ? no offense but all that stuff is 90% made on an Computer... Try "Rammstein, Klavier, Wilder Wein" only Piano no singing ! THIS befits realy much from good Headphones. Classic Try "In Extremo, Störtebeker" They are 7+ Buddys playing at the same time different instruments together. Medival Rock/Metal Try "Billx,Naarayanaa" Realy high peaks and nice Bass. Electro/Hardstyle Try "Woodkid, Run Boy Run or Iron" they ure real instuments to make "Electro". Electro Pop; Melodic

    • +M S Ramstein is one of the biggest Bands of all time. Ignoring this is fact ist a clear sign of 2 possibilities. One is that you might simply be dumb, the other is that you are a troll. Yes I know that must not feed the troll...

    • No one listens to Rammstein so why would he test it.

  • I can't hear the difference between a lossless file and Spotify's 320 kbps mp3s on my HD 700s.

  • Kanye...really?

  • How does my 7$ in ear headphone sound great whenever i watch expensive headphone reviews? :-/


  • looks like you wasted 2400 $

  • Hi Fi is higher than master.

  • What AMP are you using ?

  • I think you mean mixing, not mastering. Sorry had to say something about it.

  • they better play the music simultaneously as they the artist is recording the music.

  • Are these headphones good for my Justin Bieber collection?

  • Peace sign at the end actually means piss off in Britain

  • @Marques Brownlee I think the ultimate benchmark is the song "Daughter - Smoke", because In the last third of the song, so many notes come together that bad headphones are going to brutally crackle and tremble. The squirming acoustic guitar will show any weakness in the drivers. But if a headset stays firm, then the song is cool.

  • Marques, slightly off topic, but what do you think of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless? Have you tried them? Interested in your thoughts

  • Marc ass brownlee

  • Great way of describing hifi audio using the contrast analogy MKB.

  • lmao 2400 usd

  • For those of you who think these are expensive, please do yourself a favor and do more research into the audiophile industry.... lemme just say, $5000 “earbuds” (IEMS)

  • Oh that’s really cheap $24.00 whys everyone complaining?

  • 2400$?! Excusez-moi, quoi de la fuck?!

  • I'm rocking the old Nokia's earphones

  • Have you tried the Focal Stellia for 3K?

  • 43800 Hz? You can hear nothing over 20000 Hz, and you cannot hear a difference between a sine and a square wave over 10,000 Hz.

    • +Haurath No human can hear over 20KHz. And every CD record has everything beyond 20 KHZ filtered away. FM broadcast even from 15 KHz.

    • Peak human hearing is actually around 23khz. Also, even though you cannot hear beyond that, a pair of speakers/headphones that can play 5hz-40khz will play the 16hz-23khz range (Max human hearing) much flatter than a pair that can only play 16-23.

    • There are higher harmonics produced by the original harmonics that affect your listening experience in real life but not be able to be replicated in cheaper headphones. Sennheiser does that for a reason.

  • >how they look Those are some pretty ugly headphones in my opinion.

  • $2400 for some big headphones with glass in them

  • 4:54 *"Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang..."*

  • If you're not a DJ/producer you do not need these. Just showing off

    • The 820s are not designed for DJs or producers. They are not nearly analytical enough. They are designed for home music listening.

  • Buys a 2400 pair of audiophile headphones -Use it with spotify.

    • Thinks he bought them...

    • +Zareli Noise if you blind test with crappy headphones then you won't be able to tell the difference. Tidal HiFi has a richer/cleaner sound.

    • I bet you can't pass a blind test between the lossless source and the 320 kbps quality Spotify. I don't know anyone in real life that can actually pass a >=192kbps mp3 vs lossless.

    • L S oh oke. Didn’t think that it would but who am i to say that with some low fi earbuds haha.

    • +The Earth Is Bread I use to think that too until I got a good pair of headphones. As a matter of fact, you can hear the difference with a pair of Sony mdr 7506. Tidal HiFi mode sounds cleaner and has more detail.

  • Can buy 2 iPhones x with that cost

    • Temporarily ignoring the fact that the iPhone X is a crap phone, what would you need 2 of them for? Ignorance of high end audio & headphones does not negate their worth.

  • Wait, is that only an amp or a dac/amp combo? If it's only a amp, then you're missing out and should probably get a dac

  • These are the worst nightmare of airpods users

  • I’m so mad that I can’t find an expensive headphone without leather cuz I’m vegan

  • For that price you could get two pairs of Koss Electrostatic Headphones!

  • I did a review on some really good Sennheiser Headphones in my channel ;)

  • Compared to any other hobby I do not think that 2400 bucks for a real high end product is that much. Especially if you use it everyday.

  • Perfect for youtube billionaires.

  • The sound will be 4D

  • It will be good for watching porn

  • Who is here just for looking the video