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Welcome to the Official Simple History Channel. Simple History visualizes the past, bringing history to life through animation.
Witness how people lived throughout history: their culture, developments in technology, epic battles and events.
Explore what it was like to be in the trenches of the First World War, a plundering pirate in the Caribbean or a factory worker in the Industrial Revolution!
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Simple History started in September 2013 with its first book title 'Simple History: WWI'.
Some titles include:
Simple History: World War I
Simple History: World War II
Simple History: The American Revolution
Simple History: The Vietnam War
Simple History: The Cold War
Simple History: The Russian Revolution
Simple History: the American Civil war
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Mao's Little Red Book
Mao's Little Red Book2 måneder siden
Aztec Sacrifice
Aztec Sacrifice3 måneder siden
Air Force One
Air Force One3 måneder siden
Weird laws in History
Weird laws in History4 måneder siden
The Blitz (1940-41)
The Blitz (1940-41)4 måneder siden
Medieval Taverns
Medieval Taverns5 måneder siden
Gurkha (World War II)
Gurkha (World War II)6 måneder siden
NATO (1949-)
NATO (1949-)6 måneder siden
Why were Red Coats red?
Why were Red Coats red?7 måneder siden
WWII Tanks: Sherman Tank
WWII Tanks: Sherman Tank8 måneder siden
MP18 Submachine gun
MP18 Submachine gun9 måneder siden
Fall of Hong Kong (1941)
Fall of Hong Kong (1941)9 måneder siden
The Queen's Guard
The Queen's Guard10 måneder siden
ME 262 Jet Fighter
ME 262 Jet Fighter10 måneder siden