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We blend art with stories to captivate and positively change the way everyone views themselves and the world. We believe it is important to give every person a voice through stories they feel can help others around the world. Every video we launch has a purpose and message so that people can try more, do more and become better. We animate change.
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My Pain Has No Cure
My Pain Has No Cure2 måneder siden
My Husband Beats Me
My Husband Beats Me3 måneder siden
I Created Adidas
I Created Adidas4 måneder siden
The Test Results are In!
The Test Results are In!6 måneder siden
Who's Gonna Wash my Car
Who's Gonna Wash my Car8 måneder siden
That Asian Glow Though
That Asian Glow Though8 måneder siden
I Told Him How I Felt
I Told Him How I Felt9 måneder siden
How I Made $1 Billion
How I Made $1 Billion9 måneder siden
Office Surprise
Office Surprise10 måneder siden
I crushed my allergies
I crushed my allergies10 måneder siden
The Morning After
The Morning After10 måneder siden
I Passed out at Work
I Passed out at Work10 måneder siden
Open Borders
Open Borders3 år siden