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In this channel you will find tech videos, reviews, road trips, tests and other useful information about Tesla Model X. I will also occasionally test Tesla Model S and other smaller EVs such as BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and similar.
Live channel:
Every other week or so, I will live stream when I'm driving around in Norway. If you want to get notifications when I go live, please subscribe to my live channel:

About me:
I am a programmer. In my free time I love driving my Tesla and make videos. I was born in Thailand and came to Norway when I was four years old. My father is Chinese and my mom is Thai.


Model 3 bang sound
Model 3 bang sound9 dager siden
Tesla with Dog Mode
Tesla with Dog Mode12 dager siden
$35k Model 3 is here
$35k Model 3 is here22 dager siden
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Audi e-tron reviewMåned siden
Fiat 500e noise test
Fiat 500e noise test2 måneder siden
Fiat 500e range test
Fiat 500e range test2 måneder siden